Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    The movie is set in Chambal in Madhya Pradesh, India, a town notoriously famous for dacoits and where the possession of a gun made you famous. The story begins at Shambhu Singh's (Jackie Shroff) daughter's wedding when Kadak Singh (Kay Kay Singh) kidnaps her for Tripathi (Pankaj Tripathi), a sleazy local politician that he serves. Being the first man in power for the possession of a fine rifle in the town, Shambu Singh accidentally shoots his own daughter in an attempt to save her. After being arrested, Shambu Singh spends his time in jail plotting to avenge his daughter. The town falls in the hands of Tripathi who takes political control since Shambu was now out of the way. Assisted by his faithful sidekick Kadak Singh, he terrifies the town folk with rape, murder and shootings.

    Radhe (Jimmy Sheirgill ), who lives in Chambal, idolizes Kadak Singh, but hates Tripathi who rapes and kills his favourite teacher, Rosy (Mahie Gill). Kadak also develops a certain respect for the boy when he saves him from the police and over time even starts to treat him like a brother.

    Years later, Raadhe's marriage gets fixed with the local Thakur's daughter, Lalli (Shriya Saran). Their marriage is not happy at first because of Lalli's past mistakes but they get over the hurdle and eventually fall in love with each other. Things are great for a while. Kadak offers Raadhe a good job and Raadhe gets to work for his idol.

    But the good times end when Tripathi starts to eye Lalli and when Raadhe protests, orders Kadak to kill Raadhe and bring Lalli to him. Kadak, now caught between his love for the boy and his duty to his boss tries to reason with both of them. Having failed, he orders his men to kidnap Lalli and kill Raadhe with a heavy heart. Kadak's men bury Raadhe alive and lock Lalli up in a room to await Tripathi's pleasure. That's when Shambu Singh jumps back into the scene and rescues Raadhe from his grave.

    Shambu, heart filled with vengeance and Raadhe in an attempt to save his trapped bride attack Tripathi's residence. Shambu dies in the attack but not before he kills Kadak having finally avenged his daughter's death. Raadhe thrashes up Tripathi killing him and saving Lalli from his clutches. The story ends with Raadhe and Lalli leaving Chambal for good.