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  • If ure a fan of US/UK office, that's good. Rewatch it. Ofcourse well cringe if we compare this show to original one. They had huge budget and an amazing cast. Give these ppl a chance. Ask ur mom, dad, grandparents or anyone who can't watch English show and have no other option but to watch the Indian TV serials. Give these ppl a chance. Who knows we may get high budget remakes or Original comedy entertainment shows in future. Show a little optimism.
  • While this is a re-make, I believe that in later part of the series... episode 7,8 onwards, there is considerable improvement in the series. In the dialogue quality, in acting, and directing There is quite a good character development. Earlier I had given it 3 stars... now changing to 8 stars.

    So far watched 13 episodes... looking forward to more.
  • It's true that it would have been better if the teleplays were original instead of being directly adapted. But nevertheless, this is a wonderful adaptation. Most of the people who are criticizing are the ones who had made up their mind about the show right when the first poster came out. They did not want The Office to be remade in India, it's as simple as that. And the chances of them coming around are very slim. The performances are mostly superb, and TP Mishra's character especially, has not just been very well adapted in an Indian context by the writers, but has also been played with perfection by Gopal Dutt. I'm a big fan of the US version and have seen the whole show innumerable times, have seen all the bloopers, deleted scenes, and have even read the scripts of many of the episodes. Naturally, I was extremely looking forward to this adaptation, and I wasn't least bit disappointed. I have been a part of many online communities of The Office, and these communities always made me feel like The Office fans are some of the most positive, empathetic, and encouraging people I had ever seen. But the reaction to the adaptation completely changed my mind. And finally, to all the snobs who have been critiquing the show without even watching, and to those who are asking Hotstar to stop the show from airing, I just want to leave you with a question, "Why are you the way that you are? I hate so much about the things that you choose to be."
  • Good for people who aren't familiar with UK and US versions of The Offics
  • I'm a die hard The Office US fan. We indians love unnecessarily criticizing things. We have so much hatred filled in us. The Hotstar is very entertaining! Characters are pretty good and overall a great watch
  • varshneya-8218630 June 2019
    This show is an amazing remake of the USA version.

    to all you that think you are above this show because its no the "original," don't forget that the office USA was a remake as well. I think it is absolutely hilarious. The way they were able to turn dwight shrute into T.P was great. I loved the remake of the characters. After having watched, and enjoyed, the usa version 2x through, I can full heartedly say: I like this version, and Japdeep Chadda more.

    please give it a chance. the first few episodes aren't amazing but by the 4th you will love it.
  • The casting has been brilliant. Considering most of the reviews here has been done by those who seem to have watched the US version & trying to compare it with this one it is obvious that they are not giving it high ratings. But once you go through some episodes you will find it to be no less than the US version. Pammi is absolutely enchanting even better than the Pam Beesly. Amit who had such difficult comparision to deal with Jim Halpert doesn't dissapoint - he makes sure by his acting that u are watching the enchanting John Krasinski. Saleem is better than Stanley Hudson. Ravinder has done excellent to let people don't miss Darryl Philbin. Gauhar khan & Sarla are no less to their counterparts.

    But the characters which they don't seem to do justice with are of: Kutty trying to be Kevin Malone. There's no one as brilliant as a Angela. Creed Bratton,Meredith Palmer, Ryan Howard, Toby Flenderson are sorely missing. But the best thing is Chadda as not at all unconvincing. The worst thing is no matter how hard TP is trying he is not able to recreate the magic of brilliant Dwight Schrute. Even TP character is not properly developed.

    Overall its a very well made show. The soul is there. Hope it runs. After really long time a hindi show with substance has come.
  • A great remake, the best you could have asked for. I am fan of the US version, and I love this Indian version. They have done a brilliant job, to give it a Indian style. MUST WATCH!
  • I would normally promote Indian comedy shows that are not as cheesy as Taarak Mehta, but this one is a terrible remake. Growing up and living in US for almost 2 decades and then in India, I noticed there is a huge cultural difference that even applies to corporate environment. So I understand the difficulty for writers to come up with some similarity that could be humorous. But here writers have pretty much copied lot of the episodes plot from US version and translated into Hindi with Indian actors and in Indian context it just does not seem to be as funny. Dialogues are weak, actors are trying too hard to strike similarity with US versions characters and it is translating into overacting or just poor acting in general. Please note that this review is based on 2 episodes so it can be biased.
  • The US version has been the bedrock of this type of comedy but the Indian version is no less. The comic timing, jokes and punchlines by Mukul Chadda has been the highlight for me. As I am aware of the story, I try to anticipate on how the scene would turn out and I have had some great laughs knowing Mike and others would have done the same. The jokes and screenplay are totally fresh and entertaining.

