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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Unfortunately, I watched this movie because of the User Reviews and this has prompted me to submit my own review for the first time. I was worried from the opening scene which was filmed in such an awkward way. The suspect actors delivering poorly scripted lines in a poor manner was far too common and the ending was was forced and ended up as silly with many things left unexplained. I only gave it as high as a 4 because there was an element of cheesiness that provided enough interest to at least view the movie until the end. For those that can't appreciate the entertainment of not so good films, this definitely isn't for you at all.
  • More propaganda to make people believe the opioid hysteria. Why not make a movie that shows one of the 116 million (36%) Americans were were forced off of their medication because less than 1% abused their medications due to addiction. This misinformation is why so many are suffering. If you buy into this hype and actually believe the garbage the CDC is putting out I implore you to look a little deeper. Horrible movie that is very damaging to the chronic pain community. Shame on them.
  • Entertaining but awful acting and several holes in the plot.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie wasn't that good and I don't understand the 10 star rating would have been best suited if this movie was in Spanish ..almost like watching an English film that was meant to be in Spanish...I gave it a 4 star though for suspense
  • MichaelBerthold10 April 2020
    Nice job all !! Easy to follow and well written. The ending was not expected... exciting and suspenseful. Cant wait to see what the future holds from this young production company.
  • annemack-894188 April 2020
    Found this while looking for something to stream. Very entertaining. Stellar cast. Kept me guessing until the end.
  • This was actually a great film. Small corrupt town, evil doctor, intriguing twist. Demi Castro does a believable job making us hate him. Ana Alexander is smart and beautiful. William Mark McCullough is amazing as the sheriff and Dave Mackey does creepy well. Rounding out the cast is Chelsea Talmadge from Strange Things whose performance is on point and newcomer Tyler Refer as the Doctor's Son and the high school bad boy.
  • Hler8 April 2020
    Just watched last night. Really enjoyed this film. Suspenseful with great acting! Better then most indie films I've seen lately!
  • I have seen a lot of movies on Lifetime and this movie surpasses anything I have seen. The acting and writing are fantastic. Great addition to Lifetime movies!
  • sue-9869424 April 2020
    I watched the movie yesterday, it was amazing. I truly believe teenagers and parents need to see it and I think watching it together is a real plus. I loved the ending!!
  • Murder RX is a thriller, as well as a touching story. The film gives a heart breaking perspective on today's current opioid drug problem. Along with a mother and daughter relationship that anyone who has a teenager can relate to. Throw in a creepy town and a mysterious death. Film keeps you guessing from beginning to end. Great film would highly recommend.
  • aburkewv27 October 2020
    This is the worst acting. What was the deal with all the candles?
  • The acting is so bad it could be a comedy! But not all the blame should be on the acting the directing, production right down to the sound.. of a echoing voices ect... just awful! I do appreciate they're trying to address opioid issues in small towns but this was really terrible! Only watched because I couldn't sleep and kind of fascinated with how bad is.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film start with a girl "Becca Thomas" running away from a man chasing her out of the car, and an unknown person pouring out some drug scene! As turnout, this film is about solving the mystery of the killing of Becca Thomas! Becca Thomas actually kill by mother of Gabe "Susan", who want to protect her drug dealer son, and over prescribe husband "James"! Entire film quite slow, and full of boring conversation! The overuse of the taking drug scene, also make the film unwatchable! Barely intense scene is, Detective Barnes shot dead Sheriff Tucker! At the end, Gabe killing Susan to save Diana! Lacey reconcile with her father at the very end! That's it! Another disappointed film!
  • marcin-8728 August 2020
    It really felt like Tommy Wiseau was behind it. I really hoped it would get better based on other reviews. People should stop trolling and You stop watching after the first awkward feeling in your gut that its gonna get me it wont.
  • Yeah its B movie, low budget. but some decent performance. but have many or some flaws which makes like wtf... but anyhow... good to watch