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  • It was as if a bunch of home-schooled special effects dropouts decided to make a movie but couldn't afford: actors, script writers, costumes, an editor, a director, a producer or even a decent computer - and decided to fill those roles themselves. Seriously the most enjoyable part was the credits, in which I'm shocked anyone wanted their name attributed.

    With over 500 - 10 star reviews it's abundantly clear that the makers of this movie have cheated the rating process and those rating should simply be removed so other's don't ruin their evenings with this utter tripe.
  • The alien was a total ripoff of the alien that tried to kill Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator. Maybe the borrowed the costume.

    One monster had the cheapest costume I have ever seen. It's as if it was a 5th grade class was putting on a play. I can't believe that in this day and age people STILL make movies that are this lousy. Doesn't anyone speak up and say "Hey, this is total crap, let's stop production after day 2 before we are all laughed at".

    This movie is rated 1. I would never watch it again and if the great Apocalypse was going to turn this earth into The Walking Dead I would burn this movies cd just so I know that no one tortured me with it.

    The acting was as if they called people on day one and shoved a script into their hands and told them to read. This entire movie was a flop.
  • TheGusK4 September 2018
    I often wonder how a whole cast be so terrible. Ya figure at least one would be passable at least... nope. Lame dialog, nonsensical plot, silly home computer graphics... enough said. Nothing here, move on.
  • Somebody's daddy had some money to spend on their kids hobby.

    This attempt-at-a-film was atrocious. It's not even a B-grade, but an F(fail)-grade movie. The opening scene with the little girl crying was the best part - good cinematography and camera work. Then all downhill so fast from there, I had to shut it off after 1/3rd in (20 mins), and even that's too long considering all the chances I gave this film to redeem itself.

    There was barely a story here, just a mishmash of long dragged out convoluted, useless and poorly edited and executed scenes. The annoying score... wow, what were they thinking? Then there was the worst dialogue and acting I have ever seen in a film.

    What was writer/director/producer Justin Price thinking? How can anyone with any film experience say "that's a wrap, looks great, let's get this out there"? He probably spent more on the fake ratings/reviews than into this production/

    Films like this need a new category: SMH. This was more comedy than sci-fi as I could not stop laughing and smh.

    I'm giving it a very generous 2/10 for the fairly decent cinematography and HD-SFX albeit cheesy (not for the lmao laser gun blasts), and for the effort in the costume department.

    This film should be a class-study on what to NOT do when making a film.
  • B-movie in modern wrapping, but lacks the humour of being aware that it actually is a B-movie. Sorrowfully aims at something it doesn't reach. If you enjoy crappy sfx and totally inexplicable fight sequences with little to no need relevance for the story (which story?) here's a film you'll enjoy.
  • stott-530565 September 2018
    Apart from taking the covering yourself in Mud from Predator, I feel sorry for the person who actually financed this piece of plain, unadulterated crap. It would not even make an more ratings as a TV movie. Perhaps if there was, "Nothing Else To Watch on TV!". You would be far better watching to adverts, at least they have more entertainment. Giving a 1 Star rating, is being really generous, and Yes!, I did watch all of it from beginning to end. All in All, I should have painted a wall, and watched the paint dry. I may have had more fun.
  • aadnitraat5 September 2018
    I also saw it was rated 8.2 so I got curious......well, curiousity killed the cat. Bad acting, bad effects,ah well.....there was nothing good about this movie. Wast of time.
  • Firstly....I think User ayushkumar222111 should be banned from IMDB for the blantantly misleading review they submitted. Disgraceful.

    Just when you think you have seen the worst movie ever....THIS comes along. It is by far the worst movie ever made. The acting...non-existent The script...Beyond bad The FX... Could not be worse The Continuity....What continuity??