    There are some cringe moments when characters look at the fourth wall but that was the same when US version came out. The other characters have portrayed a good part and have shown some strong potential.

    Would definitely want to see more of this.
  • Just because you have the rights to remake something doesn't mean you need to literally copy the entire show scene to scene, frame by frame. This isn't a remake it's a translation of The Office (US). Champagne bottle becomes Raj Kachori, A black man's impression becomes a Tamilian's impression, a Mexican character becomes a North Eastern man. The writing is so lazy that even the sitting arrangement/furniture/aesthetics are EXACTLY the same. The only speck of originality is that they added a peon to the cast. The plague of unoriginality and plagiarism has moved from Indian films and TV to Indian web series now.
  • baig-hamid28 June 2019
    They butchered my fav TV series. I honestly feel that they could have done better had they written an original script and just taken the concept from the original series. No matter how good the actors are but they cannot pull a Micheal. Remember when Micheal left in season 7 how many actors tried to fill in his shoes. Indian versions of Dwight and Stanley just makes me angry. The only character who feel spot on is the Indian Jan. How do they even plan to pull a "Creed" is just beyond me. I cried angry tears while I watched it. This show is like an accident that you cant look away from. I had to rewatch a few epodes of the Micheal Scott's Office to level my BP. Guys! The American Jokes do not land in an Indian context. What is Micheal Scott without "thats what she said" . The daddy jokes by India Micheal are just cringeworthy.
  • vivekpics-7060316 September 2019
    Such a great series, I hsve enjoyed every single episode of both the season.
  • The lead character's overacting is unbearable. I couldn't watch even half of an episode mainly because of him. They are deliberately trying to make jokes but failing miserably. Very very very disappointing.
  • Till now i did not find any thing called funny in this series, even though i have not watched the original series as well.
  • Watched an episode and a half, couldn't go any further. It's a half-decent attempt to recreate the magic that the good folks of Scranton once created. I'm not sure whether they would be able to recreate the same magic if the makers ever decided to come back for another season.

    Someone who has even watched the whole series (multiple re-runs in our case) or even snippets on youtube, may not find this version amusing. The jokes and situations are literally translated and Michael's unintentional humour has been replaced with lazy Hindi/Punjabi jokes which very rarely land. The actors, especially the ones who play Michael's, Jim's & Pam's character, have put in a lot of effort, but the glue that binds the whole show, i.e. the legendary Dwight Shrute, is MIA. Gopal Dutt is without a doubt a great actor, but in this case he seems to be a miscast.

    I'd rather watch another re-run of the US Office than going through the Hindi translated version of it.
  • This could be the worst remake of the office, first of all dialogues are so cheesy, also so much overreacting, us version is 10 times funny.
  • I hated it when I saw the trailer. But being a big fan of the office, i casually saw one episode just to see how bad can it be. To my surprise, it was pretty ok.

    Then I watched a couple more and I was hooked. Story is pretty similar to US office, but it the context is changed to Indian things. Not a bad thing to have IMHO.

    The actors have very tough competetion, esp Steve, John, Pam & Dwight. I think all the corresponding actors have nailed their roles. There could be improvements made for actors for stanley, toby etc, but I only like them because I have seen all seasons of original office. They were not important at all in the first season of office. The show is all about character development, which is nailed greatly by this adaptation so far.
  • touseefyounasch30 June 2019
    Worst remake in the history of remakes. They are trying to translate the same type of humour in a totally different language.
  • The acting, the humour, the cast everything is sub par and poor. Who okayed this project at Star?!

    This could have been one of the best shows ever bit you guys completely dropped the ball on this one and wasted a good IP licence. Shame!
  • Watching news is better, lead actors overacting is over the top, dialogues are pathetic, no humor,
  • I don't know why they have tried to copy the office series. This is so bad that there is not even one good thing I can say about this. Right from the way they have tried to get copy each and every scene, the characters, the dialogs , the names's just a pain. It's even a pain to write a review for this but I just wanted to make sure no one else wastes there time on this. 😤
  • I created an account just to review this utter disgraceful homage to the legendary The Office. It seems like a low budget dubbed version with poor acting and what not. There was no sense of copying the exact pun and jokes tbh. Rather than inculcating the same jokes, it should have tried new Indian version of jokes and puns. Heights of lousy writing (translating in this context). What ever the producers were thinking, came to bite them in their asses. This abomination of the show should be taken down very first thing in the morning.
  • Worst Copied show ever. The concept, characters, scenes, script, every damn think is copied from the American version. Nothing is funny as well. Hotstar should stop creating the remaining seasons of it. Waste of time and money. I saw the trailer and that's when I knew it's gonna be a disgrace and when i actually saw the first episode my instincts were proven right.
  • It is not even close to funny and literally tried to copy everything....the screenplay is very weak, the dialogues are pathetic...not worth it
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