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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Good-girl knocks-out bad-boy but DOESN'T take his gun which, naturally, the bad-guy who wasn't knocked-out (shock/horror !) then retrieves the gun - bad-guy goes to shoot good-girl but she goes down shot BEFORE the gun is fired (again - shock/horror !) . Then, for some unfathomable reason, the bad-guy decides to STRANGLE the good-girl - DESPITE having a perfectly good, working gun to the side of him ??!!.

    Yet another movie where the movie-makers utter contempt for the viewing public is very obvious !
  • This lifetime movie was actually pretty good. If you watch the trailer though, it pretty much gives the entire film away. Other than that, it was a nice revenge thriller. I really like Nicky Whelan, so I'll watch whatever she plays in, but the rest of the cast did a good job as well.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Murders in Suburbia" (a.k.a., "Secrets at the Lake") raises an essential moral dilemma. Three teenagers were driving intoxicated when their vehicle swerved out of the lane, resulting in a crash that took the lives of three people. The kids then left the scene of the accident and never reported it.

    Now, one year later, they meet at the Whispering Pines crash site and make a pact to remain silent. The oath is that their secret will "stay at the lake." The ethical question is whether or not all three of them will keep their agreement.

    The drama unfolds with the threesome experiencing varied pangs of conscience. Rick, who was the driver, feels the least guilty and urges the others to keep their vows. For his part, Jared, a star rower on the crew team, is nearly ready to confess when he is suddenly murdered. Katie, who was asleep in the back seat at the time, nonetheless comes extremely close to telling her mother the truth.

    The most intriguing relationship in the film was that of Megan Meyers, the widow who lost both her husband and her two children in the crash, and Amy Pruitt, the mother of Katie, who had no idea that her daughter and friends had been responsible for the crash. It is the empathy shown by Amy to Megan that is most moving in the film, leading to the bonding of the two women.

    The film was well-scripted, but it was also exceptionally well performed by the cast. The young actors conveyed with great credibility the interior struggle of their characters. And the depth of feeling between Amy and Megan was especially moving. Amy, who had lost her husband to cancer, was able to see clearly the fragile psyche of Megan, who was still in the throes of bereavement.

    This was a film of quiet intensity, as opposed to lurid action or melodrama. For discriminating audience members, it even merits more than one viewing.
  • phd_travel25 January 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    This cleverly written complicated by LMN standards thriller is better than I Know What You Did Last Summer. The ending is well done with the a feel good twist. The cast is nice to look at. Nikki Whelan is pretty as the mother and Anna Hutchinson is effective as the distraught woman who lost her family. Trevor Stines is good as the guy who causes the accident.
  • shainanm23 January 2020
    I thought it was a good movie and actually had a good ending the way the real truth was revealed. And what made it so much better was Nicky Whelan was in it. I love her and she's such a naturally gracefully and stunning Australian breathtaking and captivating with her striking unique beautiful features(bright blue eyes,hair,lips,jawline,her voice,smile,body language,style etc....). And also I loved Anna Hutchison from Spartacus...that is serious one of the best series in tv history and I have watched the series in full so many times...and I wish she was in more than just the last season. So sometimes it's not just the writing but having the right combination of actors like both Nicky and Anna in this movie made is more likeable. I just don't like how Allie Deberry played Nicky's daughter since they are so close in age and would have been more realistic if they played sisters instead. But still a great cast which I loved about this movie!
  • Shainanm seems to be a bit of a Nicky stalker... bit weird but have to agree it's a good little film!! I'm not going to blab on about the actors looks like some have, but worth a watch!!!!!!
  • ioanbutariu19 December 2020
    Not bad. No, it's awful. Waste of time. How many movies will still be made having this plot? If you're really into B movies, i guess you are at the right place.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Secrets at the Lake. First of all, why does Lifetime always have movies with two titles? Murder in the Suburbs is the other one. Slow moving and I was bored but stuck it out since I love seeing all the countless drug commercials. I didn't notice a twist ending. I guess I guessed it early on. The worst was after the idiot kid got hit with the stick and was down, the women had to hurry and tip toe away so as not to wake him. How stooooopid! They deserved to get shot for being imbeciles.
  • Pretty bad movie, with bad lighting, sound, and confusing shot/edit choices... but oddly kept me watching thanks to the 3 gorgeous blondes, Nikki, Anna, and Alexandria.

    Alexandria is an up and comer I am going to watch out for, but a little mis-casting an actual 25 year old to play 17.
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  • halloweenh2719 July 2020
    This movie was better than most movies out today. It's I Know What You Did Last Summer, but with a better story and acting. The twist ending even caught me off guard !

    There are a few unexplained moments though that were thrown in as a red herring, that really made no sense.
  • It was good by LFM standards and I'll watch anything with Alexandria DeBerry in it. Here she was giving an exhibition on different ways to braid her magnificent hair. The top 3 female leads were good in this one.