    There really should be a mental health warning with this movie.
  • OMG, Crap movie with worst acting and direction. Is there any option to rate Negative 10 to this junk movie?
  • kdws34 September 2018
    When i first checked the movie here it was rated 8.2 which was ridiculous because judging it's quality from the pictures only looked like rate 3 type of movie. I only saw 5 minutes of it so it wouldn't be fair to rate it based on that but since they inflated it's rating to begin with i'm gonna give it a 2! which is where is gonna end up anyway.
  • This is only to warn people with taste. This is a third rate, low budget, bad acting, horrible effects, bad camera scenes, bad script disaster. Even the trailer is c... . Looking at the wall for hour and a half is more fun than this. 6.2 rating is from paid voters or they have many friends who voted for this.
  • Being a friend to one of the cast members gave me drive to see where things were going for him. I wasn't surprised by the budget of this movie. Yet it was nice to see things are moving for him. The movie as a whole was a 90s power ranger feel to it. Wasn't interested at all to continue watching. Terrible film, save your money for better development and screening.
  • pubquiz4 September 2018
    Theres better acting and sets in cell block h -10 out of 10
  • I have a pretty big grey area when it comes to rating sci-fi movies, as I know it can be a difficult genre to work in with many critics. That being said I really don't understand how this particular movie gets an IMDb rating anywhere over 2.

    The acting is terrible. Plain and simple. That is taking into account the fact that there is a lot of monologue instead of dialogue. Unnecessary monologue with just long shots of blank expressions as a result that is supposed to mean... something? If emotion was intended, it was not acted out.

    Script... What script? The entire movie seems to be a string of individually shot scenes with very little, if any, overarching story or progression.

    Visual effects would be a low budget type if this movie was shot in the 90s. But this is 2018 people -- come on!

    I'm pretty sure this "production" wouldn't even pass as an art/media academy student project. How anyone git it pushed through into an actual movie production is completely beyond me. I'd give it a 0/10 if I could, but a 1/10 will have to do.
  • cuno-336639 September 2018
    It was like a 1970's movie with the so called special effects and I had to turn it off about 20 minutes from the end as it was that bad .
  • bforbrett9 September 2018
    Films like this make me wonder how funding for such is obtained and how the IMDB ratings are earned. I couldn't get past the 10 minute mark before switching it off.
  • derekjohnson-brown5 September 2018
    Horrible CGI if thats what it was. No real story line based on the Dawnseeker. It was a really poor mans Predator. Acting was like the FB group Dumb Ass Martial arts.
  • kegyusadi5 September 2018
    Seriously, even the poster is just a blatant copy paste of other works (starcraft 2 battlecruiser for example). Instead of paying money for it, someone should just collect all the materials they stole from different surces, and notify them to sue the "creators" of this abomination.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Everything is so unprofessional. jeez/ The rating should be around 2-3/10
  • sampah709 September 2018
    This movie is utterly amateurish, how can nobody tried to stop this crap to be released?

    One of the most stupid editing I've ever seen, is that scene after opening title (about minutes 8.5): You'll see a space station with stars/galaxies and a moon/planet in the background.

    When the camera panning to the side, those supposedly stars/glaxies (they're emitting light so definitely not rocks or asteroids) floating IN FRONT of the moon... what the crap?
  • Simply a waste, flush it in toilet. I saw 8 start's somewhere was that a paid stars ?
  • The special effects are ridiculous. Not realistic, and could have been done better 30 years ago (maybe longer). The acting is sub-par. Did I mention it looks like a middle school project shot in the woods behind my house? They tried to make it like Predator, but Sharknado was probably more like Predator than this movie. If you want to spend some time, you are probably better off taking a nap instead of watching this movie. Wow. What a bad movie. Awful. I think I'm going 1 star instead of 2 after this review.
  • seanfrancisdawes6 September 2018
    How on earth did this get an 8.2 rating? It is really poor!
  • zmmetz4 September 2018
    A complete waste of time. A BAD, BAD movie. How it got any good reviews I will never know.
  • I don't know where to start not that anyone can make a movie, this goes to show you everyone is. in this case they shouldn't from ridiculous special effects to extremely poor acting to just a suck fest. Don't waist your time no spoilers here unless telling you it sucks is a spoiler.
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