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  • This is a typical Hallmark production. Like easy listening music, staring out the window watching it snow, graham crackers and milk. Brown paper packages tied up with string - these are a few of my favorite things. . .

    Nothing "edgy", no profound social relevance, not a political message in sight. No mutilated bodies, no characters bonking each other for no apparent reason and no unnecessary strings of profanity (Oh, did I already say it's not "edgy" ?).

    It's a "lay on the sofa and watch on Saturday when there's nothing better to do" kind of movie.

    It is what it is and I enjoyed it as such.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Mandy's review is exactly right on. This is a lay on the couch and enjoy mystery.

    Lot's of clues It's predictable in general terms.

    The confrontation was complete idiocy. Hey mister bad guy, you won't hurt us, even if you did already try to kill one of us, will you?

    Allison Sweeney and Benjamin Ayres work well together, although there's no romance yet. I liked Alex and at least this amateur detective has some credentials to justify what she's doing.
  • bkoganbing22 February 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Alison Sweeney having given up the Murder She Baked series is now a new female detective heroine for Hallmark. Meet Alex McPherson who does on line journalism in her podcast. She's come back home and is now doing podcast journalism. There are some of us who do get our information from that source.

    Her first series of broadcasts concerns a friend from their teen years in the 1990s who disappeared. Her damaged car was abandoned and there was no trace of her. friend Lisa Durupt.

    At the same time a prominent citizen died from that same town and it was thought he was poisoned. Of course the events are connected, but as you will see there is a reason why no one pursued that line of investigation.

    Benjamin Ayres is Sweeney's good friend and print journalist who is of great assistance in opening his newspaper morgue files for research. It turns out they have a lot of interests in common including a search for the truth.

    There are at least two more Chronicle Mysteries in the offing. I swear Hallmark is great at inventing the amateur female mystery story. None of these hip and chic women bear any resemblance to Ms. Jane Marple.
  • The ending was the worst part and cartoonish in execution. Anyone looking for a romantic subplot will also be disappointed. The setting and first half of the movie were very good, so this was an opportunity squandered. I do like the lead actors, though.
  • marcatop17 April 2019
    It starts very well, intriguing, blurry and all, new characters, nice! but the end is rushed, VERY badly written and played. The end ruins everything!
  • mikejade3 September 2020
    This is for producer etc. the background music is too loud and annoying when trying to be suspenseful. Other than it's okay.
  • marsmii8 April 2019
    I like a good mystery but this was ridiculous! A hotel would leave a room unentered & uncleaned--for 20 yrs.?? I doubt that! I like realistic, not a fairy tale!
  • robynroe31 July 2020
    Just finished the last installment 4 said the final installment, would like to no if thats it for the series or no more is going to be made if so thats disappointing if that was the last one ever like to no why didnt they get together would of been great for the last episode seeing them get together clearly the chemistry was there ☹☹😢
  • 6/10 - another just-average Hallmark feature presentation, but it is good to see Allison Sweeney again