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  • Tv these days don't make me laugh as much as it used to and "Dave" can be a bit much especially the 2nd episode about the "fmesilly" blow up doll, but in the end made me laugh so hard I mean a good hard belly laugh. Has great music and beats and l love hearing some new lil dicky but this show is brilliant!! Definitely for viewers over 18, and I wouldn't watch it with your parents or anything but man we needed this show! I find myself upset after the new one that I have to wait a whole week!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't know what it is exactly but I absolutely loved season 1 and now it's like in season 2 he's got so much hate coming at him it makes you believe he's a narcissistic awkward jerk.
  • jaredrobertcollins14 March 2020
    This is one of the funniest shows ive seen in a long time. The entire cast is great. I cant wait to see where they go with it
  • The first two episodes available delivered the satisfying humor reminiscent of Seinfeld and Curb. Dicky has not only shown off his impressive acting range this far, but also his clever and hard-hitting bars all add to a fun and edgy comedy.
  • You can only watch Letterkenny, Archer, Workaholics, and Sunny so many times. TV needed a new edgy comedy and Dave is just that. Its smart, its crude, and it is really funny.
  • First two episodes were quirky, awkward and awesome! I was not a huge Lil Dicky fan, I am a 40 year old who only knew or liked 2-3 songs of his from a few years ago. After getting a gander of this funny dude and AMAZING rapper in action, I will be digging deeper into his catalogue and watching every episode. From one Dave to another 👍🏼 👍🏼 Hope this show picks up a ton of viewers and sticks around.
  • 7Kodiak24 June 2021
    WTF Dave Burd? Season 2: not funny at all. OCD, white privilege, racism? We can see this stuff in real life or news. Make us laugh!
  • A series that doesn't hold back the realities of what it's like to reach stardom as a rapper.

    Be ready for sexual, racy jokes. Just don't take it too seriously and enjoy the beats Lil Dicky makes throughout the series.
  • "Hi, I'm Dave". I couldn't quit going around saying this. This show is hilarious. Music is really good. I wasn't expecting him to be a good rapper and a comedian. Con: the show should really be an hour long.
  • Season 1 was AMAZING! I was sooo excited for season 2 but what happened? It's no longer funny and is more uncomfortable than anything. When I watched episode 1 of season 2 I thought ok maybe they are just seeing up the story line but by episode 3 I was to disgusted to finish. I how it turns around and goes back to how season 1 was.
  • First season hilarious, second season horribly unfunny and disappointing.
  • This show is hilarious and raunchy!! A lot of shows try to be raunchy but just end up doing stupid atuff that's been done a million times. This show has a new level of raunchy hilarity! I dig it!
  • I loved season one, rewatched it's several times, but this season.. I'm having a hard time liking or relating to any of the characters, beside the writers block part. That I get. However, all of it was just hard to watch, it was a dissonant chord with no resolution. Benny Blanco was fun in the first season, but just like his production, it started original and then it turned into rehashed hot garbage. All these dudes carry a certain arrogance that comes through with their acting. They're basically human embodiments of Apple products like "screw you, we know you're going to buy it anyway." They think because they're well established that no effort has to be put into their craft. The whole thing is just lazy.
  • fabripaolo16 May 2020
    This show feels like a Larry David production. It's real, it's awkward and funny as hell. Please give it a chance.
  • cmurphy-255086 March 2020
    Not only is it hilarious but he's actually a great rapper and not just on the show but in real life. If you watch the two episodes that are currently available I highly recommend YouTubing his music. The song earth is not that funny and is sub par even though there are 30 singer/rappers on it it. However don't let that detour you. It's a great show and he's a great rapper, definitely more satirical then literal, I hope he comes out with a couple songs that are a little less comedic but either way, I've said it once and I'll say it again great rapper and great comedian. If you like comedy watch this show, if you like rap, watch this show. If you run out of good tv watch this show! I'm kind of mad there wasn't a complete season when I started watching this! I would binge watch the frick out of this bananas bullshish.
  • My friend recommended this show to me, so I tried an episode out just to see what it was like. I ended up addicted to it. I binged the first 6 episodes in one sitting. Not only is it super funny, but it also touches on a lot of deep concepts/discussions that you don't see a lot on tv. I've definitely teared up twice already. Dave is one of the best tv shows I've ever seen!
  • I was pumped when I heard that Dave was getting a second season. 4 episodes into season 2 I wish they had ended it. Season one was hilarious. Season two hasn't made me laugh at all. Shame.
  • I am actually surprised how well this guy can act, I mean he is playing himself so that's not a big leap but he's really good.

    If you don't like his self deprecating music you probably won't like this show. I'm giving this one a chance and so far it's better than a lot of other current comedy options.
  • chiguy1717 June 2021
    I can't believe the shows FX/FXX is willing to produce and air. This is just absolute ridiculous tripe with NO likable characters at all. Aren't you supposed to root for the protagonist? Not wish him dead?

    Even the commercials for this s**t show are obnoxious and nonsensical. I'm sure there are millennials strung out on edibles that somehow find this amusing, but anyone with a sliver of taste or artistic appreciation won't be able to make it to the first commercial break.
  • Shouldn't there be someone likable in the cast? Especially the main character? Instead it's some hack, dork loser whom I'd be surprised if even his own parents liked him. There's literally NOTHING likable about him or the train wreck of this artistically bankrupt excuse for a show.

    Apparently FX will just put ANYTHING on.
  • Season 1 was so good. Was a huge fan. Season 2 is nothing but woke/social/political/race/gay trash. The show used to be funny and full of adventures and relationships and great characters. Now it's none of those. This woke/ cancel culture is literally ruining the entertainment industry.
  • jordanjmn8 March 2020
    Rests a little heavy on one joke but Lil Dicky does a great job. I'm young and personally don't enjoy rap but watching this feels like watching a sitcom actually intended for someone in their 20s and 30s which is nice. Not whitewashed or censored, and I think it has potential
  • Season 1 was great, I really enjoyed it. Season 2 was terrible, I barely laughed. It was cringe, gross and boring.
  • Its looking like the pressure. Got to them. Season 1 was great. Literally every episode is good. The second season has been garbage. But I suppose its been consistent. 4 episodes and not one. That feels like season 1. Not one episode thats funny. Almost half over with the season. I cant believe theyve done such a horrid job. Like having a X nomination. Then year 2 you dont even register to exist. The writing has been awful. The subjects have been awful. Everything good about Dave. Has been stripped away. To a terrible show. This show should just be named alley. Which honestly was the only weak spot. IMO from season one. Thought season 2 was going to be amazing. Mainy hope they get it together. I really liked this show. Even Els is suddenly a jerk 24/7 now. Went from a tight team. To every man for them selves. Hate the new premise. Actively ruining it!
  • I went on IMBD in a search for a new comedy series to watch and I found this show.The reviews where amazing

    "Haven't Laughed At Loud In My Whole Life"


    All 10.0 users reviews and an Overall Rating with 8.4 it had to be good.Same overall rating as The Office (U.K).

    I watched the show and I just didn't laughed.Why do people find funny a guy saying who weird his pp is.It's Not Funny at all.There Are A 1000 better shows than this.Annoying Lead Character.Cliche Girlfriend and Friends.Please don't watch this show.This Show is a TV-MA for 12 year old pimps.
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