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  • Digital Playground quietly merged with Brazzers nearly 8 years ago, and this stinker of a 4-part series on DVD has Brazzers' house director Brett Brando delivering an amateurish result -just an uninteresting ripoff of "The Punisher".

    What infuriated me the most, beyond the incessant overacting, terrible FX representing exploding blood/gore (pink blood yet) and uninteresting scenes was the threadbare budget. Rarely has a porn feature with aspirations to include action-movie content beyond the sex been so poorly staged. I daresay the budget for Digital Playground's all-time blockbuster "Pirates: Stagnetti's Revenge", shot a decade earlier was 100 or 200 times that of this baby.

    Johnny Castle is cast in the title role, hell-bent on avenging his wife's death at the hands of evil industrialist Evan Stone. We get to see the dead spouse in an erotic dream sequence featuring Skylar Snow in the role, not very impressive but at least doling out a Minimum Daily Requirement of porn content to hungry Dig. Playground fans.

    Picture spirals downhill from there, as Johnny teams up with a reporter friend Cara (played by Dolly Leigh) and even gets Stone's underling Dana DeArmond to turn against her boss. Action and shoot-out scenes are executed on the level of a 1950s amateur short film by Don Glut. And two directors are credited for that -Brando and a who-he named Mello Jackson.

    We get to see the revamped Dana DeArmond with a new haircut and huge boobs, not the all-time great of yesteryear. She recites her dialog as if in protest, and suffers through a couple of sex scenes before saving the day with some CGI pink blood instead of good-old Peckinpah exploding bloodpacks (it's cheaper that way).

    For porn fans the casting is exceptionally bad, as all three ladies are unattractive -this coming from a Dana fan, but a fan of her original look, not what she's become. (And I'm not a hater: many a porn diva of yesteryear has managed to come back with a great look, check out Briana Banks or Katie Morgan as current prime examples.)

    This junk is designed for website use in this streaming era, and the poorly edited DVD makes one sit through identical credits sequences 8 or 10 times, to cover four scenes = episodes.