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  • I watched the trailer for this game and bought it, took me awhile to get around to it, but have to say I was impressed. It has an old school charm, but with graphics that make you feel like you are watching a cartoon. It also has a lot of likable and funny characters and has many emotional points as well. It also featured a couple of train scenes, and for some reason I always enjoy a good train level in a video game!

    The story has a young woman named Anne who is an enforcer in a world where things that have been forgotten have taken on a life of their own. She lives in a world of lamps, scarves and socks who go about their day. The man who raised her, however, has a plan to get them back to the real world. There are rebels who try to stop him, so Anne goes to investigate the rebels and soon learns some things about the world, Bonku (the man who raised her) and she will learn about herself.

    The game play is very similar to those old school side scroll games where you pull yourself up and must navigate a series of obstacles. Flashback, Out of this World, the original Prince of Persia are a few examples of this type of game. This really has no way to get killed though so you are mainly trying to get past several obstacles and puzzles. You also have to talk to many colorful characters and this is fun too.

    So, the game was quite fun; however, like a lot of digital games it is on the short side. Not too short though as it does a good job telling its story. My guess there may be a few endings to get to this one as well. I am surprised this game was published by Square Enix as it features all English programmers. Also surprising, is how much it has the look and feel of a Miyazaki film. So, if you like a game with a good story and is a puzzle platform game with some choices in dialog, give this one a shot, it is very well done.
  • This one will go down as one of my favourite game ever. I cannot believe have only just discovered this. Very well written, amazing music, beautiful graphic and it got me thinking so much. I love this game.