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  • Its a cool story, it keeps things interesting. It kind of had a pretty little liars feel.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Watching this I was constantly questioning stupid things that distracted me from the show:

    • Violet has a disgusting, protruding thing on her back that oozes some liquid yet she gets to use her tees inside her jeans or tight clothes as if her back was totally ok.

    • Didn't Mackenna see the missing call from Isaac before he's attacked? She never mentions that...

    • Why didn't Trey and Harry never mention to Mackenna that she's being spied through her laptop? Why did they acknowledge this after Violet tells Alex to open the laptop before going to the cabin?

    • Why didn't they realize something's wrong with Candace's treatment sooner if her mother tells Alex that the place was recommended by Violet. Wouldn't that be a huge red flag?

    • Did Trey handed Harry's bloodied phone to the Police?
  • matheu-lex2 December 2018
    The plot is great, very similar to Final Destination... but the fact of playing a "Scary Game" is a plus... this Hulu series has a lot of potential. I didn't like the ending of the season! I don't know and I haven't read if there's going to be another one, but the potential it has could make it loooong series just like Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girls. I really wished the season Finale would have Been more interesting or something breathtaking, but no...
  • rachellmccarthy13 October 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show is so frustrating with how people don't communicate and everyone just believes this chick violet??? I'm trying to finish it but ugh I don't know if I can! Also spoiler: when doing CPR you don't stop after doing a very short cycle of only 3 times??? You keep going until paramedics get there! and where's the AED even in water situations you can put an AED on a person to help jumpstart there heart! Such a bad representation of CPR!
  • If you like pretty little liars, scream (MTV series), or riverdale, then you'll really like this. Very intriguing. I like how all of the pieces start coming together; it really engages the viewer.
  • It's exactly what you'd expect but it's entertaining to say the least. The "young Hollywood" cast does not dissapoint, however the writing could be better. Only two episodes in but will probably binge the rest today.
  • efallz29 October 2018
    Binged watched the show today. It was quite frustrating, predictable to watch and the acting is very poor. It's just bad. I'd say this show would be alright for teenagers. Ages 15 to 19.
  • jrbaker-2802815 October 2018
    You'd think that with the money hulu makes that the production and acting would be a whole of a hell lot better. Very predictable and just irritating.
  • The episodes are short, but they go quickly and held my attention through the entire season. Started and finished them all in one sitting. A pretty good show, I am interested to see where it goes if there's a second season.
  • lauradudley0924 October 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is definitely for a younger age group. The actresses and actors played their parts well but the storyline is awful. It's a alien/parasite/something from the darkness/supernatural....... slug? That feeds on your soul? And this somehow has something to do with an old slumber party game.....It's honestly stupid but this isn't due anyones ability to play the part.
  • Bored as hell I tried binge-watching this series and managed to get halfway episode 3, toes curled and on my face growing disbelieve. Maybe doable if you are a teenager and/or have no standards for things like quality screenplay or acting.
  • I enjoyed this show. The plot was good as were most of the character actors. There were a couple scenes that felt childish, but over all a good show that pulled me in from the start and had me watching the whole season in two days.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show I think has an interesting plot and violet plays a very good creepy girl in the first few episodes. I still haven't finished the show but I don't think I will.. I just find myself cringing at most of the acting and how stupid the characters all seem. When Alex was fake choking candice was just very calm and didn't even make a face while performing the heimlic on her. And macs mom feels very late when delivering her lines. It's not a terrible idea the whole knowing how they die and then their lives living up to it, it's just done in a very bad way.
  • dankie-8638814 October 2018
    This series gives me 90's movie "The Craft" vibes. THEY ALSO DID LIGHT AS A FEATHER, STIFF AS A BOARD.. I LOVE IT, GREAT STORYLINE, I WISH IT WAS LONGER THAN 30 minutes, & more than 10 episodes I HOPE THE WRITERS GIVES US MORE...
  • farrellanna3313 October 2018
    I'm not a huge fan of scary anything but this was watchable and super interesting. The story development is slow paced but crucial to understanding the story. Love Liana Liberato! Makes the show so much better with her in it.
  • gc-1736512 October 2018
    Unless you are in the 16-20 age demographic then this series has nothing for you A sprinkling of horror (very loosely used term) amongst teenagers in school

    Should be re-categorised as a drama with a very small sideline of supernatural - why are you kissing my boyfriend, why are you spreading gossip, ooh that jock is gorgeous kinda rubbish dialogue and some obligatory lesbian love as is the case for these millenial dramas
  • I am really enjoying this show at the moment of watching it (season 2 ep 7). However, the reason behind the 7 instead of a higher rating is the acting. It isn't terrible by any means but there are moments where some actors were on screen and I couldn't get into due to their performance but maybe that's just me. But I do love the plot and how it's seemingly unfolding. Not a bad watch for a horror fan.
  • oseholic15 October 2018
    I had really low expectations, I expected it to be a boring horror flick filled with rebellious teens, BUT THIS IS THE REAL DEAL. Y'all need to watch this.
  • kaylasalyers24 April 2020
    Love this show , watched both seasons in the past two days , please let there be a 3rd season!
  • First 3 episodes were intriquing and mysterious but after that it feels foced and drags on .Acting is not good but what can they do the plot gets dumper and dumper.At the end is just teenage romance thriller...ish.
  • This is the type of movie you'd like if you're a preteen. It's incredibly corny and the acting is not the best. Also, maybe a former Viner / Instagram comedian shouldn't have been casted. AKA Brent Rivera. It had potential but a lot of the dialogue just makes me want to scream at the tv and the plot honestly just doesn't make sense a lot of the time. The only reason I gave it a shot was because I had nothing better to watch, but turns out there are much better things to click on instead rather than this show :)
  • chanin-546166 August 2019
    It's like final destination meets the craft meets pretty little liars. With cheesy dialogue that doesn't even give the acting a chance to be good. That being said, even though it's cheesy and not very good, it's like a train wreck I can't stop watching. But with 10 twenty minute long episodes in the first season it makes for a quick binge. But nothing really makes sense, and all the characters are really stupid and are constantly making stupid decisions that are so beyond frustrating.
  • Okay, in the beginning it was interesting and I just wanted to know more... but then halfway through the series, it just got really frustrating. You know how in horror movies, you're screaming at the characters for being stupid or doing something stupid? Well that's what I began doing. The character's actions (in my opinion) began to get cliche horror movie stupid! Seriously? You couldn't find any other way to advance the story?

    This show is nothing new... just another cliche teen horror/thriller whatever...
  • This one will be much more succinct. everything about this show sucks. on every level. there is no entertainment value here. only a fundamental failure to create compelling television.
  • I've only watched two episodes but so far this show has been entertaining and intriguing. Cant wait to watch the rest.
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