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  • I've been watching a number of Indonesian movies lately and I've been oddly impressed. Nothing has exactly blown me away but the entertainment value and quality has been far more consistent than I'm used to.

    Target is what would happen if you turned Saw (2004) into a comedy. It tells the story of 9 celebrities who all get tricked into participating in a game of life and death and it's actually a surprising amount of fun.

    Target was not well received and that saddens me because I can't quite work out why. The cast do a great job, the characters are well handled, the plot is fun, there are laughs to be had, so what's the problem?

    The movie is intentionally (I hope) goofy. With ridiculous fight scenes and silly dialogue and that worked for me especially considering this horror sub-genre doesn't exactly see comedy very often.

    I am now oddly enamored with Indonesian cinema, bring more on! Even this could happily use a sequel.

    The Good:

    Really quite funny in places

    Charmingly goofy

    The Bad:

    Plenty of jokes miss their mark

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    Indonesian cinema rocks

    Actors are dramatic

    We should make a tv series out of this, only with real celebrities..........and real outcomes (Insert evil laugh here)
  • bgryosi16 May 2019
    Funny film,,totally this film very very impressed but i hate this intro
  • kosmasp28 April 2019
    Nine individuals sign up to do a movie. What they don't know: the rules ... if you said that with the epic trailer voice, you are onto something. You also made this more enticing than it actually is. Another reviewer wasn't sure if this is intentionally goofy and silly. Let me clear this up: Yes it is! It is full on silly, but that doesn't mean that there is no blood or violence. Although the latter is sometimes laughable (not always in a good sense).

    This might be a censoring issue, though I have not done any research on it. But if you portray things that might be considered brutal in a silly way, that no one can take seriously, you get away with many things. Which would also speak for the low rating this got in Germany. Depending on your mood, you may enjoy this more than others. Generally speaking I do not recommend this, especially because many jokes are flat at best and unfunny
  • averagebear29 March 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Worst acting EVER. Even if it is meant as a comedy. Still can't figure out why one character randomly switches from Indonesian to American, does nothing for the story but confuse it. The whole scene about teeth brushing is just as gross as it is pointless.
  • shaparak-328365 December 2018
    There is no positive thing i can tell about this mivie. Totally waste of time. Not reccomended
  • ejmbandanna7 December 2018
    I never saw an Indonesian film before, but l was entertained and enjoyed the film qqq
  • josephfrantzen-0415510 December 2018
    I pretty much watch nothing but Indonesian movies and this was by far the best I've seen, the plot at times left me genuinely surprised with subtle humor sprinkled about