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  • cldew-117885 July 2018
    I personally love this series because the story is connected to the other stories such as the chicken girls, and i like how it also have a flashback on attaway's past. Overall, this tv show is amazing. I love it!
  • lozziehargreaves6 December 2019
    I really only added this review because it somehow had an 8.6 but it's really not a great show. I get that brat isn't a very high budget production company, but truly the only thing they did to make it set in the 60s is the clothing. You can very easily see cars that are not from the 60s driving in the background and they make no attempt to edit them out. Also, though I know they are only young, the acting really is not good
  • micafrancesca235 September 2018
    Connects with the Chicken Girls, has a flashback to Attaway, I like how it connects. This is a far better show than any of the other shows that Brat has released. It has a good story-line about rich girl Cathy Fitzroy and outcast Jo Chambers (whose mother "died from a fire"). Sure, the characters may be a little stereotypical (mean girl, outcast, rich girl) but the story is very nice. Mysteries, drama, and more alike! Basically, Cathy's granddaughter finds a journal from Cathy about Attaway back then and she reads it and takes a step through Cathy's shoes. Needs a season 2, definitely would reccomend it if you can handle a 2.3 hour binge watch. Episodes need to be longer, acting could be improved but is good.
  • Horrible writing, horrible acting... I couldn't get past 10 minutes of the first episode. Terrible.
  • Better than Chicken Girls (which has no plot, bad acting, and also... chicken girls? really?), but still just mediocre. For Brat standards, though, I'd say this is one of the better shows- though I wish they'd start casting more actors and less YouTubers.
  • rmporchids18 January 2020
    Watched all the episodes way to quick and can't wait for further seasons to air. Great interesting story line peeking in to how life was in the past.
  • punitha_baliah19 April 2020
    The whole show is bad. It sets in the 60s, but noting in the movies makes it from the 60s. The acting is cringe. There are some mediocre actors, but that Annie girl always had to have the spotlight, she drags the whole show down.