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  • This compilation by Sascha Alexander demonstrates his interesting filmmaking technique, presenting a 43-minute orgy sequence starring Sarah that previously was part of an overall story-film, and edited to fit that format.

    He is able to get double-duty out of his shoots - presenting feature films like The Young One series, and then brilliantly anticipating the more recent audience preference for unedited, lengthy & continuous sex vignettes, delivering the footage intact in secondary releases like this one, without the cross-cutting and concise presentation of a feature film.

    Sarah shines in this group-sex scene as the center of attention, a new hire (actually tryout) at a posh French brothel, who quickly gets going with d.p.'s and lesbian sex that stands out from the crowd, including Richard Lengin and American import Don Fernando.

    Two other vignettes fill out the DVD: Sarah directing a porn scene, giving instructions to Tabitha Cash before the petite star humps away in a threesome including Nick East; and finally a relatively brief sex scene of T.T. Boy as a porn model, posing for stills with a Euro blonde, and then engaging in a threesome including the photographer.