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  • I wasn't bored, hence the three stars. But the actual funny moments were very few and far between.
  • Jessicanu946 July 2018
    All he does is talk about his political views the whole time. I didn't laugh once
  • adverts30 June 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I know it's hard for comedians to avoid the subject of Trump these days.....but if you're going to do it, don't simply repeat what Trump has said/done over the last year. That's not comedy. That's not making a joke. Trump is such an easy target, c'mon!

    Also, his last bit about letting his 3 (or 5?) year old run rampant in an airport - where the little girl pulled a half dozen Mickey Mouse blow ups off the shelf and then was yelled at by the store owner. Bell called that racism. It's not's called bad parenting.
  • Imagine a one hour political rally where the speaker can't stop talking about how black he is.
  • mpeterfinlay1 July 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I want 60 minutes of my life back, PLEASE. As the previous reviewer stated, Kamau literally did not make any substantial jokes the entire series. It was laden with presumptuous racism that assumes the audience agrees with him. Unlike a Dave Chapelle who is at least very talented at getting his personal world view across, Kamau simply regurgitated the news for the past year and ascribes racism to otherwise innocuous interactions he has had in life. He called a curious older lady racist: wrong! He called a store clerk at the airport racist: wrong! He encourages his daughters to compete over skin color-- how does someone laugh about that? His soliloquy about Doc McStuffin's was just disappointing... While diversity in preschool aged television is fantastic and beautiful I do not believe the intent is to discredit physicians of other races and ethnicities. His worldview is so infuriatingly narrow and dull for a so-called "woke" person. Can we stop using race and Trump as joke-fodder? Some of the greatest comedians of all time achieved success authentically and with sincerity. While we can agree to dislike Mr. Trump by a vast majority, I think we'd like to depart from CNN for an hour while watching a not-so-funny comedy piece on Netflix. To be honest, I do not think he spent more than 15 minutes preparing for this segment. Try again next time, Kamau, with fewer to zero Trump and race "jokes".
  • tufinica3 July 2018
    Another would be political activist spewing hate and expecting people who agree with him to laugh , not amusing .
  • W. Kamau Bell provides an intelligent, humorous and extremely accurate view of the insanity spreading in today's world. If you're looking for a break from the constant dismal developments as well as more than a few laughs, this show will not disappoint.
  • bettycjung16 July 2018
    7/14/18. A funny man with an intelligent observational humor that is enjoyable to listen to. No foul language, which is always a positive asset when it comes to good comedy. Worth catching.
  • In case you forget that this guy's only defining feature is him being a "black male" he'll be eager to repeat it about 9 times per minute. I guess one of the jokes was that his very young daughter is already conditioned to hate the most generic trendy group to hate - "white men". Another one revolved around this guy being ultra pro-"black women" despite marrying a generic liberal white woman.

    Did any of this sound funny to you? No? How odd.
  • Sharp, hilarious informed comedy, well performed by an expert storyteller.
  • six_tymes5 June 2022
    Eveything he says and thinks never happened under trump, but is now. Hes not very smart.

    And activist? Why did self proclaimed activists have to ruin comedy also? Typcial democrat, race race race race, they go around and ruin life for all.
  • Fiercely funny and WORKS that audience. Perfect for people who possess common. sense.