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  • CIA Agents D. T. Gagano (Daniel Tadesse) and Palmer Eldritch (Agustin Mateo) are given the assignment of entering the agency's operating system to find and destroy a computer virus that is taking over. The task isn't as straightforward as it would seem, because in addition to the Soviet-Leader-Masked virus there's a Substance, which induces all sorts of hallucinations in its users. Bring in the leader of Beta-Ethiopia, Batfro (Solomon Tashe), and a man who might be Jesus and might be Roy (Guillermo Llanso), and things get complicated really, really fast....

    There isn't really a way to describe this film, which could be equally considered science fiction, romance, comedy, thriller, Afro-Futurism and super-psychedelic trip, depending on one's perspective at the moment. Clocking in at a fast 83 minutes, it's exactly the kind of film to see with Montreal's Fantasia Festival audience, people who love genre and love gonzo and most of all, love movies. Director Miguel Llanso's earlier film, "Crumbs," also played at Fantasia, though I must say that I didn't really understand it; despite my description above, "Jesus Shows You...." is much more coherent - and hilarious. And a great stomping shaggy dog's tale to boot!
  • xiucutil31 August 2019
    Definitely one of the best movies of the year, an authentic display of science fiction, thriller, noir and laughs all wrapped in the most absolute absurdism. Jiminy!!
  • provencal22 July 2019
    It's like a mix of Wes Anderson's aesthetic, but in a dream. It's like if Napoleon Dynamite made a film about a spy. I liked the story. It's like a very weird "The Matrix".
  • Two years ago I came across a Kickstarter for this film. The campaign described the film as...

    "A new Afrofuturist Sci-Fi! A WTF thriller! A final punch against global corruption! An underground James Bond! Far beyond The Matrix!"

    The sizzle real looked fun so I jumped in as a backer.

    Having just finished watching this film for the third time, let me say, this movie does NOT disappoint. Filmed in Ethiopia, Estonia, and Spain, this movie is a twisting, surreal journey that is experienced more than simply watched. It is not a glossy, overproduced Hollywood creation, it is a dreamlike spy film with an unlikely cast of characters and is just....

    Well, you need to experience for yourself. Go in with the understanding that it is unlike anything you are likely to have seen before. Know that this is art-house cinema at its finest. An INDEPENDENT, underground film shot internationally that builds on themes from James Bond and the Matrix to deliver a scathing satire of popular culture. All of this, wrapped up in an entertaining, visually hypnotic, package.

    If Oliver Stone and David Lynch were physically merged into a single, tormented mass of psychotropic flesh - this is the movie such a being would create.
  • donnellymatt4 January 2020
    This thing is pure entertainment, through and through. Anyone rating it less than 7.5 is a half-witted soup-head with poor taste.

    2015's "Crumbs" introduced me to the director, another incredible film, and I waited patiently for this to arrive in 2019. It's totally absurd and utilizes all sorts of different styles, both visually and narratively. An abstract, slap-stick, espionage, thriller-comedy, exploitation stop-motion nightmare of pure cinematic bliss. Watch it as soon as you have the opportunity!