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  • The thing is I like these kind of movies a lot where the director show the outside shots more than inside ones. These kind of movies are those ones which you can watch any time with any one, be it with your family, kids or friends.

    These days when people are used to listen to fast noisy music and bad shots, but these types of movies are real gift to people who like clean and simple movies.

    Everybody acted well, nice job by director and every person contributed. Watch it! Enjoy the simplicity
  • Takethispunch14 May 2018
    Set in present day, suburban city, 'Hope Aur Hum' is a simple, human story of a family. Nagesh (Naseerudin Shah) clings on to his youth with a space-consuming out-of-order photocopy machine.
  • It touches your thoughts and leave a lesson of life .
  • Nice movie to watch on a lazy day. But need patience to enjoy it. It has something for every generation to connect with. Direction is brilliant, acting by all is very convincing. Very nice movie to enjoy on a rainy day.
  • #HopeAurHum is a sweet n simple film by #SudipBandyopadhyay, to be watched with elderly parents n inlaws. Naseeruddin plays the head of a family. He is hopelessly attached to a photocopy machine which has served him loyally for so many years n which he lovingly calls Mr Sonnichsen. He doesnt want to let it go, even when it earns him a bad name by not performing. The film also raises an important question, what happens to an item as it grows old? Must it necessarily be discarded to make way for something modern n trendy? Does the same logic apply to humans as they age? Dont they deserve to be respected? Good performances by the entire cast. The short running time is a plus point. Rating 3/5.
  • Hope aur hum is a cute nice feel good movie with great actors and simple,

    yet powerful story line.The presence of naseerudinshah, kabir (the kid) and Naveen kasturia make it look realistic and as an audience, you would be able to connect and empathize with all of them. The message is powerful "we get what's written in our destiny and how our happiness can be entertwined with others around us ".

    The movie will keep you engaged from start to end and you would have a smile on your face by the time it ends.In case you come from middle class Indian family, would highly recommend you watch this!
  • If Sudip Bandyopadhyay's Hope Aur Hum was any more simple, I would be looking at a plain piece of paper for 100 minutes. That is the type of calmness and whiteness that the makers concoct in this family drama that talks about aging in general. Naseeruddin Shah plays a grandfather who is in love and respect with his WWII-era German photocopying machine so much that it is housed in a room big enough to accommodate an Indian politician's ego. The rest of the family has a problem with it is not something that he pays attention to unless he realizes one day that old is not always gold. What prevents Hope Aur Hum from becoming dull with this lackluster story arc is the other characters played with finesse by Sonali Kulkarni and Naveen Kasturia to name a few. Ignore the acting performances of the two kid artistes and you will complete watching this film in a much more light mood. It has some great conversations that you can relate with and that will put a smile on our face. Hope Aur Hum is a bonafide feel good movie and one that might stay with you for a few days. Which is, let's agree, not very rare in the Hindi indie scene.