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  • While this musical is somewhat reminiscent of "Mamma Mia!" in terms of spirit and style, it certainly stands its own ground. As a matter of fact, I'd say it does a few things better than the other title does. Finding the right balance between being a cheerful comedy on the one hand, and providing a set of deeply emotional and believable characters on the other hand must have been quite tricky, but the whole team has nailed this perfectly.

    The pace of the musical is just right, and the integration of Udo Jürgens (in German speaking countries) famous hits into the overall flow has been working out splendidly.

    Heike Makatschs, Katharina Thalbachs, and Uwe Ochsenknechts performances were just outstanding, and Moritz Bleibtreu has proven once more what he is capable of (although I'm admittedly not entirely objective in this regard, since I've always been a fan of Bleibtreus work).

    I cross my fingers that this lovely piece of art gets the attention it deserves.Two thumbs up, and I'd really like to see more of its kind in German cinemas!
  • BeGerman22 March 2020
    Based on th the German stage musical and the songs from Udo Jürgen. A wonderfully feel good movie. That is what are u see, a cast who lives the play a lovely production. This movie has the heart of "let me entertain you" as goal and that is exactly what he is doing. No more no less. Wonderful.