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  • After sampling Barrett Blade's "All in the XXX Family" I couldn't resist checking out one more of his self-aggrandizing POV camera videos, and "Slutty Step Daughters" likely has cured by curiosity forever.

    It's another 7-vignette helping of Blade getting paid to hump 7 gals, never showing his face, as he plays step-father to each of them. The sex footage is identical each time, only the faces (and bodies) staring at the camera changing.

    The set-ups pre-sex are quite lame, ranging from one girl playing with her doggie's cock (don't worry, it turns out to just be a dildo, that Barrett and kid Cadey Mercury insist on pretending is a real animal, for us dunderheads in the audience to imagine I guess) and then daddy's too, to a misbehaving youngster getting slapped around by Blade and punished with rough sex.

    Clearly BB has discovered a new fetish to exploit, but be warned concerning the boredom factor. Because jail-bait is the theme, he elects to vary the formula ever so slightly by having buxom Kenzie Taylor and Brett Rossi pretending to be young 'uns as well.