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  • If you're into explosions and action, then this isn't the movie for you but if you enjoy human connection, careful consideration of the human experience and superb acting, then you will enjoy this film. Ann Dowd shines in the main role and her supporting cast does a stellar job. The direction is strong and I thought they made a great story based all in one location. There is a "ticking clock" in the story that I thought could have been utilized more, but all in all, this is a fantastic film. Considering the budget, they all did a wonderful job!
  • Makings of a great movie but screenwriters and editors clearly championed 2 different hypothesis and epilogues for this movie but Ann Dowd is phenomenal as usual!
  • Although the movie has a wormhole around the story toss out any realism around that. The true focus of the movie is about relationships and how they can change over time in my opinion.

    It also shows what life might be like in 2024 but I wouldn't take any of that seriously. The focus is indeed on the relationships of people.

    I loved how it showed what young people might be focused on versus what they might be focused on later in life.

    Loved the pacing of it too.

    It might not be to everyone's taste but I could watch it again.
  • popmotionpictures20 January 2020
    Great story, great acting. Really sweet. The cast is phenomenal.
  • This is a film that's for everyone. David Bowie has died and the world will turn upside down for one woman. SPEED OF LIFE offers a love story within some seriously bizarre and strange circumstances. But when is love actually normal?
  • I was fortunate to catch a screening of this film at USC shortly before its online premiere.

    Short, simple, and touching. I loved the relationships in the film, the tongue in cheek jokes about the future, and the emotions behind moving on.
  • I rarely watch a flick without knowing more right off the bat, but turned it on a whim. A touch of sci-fi with some added Rom-com was a real treat. Some very imaginative twists made it time well spent.
  • This is classical science fiction, in the sense of showing how humans would interrelate in a world circumstance that is different from ours. It's not about *how* or *why* the world became what it became in Speed of Life's 2040; focusing on that would be missing the point entirely.

    It's about how Ann Dowd's character June has advanced in age without truly letting go of a relationship that ended suddenly and inexplicably, and then resumed just as suddenly and inexplicably. Dowd is one of these Kathy Bates-type actresses who can convey very complex thoughts and emotions in exceptionally subtle ways. Paying attention to her manner and expression is very rewarding, providing deep insight without condescending explanations.

    Conversely, Ray Santiago's Edward was never given a *chance* to develop. Even with the acknowledgement in the film that it's not his fault, I'm pretty sure a lot of women will be able to relate to a lot of the conflicts (and perverse appeal!) of navigating a relationship with a man who hasn't evolved at all.

    Edward has to navigate a situation that has changed in baffling ways all around him; the best parts of his experience are the ones where he's dealing with the unexplained changes, and it's done with gentle humor and poignancy. In fact, the moments where things *are* plainly explained almost serve more as a vehicle to slip in subtle David Bowie references.

    Speaking of whom: IMDB's one-line description of the film "Storyline dealing with the late musician, David Bowie" could hardly be more misleading or less accurate. Bowie fans will certainly appreciate the premise; given the tremendous worldwide outpouring of grief at his death in early 2016, it's certainly believable that it might have ripped a hole in the universe. But that's certainly not what this movie is about.

    My only real criticism concerns the subplot with Samuel's daughter. It's never quite woven properly back into the main thread of the story, and the connection between the stories is a little too abstract to be gleaned in one viewing.
  • I'm not trying to mean. I'm happy that people have the opportunity to create and market their movies outside of the conglomerate that is the Hollywood mainstream.

    That said, you still have to have some skill, and this movie didn't reflect that.

    Boring, pointless, no true plot direction, no drama/comedy/or any identifiable genre components, unattractive actors/actresses (sorry, but true), very poor casting, non-sensical writing...I can go on, but I won't.

    More than anything else, this was a poorly written movie. The dialog was dumb at best, methodically lost at worse. The plot, full of holes a Mack truck could manage through, went no where and made no sense and did absolutely nothing for the viewer. Nothing.

    Speed of Life wasn't so much a bad movie as it was bland and un-entertaining. 2/10.
  • SPEED OF LIFE is so effortlessly at ease in telling this wildly romantic and soulful story of a woman dealing with the death of late musician, David Bowie. Plus there's sci-fi, Ann Dowd and a perfect ending, the kind that will make you smile for hours afterwards.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Nothing really explained in the end, we don't know why they have no food to eat, why no one seems to have jobs or cars, or what really happens to people after age 60, or why Edward and June aren't together after they are reunited....what a waste of an hour and 15 minutes....