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  • braticfilip20 January 2019
    It's so funny!Actors are so good. I recommend movie to everyone.
  • One disclaimer: If you are not familiar with Serbian/Belgrade culture and humor you might not find this move entertaining even if you speak Serbian. Full of funny absurd situations with very well selected excelent actors keeps you engaged whole 88 minutes. Refreshing approach to neo realistic trend and excelently directed. Highly recomending for weekend watch, you'll be cracking most of the time.
  • Not every comedy has to have amazing sense of humor, but it has to be fun. This movie is exactly that. Little bit shy of 90 minutes of fun. I'd recommend this movie if you like to just chill and habe fun, but if you want a new cult movie or work of art then please try to tilt your "good movie" sensor slightly and you won't be disappointed. All and all great watch.
  • stankec0301 December 2019
    Funny movie about one crazy night in a life of taxi driver. Preporucujem svima ! :)
  • milos_pantovic3 February 2019
    Complete garabage. Do not waste 89 minutes of your life on this. There is no real humor, just attempts to present social injustice as humor. Yet again, humor depends on intelligence of a person, don't you think?
  • If You want to watch nice, relaxing, funny movie, this one is right for You. It's good comedy but with lot of emotions in some of scenes. Movie is must see and without regrets on the end.
  • ludimiloje2 January 2020
    Someone wrote "Monty Python style... blah.. blah"!? Nothing nearly like it! Boring beyond belief!