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  • This is a thoughtful little mini-series. It touches on a lot of important topics but it does it without beating you over the head. It's got something for everyone and lots of Americana. Plenty of the great drag queens and really great actors like Adrienne Barbeau and Mark Singer, blasts from the not so past that one doesn't see often enough. But leave it to RuPaul and Michael Patrick King. I really loved it and it was really easy to binge-watch, all in one night.
  • m_winship12 January 2020
    Very cute new show on Netflix. Somewhat Disneyesque show about a drag queen 👑 Ruby Red traveling across country with the little man child AJ. Many lessons to be learned for sure, but hate isn't among them. Learning to embrace change and love your neighbor seems to be the underlying message in this all too real, in your face series about moderne love! Get with it, I give it five snaps! Pax, Murf
  • Can anyone keep that kid from screaming? Showing anger or fear doesn't mean you have to scream all your dialog. Michael-Leon Wooley, however as Louis Bell, the blind Drag Queen, makes this series. That is one funny queen!
  • I knew i was going to like this show but i LOVE it. It's got so much heart and a whole lotta laughs. The chemistry between Ruby and AJ is just perfect! The acting is on point! This is just a really great series and i highly recommend it.
  • FckVwls13 January 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    I went into this series with low expectations RE acting, just knowing it would be a fun romp with a sweet storyline (drag queen saves kid / kid saves drag queen). I assumed it would be enjoyable just based on the drag scenes, the time with Ru, and the cameos. Well I got all that, but surprisingly, the acting from the primary characters was high quality; tears were shed on the show AND in my living room. Excellent performance from Ru, who I thought would be campy throughout, but who delivered believable moments of sorrow, realization, laughter, affection and vulnerability that far surpassed anything she's previously presented. Great performances as well from Michael-Leon Wooley as Louis, and occasionally from Izzy G. as AJ (her angry outbursts need work, but she seemed to improve as the series progressed and no doubt has a stellar career ahead of her as she masters the craft).

    If you are a fan of Drag Race, there's plenty here to get excited about beyond the core storyline. Cameos galore throughout, lots of drag performances, and in some cases, opportunities for your favorite queens to show off their acting chops.

    There were a few glaring inconsistencies in the plot; for example, why would Ruby owe $100 grand to the credit card company - if she had been grifted out of her $100,000 savings, she'd simply have a zero balance... Also the continued chase of the villains although they already had their money didn't add up. But the explorations of LGBTQ issues, the healing power of drag, childhood hurt, and the struggle to become who you are despite hardship and loss, were done brilliantly and overshadow the flaws. It's infused with dramatic poignancy blended expertly with moments of well-written humor. Turns out AJ and the Queen is a must-watch (well done, Ru), and an absolute imperative for a season 2 (talking to you, Netflix).
  • cindyamess13 January 2020
    It is so nice to actually watch something different, an original series that is heart warming. Love the relationship between Ruby & AJ. I hope there is another season as have really enjoyed it. All the characters are interesting and leave you wanting to know more. There is laughter, warmth and Drag what more could anyone want.
  • Welshness13 January 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    First off, the pilot episode is not good example or representation of how cheeky and charming this show is. For a pilot, it's clumsy, awkward and filled with extended scenes of air. AJ is purposefully unloveable but without any redeeming qualities and a lot of screaming, it's hard to sit through.

    However, Ru comes into his own and you can see his confidence coming through and by the end of the season, it's good tv.

    It's cute to see a lot of the RPDR alumni popping up, ones you can see are clear soft spots of Ru's getting some great screen time.

    My only gripe was that it didn't really hit the feels, I enjoyed the sassy one lines and the odd ball moments but the heart of the story just didn't hit the landing.

    I'd be curious to see where season 2 goes but it needs a tighter story. A good binge worthy show.
  • I think RuPaul deserves an Emmy as the first drag queen triple threat.

    There's so much I wanna say about this but I think the point that I need to make is that this is not a gay story this is a story about people and as somebody who grew up during this generation it's passing of a torch in many ways.

