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  • Still couldn't find the right words to describe how painful, funny, realistic, and reflective Paki was. I cried so hard several times that the first thing I did when the credits rolled was to drink 3 glasses of water! I've been trying to express my feelings over this for 2 nights now but I figured I should do this short note until I'm able to gather my thoughts well. It just doesn't feel right to write a meaningless review to a film that made me reevaluate my life and my family's but it feels more wrong not to try. I guess I'm just deeply moved that I wanted to write what it deserves from me: My calm and collected insights unbothered by the recent developments, or lack thereof, in this pandemic.

    I will try hard to finish my draft for this but I just want to end this by praising the talented ensemble most especially Dexter Doria whom I had always known as the kontrabida nanay, tita, or kapitbahay. Clearly, she's more than that stereotype! Thanks to all the people behind this understated gem for enriching me!