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  • Not only the nearly perfect performances of the two main characters in this film attrated me, but also the very "spirit beauty" of actress Tong truly fascinated me! Support them and try to watch ASAP!!!
  • How Long Will I Love U is a romantic comedy movie with supernatural elements and a few gloomy sequences. It tells the story of a real estate shark who plans on traveling nineteen years into the future to use this knowledge in order to expand his empire. However, the shift in the space-time continuum fails and opens a portal nineteen years in the past instead. It turns out that this portal is in the small apartment where the loan shark lived when he didn't have any investors and was about to lose his job. In present-day, a young woman who works in a jewelry store and dreams of getting married to a rich man lives in the same flat. One morning, she wakes up and is shocked to realize she shares her apartment with the unsuccessful property designer. In the beginning, she is distant to him and wants to get rid of him but their curiosity makes them bond as friendship soon becomes love interest. The young woman realizes she can't alter the past and the young man can't alter the future and attempting to meet their former or futures selves would lead to chaos. The young woman still travels back to the past to see herself as a child playing with her rich father who would soon die in a traffic accident. The property designer is curious about his future and stunned to see he has become a rich real estate shark. In present-day, the pitiless real estate shark realizes the past is about to shift and tries to convince the young woman to leave his former self and offers her the life she has always dreamed of. However, the young woman realizes the emotionless real estate shark is nothing like the sympathetic property designer but she has to make a choice that could alter past, present and future.

    Let's start with the few negative elements about this good movie. First of all, the background story about time travelling is poorly explained as the script is lacking details in this part. The introduction of the young woman is somewhat confusing as one isn't quite sure what her real job is as she is mostly about to scam older men into marrying her in the beginning. Some parts of the movie are unnecessarily overacted, especially by lead actress Tong Liya who offers too many fake smiles and tears.

    On the other side, the story is quite original and every loose end is solved and every question answered in the end. The movie's romantic side isn't too exaggerated and has a clumsy, juvenile, and sympathetic note. The film offers lots of situation comedy, especially when the property designer discovers the future and is amazed by food delivery services, mobile phones and virtual reality. The movie also has a gloomy touch related to corruption, greed and murder which obviously involves the mysterious death of the young woman's father. The film also has the message that money doesn't make you happy and shows how people in China are obsessed with fame, influence and money and leaving their communist culture behind for a world of steel, plastic and glass.

    In the end, How Long Will I Love U is an entertaining movie that mixes romantic, humorous and dark elements in a balanced and unique way. Younger audiences in a relationship might even find this film even better than just good. If you can catch the film at a local cinema, don't hesitate to go for it.
  • I don't speak or read Chinese, only fluent English, it was great movie and I had to read subtitles. Maybe one reason is its refreshing to see a movie not made by US Hollywood and roles you wouldn't see an Asian character have but its made by a country that doesn't have that issue :^) Really though very touching and moving at times, dramatic, charming, romantic comedy, as good if not better than anything US Hollywood makes in this genre. Chinese movies are getting pretty good these days and only getting better, hope to be able to see more movies and not the same ole that is US Hollywood.
  • First of all, the actual English title should be "How long will I love you", other than the weird pingying stuff ...

    A really heart touching love story on top of a brilliant time-travel setting, even the "scientific" part is not rigorous enough (but at least make sense) ... Apart from that, the story telling is neat, and the performance of the leading actor and actress are impressive. They did very well on picturing the struggling of the two grass root youth from two different generations, and how the chemistry grows between them. And the whole movie is quite entertaining (it's a comedy anyway), and I really enjoyed the part they ordered the shabushabu takeway, very funny.

    I really wish they can make more films like this one in the future!
  • xnwmaamyr11 November 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    The film is really good, in the genre of romantic fantasy and about time travelers. This film doesn't really show a very romantic side. The essence of the story is that these two are met in the same place but at different times, after going through the twists of love & life they finally unite, and finally happy. My advice, if you watch it, just relax but still concentrate on the film, if you don't, you will get dizzy.
  • Clearly, the writer-director Su Lun knows nothing about filmmaking, and just contrives this coincidental nobody-knows-what chaos. You can hardly distinguish the real and the fantastical, or tell whether fantasy changes reality. The viewers are completely wrung out by the end of the movie. The storytelling is just horrible, if there is a story.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    How Long Will I Love U is a solid foreign film, with some laughs and an alluring Liya Tong.

    The personality of the successful and future version of Lu Ming's very different, so does it matter that it's him. She wants to be with the unsuccessful version, but continues seeing the successful one, questionable. When they meet at the end, is she the same though, as her life would of changed drastically.
  • The two leading actors were fine, but the whole movie was just terrible, especially the horrible childish soundtrack that further ridiculed the lame screenplay. Most of the actors in this movie also got a serious problem: I think they all needed retraining to learn how to speak clearly, when they spoke fast, all the dialog out of their mouths were unclear.

    I think the Chinese, especially the people who live in China, still don't know what are the differences between the 26 English alphabets and the English words. You can't combine those those English alphabets to translate Chinese word by word to pronounce the Chinese original title "Chao shi kong tong ju" into completely meaningless English. "Chao" is not an English word, nor "shi", "kong", "tong" and "ju", they are just totally meaningless pronunciations invented by the stupid Chinese who didn't know putting English alphabets together to pronounce Chinese words meant nothing, the original Chinese title is more than enough to allow their own people understand the meaning of the movie title, but if you want other countries' people to understand what the meaning of this movie title, you must find, translate and put together the movie title in Chinese into a certain meaningful foreign languages. If you just so illiterately put English alphabets to directly match the exact or somehow closer pronunciations word by word, nobody in the non-Mandarin speaking countries will understand WTF they mean, even lot of the Chinese themselves may not understand those words in English alphabets. "PingYing" is not English, "Chao shi kong tong ju" is NOT ENGLISH, if you want to translate these Chinese words into meaningful English, you have to find English words which could somewhat match the meanings of these Chinese words, so "Chao" would be, might be, may be "Surpass, Bypass, Transcend, Cross over...", "shi" means "Time", "kong" means "Space", "tong" means "Together", "ju" means "Reside, Stay, Live..."; these are the English words instead of English pronunciations; so if you translate this Chinese original title into English in a broader literary meaningful English "How Long will I love U" or just rigid word by word translation in English, such as "Surpass the Time and Space to Live Together" is at least understandable to non-Mandarin speaking people; to them, "Chao shi kong tong ju" doesn't mean anything.

    As to this movie itself, I could clearly track how many movies in such genre had been copycatted, pilfered, mixed together, patched together by its screenplay writers, adapted and transformed them in Chinese version.