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  • shweta-9815919 July 2018
    I have watched both the episodes, and it is so refreshing to watch such series after a long time, It would remind you of your childhood vacation, first crush, friends etc. waiting for another episodes .
  • I binged watched all the episodes. I literally had tears in my eyes after watching the last episode. TVF has raised the benchmark. Everything is upto point be it Direction, Music, Casting, Acting, Location, Props everything. They have taken care and made the set look exactly like 90's. Be it the doors of the house or be it the electric buttons, be it currency notes everthing they have taken care of. They have even taken care of the water bottle which was used by the kids in 90's.

    Direction and writing is just amazing. And the background music and songs they just get stuck in your mind, be it the title song or be it other songs. Just went back to my childhood with lots of nostalgic feelings. Keep making series like this TVF..!!!
  • I thought TVF was pretty much dead and focusing on the The Screen Patti more rather than the parent channel. But I was wrong and cant be more happy to be worng. Ye Meri Family was a fresh breath of air on this channel with a super amzing cast and brings you so much nostalgia from the 90s . It also reminds me about how I felt when I left my family to pursue my highe education. It ends with a bang and leaves me with all the 90s , some tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face and in my heart. I am so happy that I watched it . Thank You a ton TVF.
  • vicky3121 July 2018
    Clever Smart Emotional Nostalgic!! It is too good! The best series from TVF !

    Sameer Saxena and Saurabh khurana have done a Mind blowing job!

    You cant miss this!
  • One of the best from TVF. You have done some awesome work here TVF. A story to which everyone can relate. It made me remember the good old days. And the ending was so good , it made me emotional. This is just the one you can't ignore. Go watch it guys.
  • From the first episode you get nostalgia of 90s. And then you start connecting with the show. With each episode their family somehow reminds you yours. Tvf is again back with top notch show content wise. They should start monetize their shows. It high time because if we want top content and feed up with TV sets and then stop ranting and then we could subscribe them .
  • praveendps20 July 2018
    Best story.. line up.... Amazing web series from TVF after permanent roommates.
  • Just when i thought that TVF is done and no good shows will be coming out of it, I saw the promo of this show and it made my opinion certain to see a show built on such a cliche topic.

    Then one fine day just to have something while breakfast i started the first episode on youtube and the next thing i know that it's 5 pm and I've completed whole season !!

    my advice : start watching it only if you have consecutive 3-5 hrs of time.
  • It is like replica of our generation's life(90's). You will appreciate more if you are from 90's. and if you are not still you will enjoy this series a lot. must watch. just watch first episode. it's on YouTube. i bet you. you will binge watch it.
  • Remember The Days When You Were A Kid. The 90's Childhood Was The Best Part Of Our Life. This Web Series Will Surely Entertain You If You Were Also A 90's kid. No Overacting, No Fiction. Tells The Truth About The Childhood Of 90's Kids.
  • The best web series that India has ever produced.. TVF is definitely the NetFlix of India
  • I love the honesty, simplicity, truthfulness, & sabse jyada relatablity!! I rated this show on the basis of first two episodes but i can rate this 100/10 if there's option after watching all episodes!!
  • For all the people who were born in late 80s or early 90s this is a must watch. It will make you miss your childhood a little bit more than you already do. They have gotten all the bits which will make you take a trip down the memory lane. The feeling of nostalgia will take over and you will definitely cherish memories of the simpler times. The acting is terrific. The plot of each episode is well thought. The father-son, brother-brother, mother-daughter, brother-sister, mother-son moments make you think of your own childhood days. The crush, the bestfriend, the grumpy tuition teacher, all the parts are well played. In my opinion the show creators have just nailed the childhood of a 90s kid in this seven series episode.
  • The serial buys its essence from the conservative family culture of 90s and represents the way of life from the eyes of a growing teenager and his ideas,realizations and bonding with each other. It shines with the brimming creativity of directors as they make the family so relatable that one and everyone can relate something to the show and its characters. The show is filled with ebullience and is a definitive must watch for nostalgia and TVF brought back the quality content like Pitchers once again. Cheers!
  • I watched it after reading a tweet about it. Then when I was in the second episode a friend recommended it to me just the moment I was about to recommend the same to her. Just like telepathy. I knew this adorable story of a 12 year old Harshu and his family in The Summer of '98 was very special one. Being a 90's kid, I could relate to each and every detail here. The siblings' fights was so exactly similar down to the very argument on who had to bring the clothes from the terrace and fill up the bottles with water and put them in the fridge. I could relate to the fact that as kids we all think our parents are so not cool till that moment when we realize otherwise. Planning with friends, being the obedient one when parents fight, and sneaking around the kitchen to find something to eat- this web series took me back to my childhood and relive it all. It brought a smile to my face and that smile stayed there for the entire 35 minute long episode. Sometimes I cried overwhelmed by the immense nostalgic moments and endearing scenes. This 7 episode series has found a place in my heart. I would recommend it to everyone who have lived in the 90s. We live life in retrospect and nostalgia. This one offers lots of that. I sincerely hope that there is a Season 2 to this amazing series. Mona Singh as the mother was my ultimate favorite among the cast. Mostly because I could almost see my mother in her character- easily venting her frustration and anger, easily shouting at whoever is in the scene and then also easily breaking down when it all gets too much to handle. She was so adorable in the saree and that messy bun mothers have while making aloo tikkis and halwas. Love personified.
  • Finest work by the team. Deserve 10 for giving the old memories back in a very beautiful screenplay. Way to go release season 2.
  • Amazing characters all are best . Must watch don't forget. Thanks tvf
  • It will refresh your memories of childhood if you are born in 80s or 90s. A great blend fight and love that we encountered during our childhood with our elder brother. Sweet memories :)
  • This show is like diving into a sea of 90s and taking out every pearl of that time. Summer holidays which was really a festival at that time as study pressure got zero. The show explained the bonding of a family in a quite unique way. I can assure you, you will not only watching the episodes but also reliving the memories.Comics and Shaktimaan forever.
  • One of the best directed, scripted, and acted series in a long while. It touches on the rather ignored emotional aspect which is mightily prominent for the kids' psyche. Beautifully realistic representation of the family dynamics and the tween dilemmas. Would wholeheartedly recommend to any 90's kid.
  • kumarun-2967622 July 2018
    Great yet simple writing. Smooth direction. A collage of relatable memories propped upon funny dialogues. Supported with great music and sprinkled with nostalgia of 90s.

