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  • A short Sci. Fi almost perfect. for plot, performances and atmosphere. and for the atmosphere. dramatic, visual impressive, smart turn of story and good support for reflection. and something who escape from explanations. because it is a film about fundamental choice. a woman looking for save her partner. a mistery. and a decision. changing everything. so, a little gem. or an impecable work, admirable in each aspect.
  • Something has happened to two astronauts who are zooming around in their pods, away from Solis, the mother ship. Upon their return, after an explosion, they find duplicates of themselves. On is on a slab. The other floating on a tether. Very thought provoking science fiction.
  • mattshop17 May 2018
    Awesome production values, atmosphere, and acting. I'd love to see more films like this from this director.
  • "Hyperlight" is one of the better Sci-fi shorts i've seen. Its a chamber piece that really demands alot from the two actors who really deliver. The film asks alot of questions and the mystery keeps you on your toes throughout the short running time. My only complaint is that the first ten minutes or so are a little slow going.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Two astronauts travel faster than light in stasis chambers and, upon receiving a distress signal, their ship automatically disengages hyperlight speed. One of the astronauts wakes up in her chamber, finding themselves stranded in space, away from their ship. She manages to take both chambers back into the ship, but, even after connecting the other astronaut, her husband, into the medic bay, she is unable to wake him. The computer cannot find a reason for him to be non-responsive. He's neither alive nor dead. Then, she discovers that there is a third person in the ship. When questioned, the computer says there are only her husband and her in the ship, although it still counts three persons in the ship. Eventually, she discovers that the other person is her husband, fine and alive! The explanation is that they had arrived and, during work, an accident happened and killed her. The ship issued a distress signal, that the ship "still" in hyperspeed detected, leaving the hyperspace BEFORE it had arrived, therefore, previously to the accident that had/would kill her. So far, so good.

    Unfortunately, then comes the "explanation" to why her husband #1 cannot wake up: the universe avoids paradoxes, allowing only one copy of each person to live. The woman #1 (just arrived from hyperspace) is alive/conscious because the woman #2 had died earlier in the accident, That's bad news for husband #2, because the woman goes nutsy cuckoo and kills him, prompting husband #1 to restart living... What?!

    The premise of the story is interesting, with a ship catching its own distress signal while travelling faster than light. Yes, it completely shatters the Principle of Causality, so that already pushes it into the Fantasy realm, and away from Science Fiction, but, at least, it still tries to explain something. Unfortunately, the idea of the universe avoiding paradoxes by knocking people off is just dumb (if breaking into one's self timeline wouldn't be enough to collapse the universe, meeting oneself afterwards would make absolutely no difference, that's too anthropocentric).

    The production is good, but the story goes down faster than light.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Hyperlight" is a Canadian 18-minute live action short film from 2018, still a relatively new release and this one here was directed by Nguyen-Anh Nguyen and written by Nicolas Billon. Both are not new to the filmmaking business, but have not yet had their big breakthrough either. While this film probably is not it, it helps them taking the right path I think. The cast is really small, two people only plus one voice actress, but sometimes less is more and I think this is true for this movie as well. I must say I may be a bit biased as generally science fiction is (untypically for men) far from my favorite genre, rather near the other end of the scale. But this one here won me over. Well, somewhat. i am not enthusiastic or anything and I certainly found the firstg half, or maybe even the first 10 minutes pretty uninteresting, if not to say boring and Goossen alone could not carry the film for me. But when Shinkoda entered the picture, it got much more exciting to watch the relationship between these two and also wonder what is the story behind the man lying there in hibernation, or the story behind the character we only hear, even that got elevated through the group mentality. And the last couple minutes are a bit of a highlight delivering some solid emotion overall from several perspectives. You can keep asking yourself who is hero, who is villain, who is good, who is bad, but you will not find an objective answer thanks to the characters' shades I guess. Yeah maybe the really strong last couple minutes make you forget about a lot of the mediocrity and weaknesses early on, but still lets be generous here and give this film a positive recommendation and a thumbs-up. If you like sci-fi more than I do, then you should watch it I guess, but don't expect greatness, even if sets and costumes are pretty fine as well. All in all a good effort and I wonder if any of the people attached to this project will ever make it big. The talent seems there, at least to some extent.