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  • Thankfully there are more people over the age of 30 than under the age of 30 that will appreciate the historical significance of what music promoter Don Cornelius (Sinqua Walls) was able to accomplish and share with the entire world beyond the phrase "Black Is Beautiful", he created a music niche that not only catered to African Americans, but to many other ethnic origins, including whites, hispanics, chinese, greeks, christians, muslims and the jewish faith(s).

    Kelly Rowland was perfectly cast as Soul Train's music guest performer, Gladys Knight who at first was reluctant to even speak to Don Cornelius was then convinced by Don that if Gladys Knight and the Pips were to appear on his music/dance shows very first episode it would set the precedent that African Americans could write, produce, direct, perform but most importantly own their own rights to the first all African American music and dance talent show, and guess what? His vision worked on mainstream television audiences for 35 years. This was an amazing feat.

    There are many people's interesting stories being told and although some of the scenes may be more fiction than fact , American Soul leaves you wanting more of the same. I look forward to watching the individual casts stories evolve in upcoming episodes and hey, the soul music brings us all together.
  • quayrat8 February 2019
    I remember watching Soultrain every Saturday. Soultrain always featured the best musical acts and dancers in its time. This series is a great look into exactly how Soultrain developed into one of the best Saturday afternoon dance shows ever. The powerful intro to this series is sadly a stark reminder as to the eventual demise of "Brother" Don Cornelius, the original shows brilliant inovator. The roles and appearance of Don and Gladys Knight are spot on with the current cast. I'm looking forward to viewing the rest of the series. I would love to see an updated version of Soultrain come back to TV once again...But then again I'm not sure it could come close to being as cool as the original.
  • Tinyshotk87 February 2019
    Not much to say except I enjoyed the first few episodes! Never thought Shawn from Power would be able to carry a show but I'm glad I was mistaken. There's also a lot of intertwining plots happening throughout the show (kinda like how The Wire worked) so they've definitely got a lot of plot to work with. Can't wait to see where this goes!
  • A fine chronology of the work of Don Cornelius. The man who gave America "Soul Train", an institution at the time with some of the finest songs ever made in the history of Music. A sad tribute to a legend who masterminded the most significant music tv show there has ever been. The dancers are excellent with the performances of the actors it is all above standard for a tv channel like BET to televise. Well worth a watch! Spend a few bob and enjoy the story of a legend.
  • Do anyone know who the girls are playing Honey Cone specifically the lead singer? Please I'm dying to know, thanks!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was hoping for a great series! But this has come across as dull and boring and a very slow script! Too bad!
  • I look forward to this show each week. The cast is so beautiful and I've been wondering where these talented beautiful people have been hiding. Great story telling, great music and great talent. I love this show.
  • I see Jared Warren as the body guard of Johnnie Cochran can't wait to see him bigger roles. Nice guy on set.
  • Wait, actually it was not. Allow me to elaborate.

    I grew up watching Soul Train as a kid. I absolutely LOVED Soul Train, so I was excited for this show. So I watched a couple of these with my family and we quickly decided this was garbage TV. My grandmother (70+ years old) even mentioned how bad the *editing* was ! We got a kick out of that because she said she never has noticed "bad" editing before, but she is right; this show is an example of how NOT to edit.

    You know something is wrong when your retired librarian grandmother is making fun of the amateurs who threw this thing together. Amateur hour is indeed in the house. I have a feeling someone had the idea for this show and just paid all of his/her friends to become "professionals".

    Mildly interesting if you want to know:

    *How not to "edit" *How not to "act" *How not to "produce" *How not to "direct" *How not to "write" *How NOT to turn an interesting concept into a decent show.
  • Great show and the music and cast are INCREDIBLE. I hope it get a second season .
  • Loving the show ATM but did all this really happen?