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  • This was an amazingly inaccurate Nightline production.

    They implied over and over that kids are in more danger, and rate of shooting homicide of teens is up, when this is in fact a complete inversion of the data. in the last generation/25 years gun homicide rate of teens is DOWN -- down massively, fallen by 61%.according to both FBI and CDC statistics. In fact the evidence is that Americans tens have NEVER, in all of US history, been at less risk of violence than they are today. Are either of these central facts highlighted in this propaganda piece? No. Not even mentioned -- not once.

    And what is with the constant imagery of the AR-15? The largest school shooting in the US was with pistol at Virginia tech., The largest shooting of students in the western world was not in the US, but in Norway, with what is the most common rifle in Canada - one that is not even restricted in Canada and which any non criminal can buy in Canada freely, the"Mini-14", and which is not listed in any us jurisdiction as an "assault weapon" either.