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  • This is as funny as Sharknado! This musical number is funny enough to carry the whole movie. DO NOT take this movie seriously, just let go, and let the stupidity flow into you like a bad street drug. Eric Roberts, you are a genius!
  • It's ridiculously bad but I feel like it's maybe on purpose? Eric Roberts and his "double" is absolutely ridiculous. He also struggles with his dentures the whole time, any time he speaks that was all I could hear. Seemed like he just got fitted for them or something and couldn't figure out how to speak without sounding like he had a mouth full of cotton lol.
  • NoNYRFan21 June 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I can't believe this movie ended the same way the previous 2 did. I guess I was hoping for a conclusion and see him get his just rewards but it seems the producers want to see how far they can go with this ridiculous character before the viewers finally decide that enough is enough and stop watching. And Eric Roberts is creepy, too.

  • The third installment in the 'Stalked By My Doctor' series is probably the most engaging one yet, largely by virtue of being the nuttiest. Sure, there are some thought-provoking parts here and there, but by now it should be clear that these tales aren't really out to enlighten or move you; they're mainly just around to provide some thrills.

    In a nutshell, the vindictive Sophie Green (a riveting Brianna Chomer), original target of the wacky Dr. Beck, flips things by stalking him this time. Standing in her way is Beck's newest love interest, Melissa, a smitten student at the school where Beck now teaches.

    One of the most jarring things about this film is the rise of psycho Sophie. Gone is the meek girl from the first tale. In her place is a cunning vixen who'll stop at nothing to take Beck down. This is a nice bit of character development that leads to some fun action scenes, especially during the clashes between Sophie and Melissa (who's well played by the talented Anna Marie Dobbins). Plus, Eric Roberts is always excellent in the role of Dr. Beck, a complex guy who seemingly wants to reform, but still has a few naughty tricks up his sleeve.

    Naturally, certain parts were less impressive than others. Without giving too much away, the ending disappoints due to the creators teasing a twist that they ultimately don't have the guts to go through with. Instead, we get an entirely different twist, via some exposition that, frankly, comes across as absurd (even for this series). This actually reminded me of a similar ending in an unrelated 'Stalked By' film, which also pretended to be chaotic, then went conventional. Simply put, conventional gets dull sometimes.

    Still, this is a fascinating addition to the series, and an intriguing tale overall.
  • tomfsloan1 October 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    How did Eric Roberts find time to do that stupid musical number? IMDB says he has 514 credits! I really liked him as the star and his conversations with his conscience. His first fantasy in the classroom was quite nice. It reminded me of Kevin Spacey in American Beauty. The scissor scene was extremely effective. Fair plot twists. I was happy with that. An alternate title should have been Have Syringe, Will Travel. A couple of movie rules were followed perfectly. Movie rule number 6: No matter how beat up you get, you'll recover instantly. In this case, he gets hit with a frying pan and then pistol whipped by a shotgun three times and is fine. Movie rule number 11: Always turn your back on the bad guy when you make a phone call. Overall entertaining despite its stupidness.
  • janiyahwhitney28 September 2018
    This movie is HORRIBLE!!!!!!! This is lifetime not no damn high school musical!! Who tf came up with this idea ??? How y'all make two good movies then the 3rd one terrible !!!!!!????? I couldn't wait to see the movie & I WAISTED MY DAMN TIME !!!!!!!
  • She is missing from the cast credits, which is odd considering she is one of the three main protagonists
  • I don't care what the critics say I actually like those cheesy Stalked by my Doctor movies..I am kind of excited to see this new one ..
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Severely disgusted by this movie, goes to you that people always get away with murder
  • gtk-5853913 July 2019
    I definitely think this movie is intended to be a comedy! I certainly laughed a lot.
  • solidabs2 February 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Horrible acting. This movie was so predictable. My 10 year old daughter even figured out they were working together, the two hookers. Predictable. Hollywood Dolt writers. I'm giving it a three star cause Eric Robert's wasnt bad. He was actually funny at times
  • doycesub16 June 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    The writer's are hoping that the viewer will NOT remember that the fullest extent and the doctor's obsession leads to total insanity with faking the girl's death by burning a deceased hospital patient in her car with everyone thinking that the young girl is dead, while he has tied her up. I don't think he would have been found not guilty of kidnapping!! I don't think any university would have hired him to teach anything!! I think he would have learned to make license plates in prison somewhere or he would have been sitting on death row in some prison.
  • destinyres16 June 2020
    Each sequel is better then the one before. This one Dr. Beck has a alter ego conscience that speaks to him who is hilarious 😂 10 Rate easy
  • daviddunn-9065311 June 2020
    I dont get the bad reviews. This is 100% tongue-in-cheek. A mixture of drama, romance and most definitely wacky humour. I loved this. I was entertained throughout..
  • Good movie about love and it's problems, relationships, revenge, competition, law, crime, and bullying. There we could see all the little interesting things like finding suspect, fighting for a truth, forgiveness, breaking the law, being patient. I liked acting of the main actor (doctor) where he is just as funny as in other movies. But this movie is made a bit worse because of not so pretty girl actor. In other two movies girls were more beautiful, emotional, talking, and interesting. This girl is more annoying and looks less real, but is acting by force. Very funny just like all 3 sequels, but this one is the least funny of them.
  • The convenience of the doctor getting off at the beginning for his crime, sets up the rest of the movie for it's less than stellar plot. The actors did their best, but considering Lifetime lives off low budget types like this, it's too bad they can't find or afford better movies.