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  • Kayden Kross is fast becoming my favorite Adult auteur in the field of erotic short story vignettes. This five-scene release for her Trenchcoatx label is quite creative and most satisfying.

    Unlike the get-rich-quick momsers (think Greg Lansky) who are running IR content into the ground faster than you can spell BBD, Kayden has provided interracial sex here not as a gimmick or merchandising ploy but integrated into the stories. Indeed, since the final two segments are connected as a two-part story, she has interracial sex involving equal time for Black Women and Black Women (practically unheard of nowadays in porn's cock-worship phase) throughout the four vignettes.

    And variety in her writing is admirable. The title theme of infidelity is repeated without becoming repetitious. First scene stars Ana Foxxx opposite the great one (Kayden) herself. It's a concise mini-drama, KK storming in after a grand slow motion entrance from her car to literally grab her lover Ana and drag her away from friends (including Chad Diamond, uncredited in a NonSex cameo) to jealously browbeat the girl.

    Their catfight is quickly over with a smooch, and the duo head to the bedroom for a strong lesbian sex scene highlighting Kayden's pointy nipples and the extreme skin tone contrast with Foxxx.

    An unusual, light-skinned Black actress Arie Faye (who with short-cropped blonde hairdo oddly resembles the current queen of Sinead O'Connor porn, Riley Nixon) plays a servant to sleeping it off Tyler Nixon, waking him up and somewhat transfixed by his morning erection. Tyler's a married man, but the two quickly get it on nonetheless in her absence.

    Change of pace has the frail-looking beauty Alexa Grace (a chief contender for "what's a girl like you doing in porn?" status) voicing over her longing for her work colleague Ricky Johnson - the most handsome of the overworked Black studs who appear in countless IR scenes for Lansky, Jacky St. James and the Mason/James Avalon team over at Dark X. Their sex scene is more conventional, but romantically directed by KK.

    Two-part finale is loaded with style. It's a showcase for Bridgette B., a talented actress whose huge fake boobs usually get in the way of that talent (a problem also faced currently by the newest MILF on the block, Alura Jenson). She's in bed watching a sitcom on TV (oddly enough starring Kayden and Dana Vespoli!) when Brit Porn import Stallion's truly massive erection inside his underwear, sticking up proudly, gets her going in a brief but torrid IR love bout.

    A phone call draws her away, and without a how ya do she leaves Stallion to return home, where hubby Manuel Ferrara browbeats her about the suspected "where were you?" liaison. Great writing by Kross has this little drama resolved as a surprise case of hot-wifing: Manuel loves to here the lurid details of what his better half has been up to, making their strong sex in the kitchen scene bristle with Bridgette's erotic monolog-over.