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  • The first commercial that really went viral. What started it all. There was no such things as commercials before this masterpiece
  • This is with out a doubt the greatest and most iconic commercial ever produced. Ever. Thats a fact.
  • In 1984, nothing was bigger than Michael Jackson and Pepsi. Famously, his hair caught fire during the filming of another commercial and he had to go under surgery leading to his famous white skin on his face years before death took a toll on him. This 2 minute commercial, shown on TV as well as in theatres, cemented the King of Pop with the new King of Soda Pop. The following year, Coca Cola stumbled with New Coke, helping Pepsi to dominate sales again. Coke would soon climb back when New Coke was shelved in favor of Classic Coke, and the rest is history. The campaign also introduced the Close Encounters like font for the campagain as well as a new look for Diet Pepsi, which was the first mainstream diet cola from a well known brand (Tab was first as well as Patio). The look would be official on cans and bottles in 1987 and lasted until the mid 90s when a new pepsi logo came out. Interestingly enough, the current logo debuted the same year that Jackson died.