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  • The art style is as flat and amateurish as the humor, and all the characters act like 3-year-olds.

    2 episodes and this show feels completely devoid of any care or thought, like everything in it was reproduced after skimming Wikipedia. Either the creators hated Thundercats, or they just don't care about it.

    The best thing I can say about it is that it feels like a bad mid-2000s NewGrounds cartoon.
  • Do you know the feeling seeing a show almost feel like a choir to do?, Well this is actually worse, and even the target demographic feels like that. Maybe if you never have seen anything good, but even free videos on youtube have better story, animation, jokes and voice acting.

    This makes me sad to to see how much we cheat the newer generation, they are told this is entertainment for them, and they know it's bad and worthless if they have ever seen anime or older shows like Avatar the Last Airbender. I feel like a species we might have peeked and now it feels like we in the west no longer can make shows, without them looking cheese and cheap. It's insulting to the next generation that this is what they get to see.
  • I loved the original Thundercats. I liked the new animé-inspired version too. But this...this is just heresy. Thundercats should be mainly about action, with some humor, and it should look good. This is plain ugly, mostly about humor and overall just silly. If this is what kids want today, then today's kids are STRANGE, I say. The remake of She-Ra was different but still good and it respected the source material. This...looks like it was made for four-year-olds...and made BY four-year-olds! Horrible!
  • mister_mort19 August 2020
    What's wrong with Thundercats roar ? Well, it will be a lot easier to tell what works in this terrible remake of a fairly good cartoon from the 80s : the animation.

    And the rest ? It just plain suck.

    The « art » is atrocious and amateurish at best.

    The story is silly.

    The characters look like some kind of 6 years old sociopath.

    It's not funny

    Oh, and who the #### had the bright idea to consider that the story of people surviving the genocide of their species was made for comedy ?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched it and it made no sense. it could not even decide who was the villains the mutants or mum ra. I actually thought mum ra was neutral cause he helps lion-o out and then proceeds to attack his friends for no reason. The fact that he is only defeated because of little bears that say his name was just sad and the lion-os voice was aweful super obnoxious and its not worth watching. it felt like the writers dont know what to do with these characters and just make do things to do do things. its a mess and i hope warner media cancels it because this is atrocious and they could do way better with such an established character like the thundercats. it has no soul
  • chris-jenner112 January 2020
    Why reboot something that was great into something that's complete sh......
  • This show is an abomination, a total disrespect for the original show. If you want to create a DUMB show, do it! But create new characters, new stories, new everything! Dont mess with a classic like this. A total disrespect! The creator of this should never work again on tv.
  • Who asked for this? NOBODY ASKED FOR THIS! I watched the first episode of this show, ThunderCats Roar and it was awful. The characters in the show are super annoying including Lino-O, the main character himself is very unlikable, In fact, you just want to punch him in the face or even strangle him. He is so annoying and all over the place. The villains are also a joke obviously, btw. What about the visuals of the show? Are the visuals good? No, some character designs honestly looked okay and some look prety ugly. Hell, the show itself is ugly, the animation is ugly. Teen Titans Go may be an infamous joke, but at least the visuals looked rather detailed and they are an improvement over this one and some of the humor for Teen Titans Go made more sense unlike ThunderCats Roar. Oh yeah, speaking of the humor, is it good? No, of course not. The humor is really annoying. This isn't ThunderCats, this is basically Breadwinners and my god, Cartoon Network...there were TWO brand new shows that we were all looking forward to, Tig N' Seeks and The Fungies. These two new shows were supposed to air on Cartoon Network, but for some stupid reason, they were planned to premier on HBO Max! Really, Cartoon Network?! There were two new shows planning to air on the channel, but you changed your minds and THIS is what we're getting?! Screw you! Overall, ThunderCats Roar is just awful, it's just a huge middle finger to fans of the original show (especially fans of the 2011 remake) and I'm sure as hell that it will be freaking canceled. (I hope this show gets canceled after one season) Seriously do not watch ThunderCats Roar, folks. This show dosen't deserve any attention at all and if you have kids, don't let them watch this mess! Stay away for this ugly pile of animation! I give this one a 1.2/10
  • This version is disrespectful to the Thundercats fans, the 2011 version was even better than the original and was canceled? No one wants to watch this bizarre animation.
  • What in Thundera even is this??? Why oh why would they reduce such an amazing classic cartoon series to such rubbish?!? Growing up in the 80s I naturally am a HUGE fan of the original series - so this definitely comes across as pure nonsense! I always wondered if they would ever give it new life and boy did they miss the mark!! FAIL!!!!'!!!!'
  • Well, this is toxically anti male. Apparently it exists to make Lino-o look like an idiot and the moral of the first two episodes are that courage, risk taking, action, and adventure are all evil and bad

    Lion-O wants to explore a new world and that makes him an selfish evil fool... because exploration takes courage and a sense of adventure and those are stereotypical male traits and thus evil.

    And they only get out of the pickle because of pure luck and and a sword that thinks for itself

    Really, honestly, its made to teach little boys that they are evil and courage is bad

    Not worth watching
  • When it comes to shows, I try to be fair.

    I give every show a shot and every show has one chance to prove to me that it is worth my time. I learned the hard way that behind an animation I don't like there might be something great (looking at TMNT 2012, which became my favorite incarnation of TMNT).

    When Thundercats Roar got announced, I didn't participate in the (in retrospective) justified internet rage and instead decided to give the show a chance.