    The series is not merely a nostalgic trip but also a great story of family bonding and relationship. Every episode is dedicated to one particular relationship and handled with great care: capturing every nuance.

    A masterpiece!!
  • Just finished watching Yeh meri Family... Hats off to TVF... Each one of your series is a gem, a masterpiece.. Yeh meri Family is probably one of the best Indian web series out there..Each and every dialogue is relatable.. It gives you nostalgasm each and every minute And being a 90's kid its been a wonderful and an emotional (read: extremely emotional) ride for me.. I'm just out of words and probably out of emotions to explain how good these show is..Well it's not only a tv show.. It's a ride, a nostalgic ride which plays with your emotions.. Well, i'll not recommended this tv show to you, I ORDER you to watch this series...Believe me.. It's that good
  • This is one of best bcoz u can relate to every moment in this series. In this series there is no acting its like natural thing. Loved it
  • deveshgupta3023 July 2018
    This Webseries is a must watch!

    It's the perfect Indian Webseries which will take you to a journey to your childhood!

    Nostalgia alert!!! You may want to go back to your childhood!!!
  • Direction:

    TVF's the most lovable director Sameer Saxena gave great TV series e.g. Tripling and Permanent Roommates. His target audience was always Urban Youth. However this time he changed the track and go for family drama based on 90s. Execution was so touchy that you can feel the fragrance of 90s in these 7 episodes. If you are born in era of 80-90, you will definitely feel nostalgic after watch each and every episode.


    Every one is the performer in this TV series. Vishesh Bansal aka Harshu is the hero , villain and entertainer of this series. Now come to second most important character of this series. Undoubtedly Prasad Reddy aka Shanky stand on this position as his performance remind you pairing of Jai- Viru from Sholay (1975 hindi movie) or Kundan- Murari from Raanjhanaa (2013 movie). Shanky delivered dialogue as Preacher. Now come to Mona Singh (actor) the Ultimate Mummy for whole Gupta family. Akarsh Khurana has played super and cool dad. Ahan Nirban aka Dabbu has played his role according to nick name "Dabbu" , one ideal boy of family. Ruhi Khan aka Dhwani was cute and adorable. Revathi Pillai aka Vidhya can be crush of any 90s boy. Brij Bhushan Shukla showcase Sanskars in his acting.


    Story-line of this show proved that Summer vacation is the festival of emotions, entertainment and family drama. Great research work to create the environment of 90s. It is really great inclusion of old things e.g. Comics, Cards, Milk shake with Rooh-Afza, Throwing milk into basin,Fashion TV and many other endless things which create connection with audience. All credit to goes to Saurabh Khanna for his writing skill.


    Any show or movie based on good writing and dialogue. Good thing about this TV series is that you will have witty dialogue which showcase witty writing.e.g. "Papa 500 rupey jab de tab 100 rupey return kar dena. Papa 100 rupey vapas lege nahi aur Responsible behavior bhi show ho jayega"

    Translate(" Return 100 rs to father when he offer 500 rs to you. First thing father will not take back 100 rs and it will show your Responsible behavior")


    Title track was really impressive one and give boost to the TV series. Birthday song was cool one.

    Last words:

    After watching this season 1, you will ask me why i have given 4.75 stars, not 5 stars. My question to TVF why only 7 episodes? I need uninterrupted supply of this family show to my entire life.
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