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  • The pettiness of the central conflict in Bilahari's Allu Ramendran (Ramachandran, the Nail Man) in a way makes for a satisfying description of the various ways human nature and ego work as lead man Kunchacko Boban becomes the titular character after his police jeep's tires fall victim to the tens of nails scattered around in the village, but is only letdown by the boring drag that is the second half. TN.
  • harelives14 July 2019
    Don't decide on the bad reviews. Those are just haters. This is way better than average.

    In different aspects of valuating a movie, up on many artistic and technical criteria, watch-ability is something push us over many other things. We can't explain it but it's something that attract us to the movie. That something keeps us watching the movie even if it fails at some points. Allu Ramendran is a movie like that to me.

    It's funny, specially when Salim Kumar is in the scene. Over the time I've been a Malayalam fan, Salim is one of the actors who has gained my gratitude in many ways. He's doing the character in its own funny way.

    As always, this is a technically better movie in general. And the unusual plot has developed clever sequence of events. That doesn't mean I'm OK with every bit of it.

    It's not the best but a fun-ful ride.
  • lithint5516 February 2019
    I have one request to everyone who is planning to watch this movie, please avoid watching it. It is a kind of movie which gives so much frustration to the viewer that we would be so sad after watching it reminding us of a good 2.30 hrs gone from our life. Story of the movie will make you cringe , it was one of the so called anti-feel good movie.
  • muhammedkp-230323 February 2019
    Nice movie It's a very thrilling movie And good performance by every actors
  • The plot is irritating, not engaging. The writer could've gone in a different direction understanding the potential of Kunchako. But they chose to go with a cringe-worthy thread. Sreenath Bhasi's role was quite interesting though. Not recommended but go ahead if you've nothing to watch.