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  • lor_5 June 2018
    I must be a sucker for punishment, because after hating B. Skow's crummy exercise in "going anal" with "Down the Rabbit Hole", I returned to the scene of the crime, namely inappropriate content for formerly reliable Lesbian specialist distributor Girlfriends Films to release, and tried to watch the maestro's 2 DVD extravaganza on the same subject. It's four hours of bad road.

    The cameraman who fancies himself a director does not believe in editing, as it's far easier (if not economical) to churn out footage than to design a feature like in the old days, with various camera set-ups, reverse shot and the like. So each gal taking it in the rear delivers about an hour of content, dull as dishwater.

    He leads off with Mandy Muse, a starlet famed for her big butt. He ends with Andrea Chechik, holding back her usual torrents of Poland Spring brand Squirt to engage in ass play instead.

    A lengthy BTS featurette is revealing, as Chechik, responding to idiotic questions posed by Skow, laments that she's rarely thought of anymore (this dud was shot in 2015) for "pretty" roles, having gone over to the Dark Side into gonzo mid-career. She concedes that using a really oversize dildo in the self-abuse intro to her ass-humping scene with Xander Corvus was borderline, she still maintains the ability to get off sexually without going to gonzo extremes.

    But porn is trapped presently in sort of a nuclear arms race (better porn than reality though one wonders if Trump post-Stormy Daniels will find North Korea his new partner in nihilism affecting us all) where sexual spectacle is rapidly snuffing out eroticism in the marketplace. Just check out the resurrection of fisting on this or that popular website or the bragging about pegging that even sweet young superstars like Elsa Jean indulge in. So if the Dark Side is your oyster, hop on Skow's fishing boat. (You thought I'd run out of puns!)