    I'll update this after more viewers watch this but the show brought me back some place that I had forgotten and was an in-depth part of, but it is not a story about gay people it's a story about all people. Just have some fun along the way.
  • cat_williams91113 January 2020
    AJ and the Queen its just what the world needs, in a world of so much hate and devastation , this show just brings hope. Reminds you that we can always be kind and nice even if we are confronted with adversity and hard characters. It's a real lesson for all. The plot is really good , supporting characters are engaging and well developed. Honestly I can't wait for the next season.
  • Frankly, I find the jaded, sarcastic, entitled kid so annoying it ruins the show. I just love Ru and that part of the story- but lord almighty that kid is awful.
  • tlh020314 January 2020
    I was a bit iffy on this one when I first saw it pop up on my Netflix & after the first episode I was hooked! Such an awesome show!
  • This show is perfection. I loved every minute of every episode. Can't wait wait to see a season 2!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The storyline is great and the queens are ever so fabulous. I am having a very hard time getting past the awful bratty little character and her constant fits every ten or so minutes. Hoping this ends soon so the show can get much better without the nastiness.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Since I adore RuPaul I wanted to give it a try. It hooked me from the very beginning. I enjoyed it because I wanted to learn more about drag queen shows, as well as the lead actor and producer. For story-line I must admit it had me with the pull 'n tug between Ruby and AJ. How horrible that a child must resort to stealing in order to survive. All because of her drug-addicted mother. The other side of the coin was having her see, first-hand, how certain "grifters" prey on gay men or trans, whatevers. They're nasty. I cannot fathom living a day with that kind of sickness driving you to exploit another by charming them, then scamming them. Ruby's relentless tries at educating AJ "right from wrong" are sometimes hilarious, and other times, sober necessities. I'm anxious to see the remaining episodes, but also a bit downhearted.
  • saifeliya13 January 2020
    Love it
    Not a fan of RuPaul or his drag race shows ... Until Now! Such a funny and heart warming show ...
  • lisab6136718 January 2020
    Entertainment that warms the soul. The ever so talented RuPaul with an outstanding supporting cast brings both laughter and tears. Looking forward to another season!
  • I love Ru Paul (which is why this got a 5 instead of a 1), I'm a big fan of Drag Race and I love drag queens in general. Give me a show about drag queens, a bunch of drag queens, their hopes, their dreams, their struggles, I would love it; but this? Parts of it are okay; the Louis character is great, it's the kid I can't stand. I'm sorry, but the whole orphan, street-wise, obnoxious, smart-mouthed, angry kid thing has been done to death, and much better. Maybe it improves; I quit halfway through episode 2. I might give it another chance.
  • tornaciaysen18 January 2020
    Can't wait for season 2. Love the acting of all. Louis made me laugh, also the storyline was very good with good messages.
  • kerrihowden14 January 2020
    I live for Rupaul but I cannot stand AJ. This story line could've worked out but acting is so bad. Love seeing former queens from drag race but where is Michelle Visage??
  • johanna-3461013 January 2020
    I enjoyed the story line, the progression of character insight and the combination of comedy and "real- life" within the series. Nicely done NETFLIX, looking forward to season 2. Compassionate, loving and engaing!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The kid and her mother are obnoxious but I laughed & crie Michael as Louis fabulous
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am a huge fan of Rupaul, but I didn't think much when I saw this in my Netflix. I thought it was going to be another reality show, but I decided since there was nothing else to watch, I would give it a try. Within 10 minutes I was HOOKED. I finished the season the day I started it. This season is packed with entertainment throughout. It gets you emotionally attached to Robert, AJ, Lewis and the relationship developed between AJ and Robert.

    The show isn't just about comedy or about drag, it is about being accepted and NOT just as a drag or gay. It is about dealing with life, family, struggles and finding ways to get by. The show does involve some emotional moments and I can't wait (FINGERS CROSSED) for the announcement of season 2.
  • Will leave another review at the end but seriously the kid screaming is too much and taking away from the story
  • Credit to Ru - the acting, drag performances, script and plot are brilliant. It's got the comedic humour of Desperate Housewives blended with Drag Race style performances. Drag Queens of the world - some advice: study each of Ru's performances - THIS is how its done!
  • peanutclairebailey18 January 2020
    Easy to watch. Fun. Engaging. Serious. Warm. A real feel good series. I adored it.
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