    I've grown up with 1980s Thundercats and TMNT 1980s and despite my nostalgia, I am well aware that these shows have their flaws, their awesome episodes and their trashy episodes. I've watched the TMNT 2003 and Thundercats 2011 reboots and enjoyed them for what they are.

    I've watched the first two episodes of Thundercats Roar and I'm asking myself: Who exactly is this made for? It has the premise of the 1980s series but nothing of the storytelling or amusing corniness that made this show what it is. This show feels like it was made for people with ADHD.

    I will not get into the art style (like how they keep getting off model and believe me, I could waste hours on the design alone) but I'll say something about the animation: IF FAN-MADE ANIMATIONS YOU CAN WATCH ON THE WEB FOR FREE HAVE BETTER FIGHT SCENES THAN YOUR CORPERATE-SANCTIONED SHOW, YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO RETHINK YOUR LIFE!!


    Please spend the twenty minutes you could spend watching TC Roar on something better. Like Super Mario Bros. Z. Or Glitchtale. Or TIE Fighter.
  • Complete garbage. There's zero substance, and it's a mockery of what was a superbly well done cartoon.
  • Who at Cartoon Network thought this twisted version of the thunder cats was a good idea ? This show is absolute garbage.
  • This show has ruined Thundercats, in my opinion! It doesn't resemble the Thundercats at all! The first & Second Thundercats was amazing, even though the second Thundercats wasn't finished, I still loved it! Why would they make something like this!?
  • That's where this show belongs, to inexistence, its an absolute crap, and a totally disrespect to our childhood.
  • sootball19 January 2020
    Bad writing, ridiculously poor animation, and a lack of a clear direction makes this attempt at a reboot a loss for Thundercat fans of all ages. If this half-assed attempt is what we are going to get, the brand is better off dead and forgotten.
  • Awful, just awful! Please, just leave our cartoons alone & come up with your own stuff.
  • The animation style is not my cup of tea but I can look past it if the writing was good. Jokes are bad and cliché. The writing is incredibly lazy. I don't get what it's trying to be. Such a waste
  • StynSGC13 January 2020
    You have to ask yourself, where did we go wrong? When was quality animation and writing sacrificed for humor for toddlers and crude drawings?

    ThunderCats Roar is bad. It's really bad. So bad in fact that I had trouble getting through the first minute. The "comedy" boils down to: be as "RANDOM" and "WACKY" as possible. Most shows find a balance between action and humor, but this one just throws everything on the "humor" stack and hopes that it sticks.

    The main character, Lion-O, is dumbed down so far that it's amazing he can walk. His lines are pointless and follow the same formula mentioned before, ad nauseam. In fact, there isn't a single character that has an apparent IQ higher than 60, even the main villain is a bumbling fool.

    And the jokes just don't work. They just don't. I have a hard time believing anybody above the age of 3 can even call them jokes. It also doesn't help that they repeat them about 5 times in a row, every one of them falling flat on it's face. It also tries really hard to pander to internet-culture with "awesome" and "epic".

    The artstyle is awful. That's pretty much all there is to it. This "CalArts Style" has seen use in alot of widely populair series, but the use of it in this one is just an assault on your mind. Proportions differ pretty much every frame, they move like they don't have bones and backgrounds are downright lazy.

    I just don't get why this had to be a "Thundercats" show. It could've been its own IP but they decided to take a beloved franchise and completely ruin it. The creator had to guts to say "Its a tribute to all Thundercat fans around the world". HOW IS THIS A TRIBUTE, ALL YOU DO IS RIDICULE EVERY ASPECT OF IT FOR THE SAKE OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL COMEDY.

    Just stay far away from this flaming pile of garbage.
  • Midway through, I noticed the kiddo looked uninterested. I asked if she wanted to keep watching. She said no, it's "lame" and "I never want to watch it again."
  • Despite the negative reviews Thundercats Roar is a fun and enjoyable watch. The animation style is so interesting and the content of the show is really inclusive.
  • 2011 animated show was great and it was canceled for this.
  • mr-c-giles20 January 2021
    I was surprised to see poor scores from people across the board for this show. I watched the original (which was ok but never a fave of mine, it took itself far too seriously), and I personally don't feel that this needs to be a remake of that? Yes the animation is amateurish, but I suspect that this is intentional to accentuate the humour that runs through the show. My kids watch it, and I frequently find it funny. Overall, I think it's a decent new cartoon. Maybe I'm missing something?! Worth a 7 in my humble (and possibly uneducated) opinion.
  • The only "funny" thing in this show is how bad it actually is. Creators clearly hate original ThunderCats (and 2011 reboot as well). Actuially "hatred" is all they have. They hat the show, they despise men and boys, they hate good storytelling, funny jokes... It's amazing how many things can go wrong with a single reboot - like for example, the artstyle and animation is just bad, but it's best element of whole show. Only "redeeming" factor. If everything else would carry the same lackluster lvl the show would be "just bad". But it's absymal. It's repulsive. I love old ThunderCats and I felt violated by this montROARsity. My friend never saw a single ThunderCats episode and felt assaulted, personally offended by it lack of quality and any value. So - if You are fan of originals - NO! Don't watch it. if You are fan of 2011 reboot - NO! Don't watch it. if You never saw ThunderCats - NO! Please don't. Don't do it to yourself. You deserve better. if You have kids - god please NO! Don't torture them like this. Don't feed them with this absymal low quality of motion crap.
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