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  • yonivva14 October 2018
    This is just a copy of the same formula used by every other Nepali movie. Really boring.

    The set design is bad. The cinematography is bad. The editing is bad. The sound design is bad. The music is bad. The filmmakers don't know how to make a film.

    Why is it that these movies ignore all aspects of filmmaking? We need more experimental movies in Nepal and not the same garbage.

    The acting is "ok" but sometimes even the acting is terrible. And the only real positive is that it tackles the education system.

    It's a terrible movie made to make money don't watch it.
  • Producing an artless caricature of someone's voice and appearance and without using double-meaning vulgar jokes.
  • bestboybj18 July 2019
    This is the type of movie that is not letting nepali movie industry to grow and puts good movies in a lime light. Bad direction. Highly commercial. Bad storyline.
  • Shr_SKS11 October 2018
    Waste of time and money. The first half is all over the place. The character are not relatable. Even in those emotional scenes you wont feel much sympathy for the characters. I don't know why they kept on showing the camera and the cameraman through the sunglasses. At least they could have edited those part. Really disappointed.
  • ulama-4169522 October 2018
    One of the bst ever nepali movie evr watched. depicts the true scenario of a govt. school in Nepal. Inspiration to those who try very hard to uplift the condition of such schools. far better than those movies that arouses sex appeals and portrays vulgarity and violence ..... Hats off chakka panja team.
  • First movie was average; second one, disaster; however, this third movie by Chhakka Panja team has really touched my heart. Maybe, it's just because I love movies about socio-political changes. Some of my favorites in this genre include, Anil Kapoor's 'Nayak', Mahesh Babu's 'Srimanthudu' and a recent one 'Bharat Ane Nenu'. These all movies were about the social and political changes where the main protagonist uses his wits and strength for the betterment of the society they are living in.

    (Possible Spoilers ahead) While Chhakka Panja 3 tries the same with a female protagonist, she fails horribly unlike the ones I've mentioned. And this was what hit me hard. A dialogue in the film says, "It's like a curse, if today's youths are made to stay in the country". And yet, when she was about to leave the country, she notices the unpleasant condition of the school where her father is the headmaster. She decided to stay in order the bring changes, and made decisions she would never do otherwise. Her sacrifice goes unnoticed and she is constantly opposed for her right doings. This depiction of the society was one of the best I've ever seen in a Nepali movie industry.

    I may not be able to judge the technical flaws of the movie as other reviewers are mentioning. But as an avid movie goer, I would say, this movie is better than most movies in the Nepali film industry and absolutely better than the previous ones.
  • nepalisachin-9724119 October 2018
    Good movie with a good comedy.... All actors acting were natural.... story is good reflecting the real situation of gov school.... thanks the chakka panja team..... a complete family package movie
  • nepalisachin-9724119 October 2018
    Its a totally family package movie. Acting seems natural. Good family package comedy was there. Its really refresh the mood of spectators. Dont look the movie in the background of Hollywood n bollywood expectation..... Watch as if u have not watched Hollywood n bollywood movie..... Story was nice reflecting the real situation of government school. Those of u who really are unware of the gov school situation should look the movie. Headmaster story is the reflecting the actual 100% scneraio of every government officers...Congrats Chakka Panja Team.....
  • Though there is not any new experiments in the movie, it is one of the best movies of Nepalese movie industry in the comedy genre. The acting by all of the cast is good. The comic timing is also fantastic. The movie protays a serious story but Deepa Shree Niraula has done an fantastic job depicting it in a light hearted way. The sound design and editing is not the best but for any movie of Nepalese flim industry, it is very good. Set design is average. Characters and relatable. Dialouges are as good as the story itself. Especially, the one- liners are hilarious. The story seems a bit blur in the first half, but the second half compensates for that. The climax is fantastic. The sequence of events is smooth, funny and logically relatable at the same time. The movie gives a fantastic comic experience with a bit of emotional touch and a huge social message. The movie shows family conflict, politics, love, friendship and Nepalese socio-economic status at the same time with brilliance. To sum up, it is by far the best movie in the Chakka Panja movie franchise. I can highly reccomend everyone to watch the movie.
  • Watched Chakka Panja 3 at almost packed cinema in Kathmandu in its first day of release. The audience reaction during the first act of the movie was good. The second act starts well but somehow loses momentum. Third act feels slightly rushed however by the time of the climax (or almost last half an hour of the movie), audience feel the movie is trying for a hefty underlying subject matter. The comedy of all actors is natural. Kedar Ghimire or "Magne Buda" easily steals every scene he is in.

    The songs lack the charm of Rajan Raj Shiwakoti's chart topping lyrics and music compositions of songs in Chakka Panja 1. Blatant product placement of few brands were overdone and clearly drags the movie. The movie would have been even better had the direction and editing been sharper and ended fifteen minutes sooner. Like earlier Chakka Panjas, the movie has too many scenes where actors are shown drinking or smoking. As the movie appeals to audiences of all ages, showing fewer scenes of drinking could have made it better.

    Having said that, the movie should be fully appreciated for its true portrayal of Nepali education sector or all governmental service sector in Nepal in general. Many students who went to public school in Nepal will for sure relate themselves to the story even more. The audience will reward the makers of the movie with huge box office records in coming days. Hoping the next project venture of the team is even better.