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  • katieh-0075725 January 2019
    Better than I expected. Hopefully the pilot is a good indicator for the rest of the season
  • I've watched the entire first season and every episode has been loaded with "sick burns" at the expense of what passes for popular culture these days. "The Other Two" are the virtually washed up, late 20s siblings of the latest internet sensation, the Justine Bieber-ish Chase Dreams. Riding the fringes of their brothers success and celebrity, this show brilliantly illustrates the vacuity and cynical marketing of social media fame. The fact that it's all so recognizable makes me wonder why it hasn't been addressed head-on like this before.

    Icing on the cake: people of all ages can enjoy it. The older siblings experience moments of growth and, as the trio's mother, Molly Shannon is a treat as a woman who willingly walks through every door that opens to her. And they do a decent job of wrapping the season up, finally bringing to light how her husband/their father actually died the year before (something they allude to all through the season).
  • idearz-429-6381755 February 2019
    So good. Likable, dysfunctional characters at their best. Molly Shannon does not disappoint. Not sure why the ratings aren't higher. Must be the MAGA folks. Oh, well. I love it.
  • Okay i saw the trailer for this show and while i wasnt sure what to expect the show was fantastic its hilarious and heartfelt the show has great characters and so funny at the same time very very good it has a tremindous first episode and i can only hope for better
  • This was a show I had my questions about but it's hilarious raw and very funny the way comedy was before everyone got offended by Everything but I laughed my ass off at this one of the best new comedies
  • I'm three episodes in and loving this show. Went in skeptical of (potentially too gimmicky) premise, but the writing is solid and the actors are fantastic. If you're a fan of Schitt's Creek like me, you'll probably like this, too. If strong pilot doesn't hook you, move on.
  • atlasmb18 March 2019
    Chase Dubek aka Chase Dreams (Case Walker) is a 13-year-old social media phenom in the early stages of stardom. Mother Pat (Molly Shannon) is complicit in his attempt to achieve success. Chase's older siblings are the other two---Brooke (Helene Yorke), a former child dance student who dabbles poorly in real estate, and Cary (Drew Tarver), a waiter who wants to act. Their love lives are a mess and they long to achieve any goals they once envisioned.

    The show is about dreams. Chase seemingly has the world at his feet---the tween world, at least. Brooke and Cary keep reaching for their dreams, but the world keeps dragging them back down. But their "dreams" are ill-defined (and mostly defined by others), having to do with social media "likes" and facial recognition.

    And Chase is just a programmed cute-bot, the product of polls and momentary memes. He lives in a virtual world, with his mother and his manager, Streeter (Ken Marino), acting as interfaces with reality. He has no opinions of his own and shills for whatever is presented to him.

    When I first started watching this series, I thought it was unfunny, focusing on shallow characters. But by the second episode, I knew it was an acerbic satire. By episode four, it was apparent that the writers (Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider) are talented and gifted with an eye for insights. In their vision, the key to success is a cryptic code in an absurd Kafkaesque nightmare. And self=esteem is something granted by other vacuous wannabes. The show is a send-up of pop culture, virtue signaling, the cult of celebrity, narcissism, and what might be called Hollywood culture.

    I read a review of the series "A. P. Bio" in which the critic wondered how it could be executive produced by Lorne Michaels. Lorne Michaels is also EP of this series and has made a bold choice to back SNL writers Kelly and Schneider. Fortunately, the humor of this series exceeds the standards of SNL in recent years.

    A brief wrap-up after each episode features the show runners and the actors in informal conversation, providing back stories and personal observations.

    The main characters are hapless and mostly clueless, but I enjoy watching them. Though they are totally without haps or clues, they are not so much tragic figures as they are comic foils, and the actors are up to the task. Watch for some fun cameos and bit parts.
  • cekadah22 February 2019
    !!! To the point of distraction!! ! Luv it !

    I have seen the first 4 episodes and was hooked on episode one. A delightful show with actors chosen and cast with precision. Helen Yorke and Drew Tarver couldn't be more perfect as sister & brother struggling to find their successful path while their younger brother 'Case' cannot keep success away from anything he attemps.

    And Molly Shannon, Wanda Sykes, Richard Kind, add a perfect pinch of spice!

    Don't miss this one! Please
  • I only heard about this show from a social media comment by Ken Marino. Otherwise, I would have missed it. It needs more publicity. This show has great writing, great talent and so many laugh out loud moments.
  • I don't know what this is supposed to be. I do know that it's not comedy. It's a shame that Ken Marino has to be involved with this mess.
  • mackoye7327 March 2020
    Surprisingly funny and Perfect for a quarantine discovery!
  • Bland!

