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  • Show is great. I am pretty sure he did not watch the whole show. Is anti-rasist and funny. Do not judge book by its cover.You are "blbec ty vole"
  • v-562893 May 2020
    There are couple of funny scenes... but mainly, the show aims to target racism and stereotypes in a supportive way, which brings more audience, than confronting these stereotypes.. (especially in a culture, where many people still retain some kind of hatred, even without not necessarily having own experience..) ..

    the humor is mostly primitive. Seemingly fit for low class pub idler, who screwed up their life already and want to see they are not alone... a spy-like mum not allowing her son going to a good school.. a father, who is a total looser, all of his friends are looser alike... that are the kind of "heroes" in this show..

    I think a person, who haven't lived in the Czech Republic would find it boring.. For those who did, some funny moments can be found.. but according to me, the high rating is mostly biased, because the show supports racism, and people who do support it as well (even if secretly) will watch it and love it. On the contrary, people who don't will not continue watch the show at the first place, hence likely not to give a rating...