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  • An astonishing biographical drama about life of first female doctor of India Dr. Aandibai joshi and her courageous husband Gopalrao joshi. In the age of time where female education was big taboo in India they both fight to fulfill an impossible dream, breaking every misconception about education, religion and relationships.
  • Overall worth watching informative movie with all domains of complete cinema covered amazingly. Performance, script, music is heart-touching and Direction is well crafted to portray the Era before independence and journey of two individuals to complete each other's dream. @Lalit Prabhakar i.e. Gopalrao character is justified even though it's totally different from your original character. Loved your acting.
  • pinkyy-3309825 February 2019
    Combination of love , commitment, struggle, unity of family. A must watch movie for everyone, even non-maharastrians. And my request to release this movie in other languages too.
  • Movie is truly inspiritional. Very thoughtful and excellent. Every one in the movie gave their best. I think it is a movie which can change one's mindset. Anandi Gopal Joshi is true inspiration for those who give excuses. I believe if your dreams are true to you then you can give your best effort to achieve it.
  • The movie is a brave attempt to showcase the struggles of the couple from that era against the narrow minds of the society which are not entirely vanished even today. One must praise the leading man for his stand to go against the society and his determination towards women education. Overall the movie is good. Good character development, brilliant acting performances along with good narration as well. The movie educates you not only about the value of education and determination but also about the value of one's health.
  • jeetuvfx20 February 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Mind Blowing Story Superb story Mind Blowing Story Superb story
  • This movie was always on my wishlist but couldn't see it in theaters. Watched it on my TV with my wife. Movie is fantastic. Actors have done amazing job. I want to specially mention, director has done fantastic job. I loved it and it will always be in my collection of motivational & inspiring movies. A must recommend for all
  • androviks18 August 2019
    One. Of the bestest movie i ever watched in my life..

    Speechless inspiring story with great presentation on 70mm
  • One of the Best Real Life Story which has been beautifully depicted by the makers of this film. Just dont miss this one.
  • Best artwork, script, acting please see a movie one time