    I'd laugh if my ass was on fire, but I'm aghast as to why people have rated this so highly. What comedy there is, is obvious, predictable but mostly it's bland.

    Was looking forward to this series because the scenario seemed perfect for humour...but as I think I mentioned, it's BLAND!
  • The writing is consistently strong, but The Other Two's strongest card comes in its casting, enlisting the aid of the ever-great Ken Marino as a sleazy agent, and Drew Taylor (a gay man himself) gives a non-stereotypical portrayal of homosexuality.
  • brian_spence_ni20 April 2019
    I could barely handle how continuously outrageous the first series was. I blasted it in about 3 hours, because I just couldn't stop watching.

    Everything that was happening was so wrong yet so right...I wish I couldn't empathise with the characters, but they just all felt so real. Absolutely can't wait for season 2. And can anyone tell me why this is sitting at 7.4 on imdb when i write this? Do people fundamentally lack a sense of humour?
  • cscott23312 March 2019
    This show is my new favorite!! It's so UN-PC and that makes it all the more better. Jokes are raunchy, scenes are amazing and the writing...the writing is just top notch funny. Not a family show, so it may now be fore everyone. Too bad, because it's f#*%ing HILARIOUS!!
  • Expected a fun and quirky story here, but the characters as well as the writing left me wondering what the fuss was all about. Wasn't able to connect with the show at all and most of the jokes not only fell flat, but completely drowned in shallow water. If some people like this show, good for them, I guess they can be easily pleased with jokes about phones dropping into the toilet. I for my part would rather watch Schitt's Creek, which is actually cleverly written and hilariously funny!
  • If your not a comedy fan this may not interest you so this review may not be for you but however I laughed long and hard the show made me smile appreciate family.values and one of the best shows you can find
  • zasewillhappen8 February 2019
    I love this show so much 😂 Chase Dreams is my fav 😻
  • Thought I was pretty broad minded and contemporary.... maybe not LOL I found this incredibly distasteful....
  • Give it a try, its very funny and the two main characters are great comedy actors. Especially the sister who gets some great one liners
  • A fun show with great little jokes, big concept, and funny side characters.
  • dfgrayau29 April 2019
    Some parts of this are hilarious, however the overall writing style and depth of characters are lacking to say the least.
  • Chase Dreams (Case Walker) is a 13 year old boy who is becoming enormously popular in internet. Now his brother Cary (Drew Tarver) and his sister Brooke (Heléne Yorke) have to deal with being the other two in the family.

    This is an excellent show. Better than I expected to be. I decided to watch it one day that I was pretty bored and I like the two first episodes, they are really fun and have a really good satire about the show business and how hard is to be a child star.

    The acting is decent, good for a comedy, and the plot feels like it's always moving, a little bit slow but it's moving. The jokes are reasonably hilarious, I found myself laughing on most of the episodes, especially the third and fourth episodes.

    The best part of the show is the satire of the show business; a lot of things may seem to be really familiar like the fact that Chase Dreams is a decent looking pre-teenager who sings cheesy romantic songs that only appeal to girls, or maybe you find quite familiar how a guy publishes means tweets and make his whole Instagram account to share those tweets, probably if you're like me, you will find very familiar how hot dudes are popular in Instagram just because they are really hot. This kind of things and more is what you're going to discover in this show.

    Give it a try; it has 10 episodes and if you watch them together, they doesn't last more than 5 hours, probably less than that. The first season of this show gets 8 out of 10.
  • westsideschl29 January 2020
    Lacked subtitles for the elderly, disabled, hearing impaired, and ESL viewers. Disrespectful & cheap on the part of the producers. Dialogue is important! Usual sex humor; what do I do with my life humor; usual I'm a failure humor; usual party (w/drinks of course) humor. The key plot point is that older brother & sister see success in their 13 year old brother with his one online video hit song while they grapple w/their lack of success. Pretentious, predictable, and ended up ff through prolonged scenes of self-indulgence.
  • danieln-1552517 November 2019
    Almost as if they tried to make a bad show. Case Wlaker is a successful artist and he seems like a good person. But then they made this awful show, he's barely seen throughtout the show. They focus on his brother WAY too much. Jokes were poor and unfunny. And you know what? that's not even the first time that happened. Hollywood is in a serious crisis of creativity. No good shows anymore. Even music sucks nowadays. Absolute garbage.
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