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  • You may love or hate Michael Moore's politics, but one thing is clear and that is that he makes good, entertaining documentaries. I guarantee that the vast majority of one star reviewers have not seen this movie. If you are firmly in Trumps party and think he's doing a "wonderful" job, yeah you probably won't like it. If you're anyone else definitely check it out.

    The beginning is a little painful reliving election night. From there the film disperses into all kinds of political events, all illustrating that it is up to the people to take control back. This movie is not at all focused on Trump though he does take him on. There is a particularly cringe inducing part where he focuses on his bizarre relationship with his daughter. Moore also disses the DNC and even Obama (who seems to have really deserved it in this case). This isn't really a spoiler..just putting it out there so you know that Moore is no Democratic stooge. He's for the people and I always find it amazing that there are tons of working class Republicans who HATE him and yet would benefit greatly if his ideas were implemented.

    To sum up, the movie is entertaining, very informative and above all very motivating! Loved it.
  • Once again Mr. Moore bravely brings to light how the rot and slime of the politically ambitious rise to the top with the help of myopic corporations and organizations. Bravo to Mr. Moore!

    There are no lies within this documentary.

    And the events that took place in Flint Michigan should unhinge the very soul of every citizen of this nation. And just maybe the efforts of the West Virginia teachers can offer a glimmer of hope in the darkness and blight that currently shrouds this nation.

    The denigrating reviews here on IMDB are the lies.
  • First off, its so obvious that many of the reviewers haven't even seen the film. One called it liberal propaganda. The movie spends just as much time attacking democrats - including Barack Obama, as it does Donald Trump and the Republican party. The reviewer that said it was "DNC Studios Biasedly Presents..." Again, couldn't have possibly seen it. 11/6 or 11/9. To that reviewer, the date is not in reference to upcoming elections, or even the election date of 2016. Its a reference to the date they called the election in favor of Trump (because it was like 2:30am when the election was called in his favor, the date was 11/9) And he is comparing Trump being elected as being an event as devastating for this country as the attack on 9/11 for those who did not get the title, hope that helps. Now for the actual film. This film does start off being about the 2016 election and quickly shifts focus to the Water crisis in Flint, Michigan, the school shooting in Parkland, FL, The West Virginia Teachers strike and several other recent events that are relevant and responsible for the state this country is in. Its not all about Trump, Michael Moore knew better than to do that. This film is important, urgent and needs to be viewed by every American citizen, but since so many have already drank the Kool-Aid it would probably have no affect on them. But anyone with a brain it could spark some serious, important discussions that we need to be having.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Moore doesn't pull any punches going after Trump, Bill and Hillary, the DNC, Republicans, and even Obama. It's heavy handed at times, but sometimes you have to be to get people to pay attention. Much of our current political climate is correctly blamed on the electoral college and spineless Third Way Dems, but we're left with a glimmer of hope. AOC and her ilk are a sign of good things to come. But it's the generation that didn't grow up in the shadow of 9/11, Gen Z , in Fahrenheit 11/9 that gives you a sense that things can actually change and maybe, just maybe fix this hell world.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Michael Moore looks rough here. The lessons of the last election weigh heavily on him and on the nation. The Russians are barely referenced - instead, Michael Moore gives us the working class views of the betrayal of all parties in addressing the needs of the average working American. Doing so, he opened my eyes personally to a lot of events I didn't even know occurred - such as Michigan Governor acceding to GM's request to provide clean water in Flint while continuing to deny that same clean water to the primarily black population of Flint, 100% of the children of whom now have irreversible lead poisoning. "It took a Governor of Michigan to achieve what no terrorist could - the poisoning of an entire town, " says Moore. What is coming up here again and again, in examples like Flint, is exactly how far Americans will allow the 1% to continue to ravage the earth, poison and starve children, over medicate adults with addictive substances, all in the name of greed. When history records this time, there will be no fence. Moral outrage is the only reasonable response to these violations. God help us all.
  • Very very poignant documentary. To watch and talk about

    We arrive at a time where we must unite as forces of good and create another world
  • rockman18224 September 2018
    I love a good Michael Moore documentary. Bowling for Columbine, Sicko, Where to Invade Next, and of course, Fahrenheit 9/11. When I first heard about this and how soon it was coming out I was very interested. As an American of course I heavily was invested in the political scene all throughout 2017-2018 and the madness prior and after the election. After seeing this film, I feel like it remained eye-opening, even with a lot of the information being common knowledge. I highly recommend this for everyone except maybe people who lean towards the right.

    The film explores the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. It also shows a brief glimpse of his history and what got him to that point. The film also goes to Flint, Michigan and their clean water crisis. The film also touches on gun violence and the recent Stoneman Douglas School shooting. Of course, this was expected as Michael Moore is an avid spokesperson against gun violence. There is a lot covered in this documentary and I think it breezed through because it engulfs, captivates, and even horrifies you from beginning to end.

    What I really liked about this film besides the deserved criticism of Trump is the fact that it also goes in and pokes at Bill Clinton and yes, even Barack Obama. It shows things that they did that make you scratch your head and think about the system we live in and how similar the parties really are. I found the portions about what Flint, Michigan was going through to be insane and enraging. Michael Moore is a master at jerking a reaction from the viewers and he does a darn good job of getting one here. The crowd in my theater broke into comments of rage and applause here and there.

    it was hard not to get some chills at some point. This is an important film all around, it just is. The countries climate is explained fairly well here and it still is a country divided. Its message of focusing the energy and fixing the issue is important, but where to start? I think this film somehow managed to exceed its expectations. Its worth a watch for everyone, I change what I said earlier everyone in the country should see it and form an opinion. The low reviews on IMDB already make me know people aren't watching it and bashing it prior to seeing it and giving it a chance.

  • The disappointment is to observe more people packing across the hall to see transformers rather than to watch this thought-provoking and well crafted documentary. If Americans are fatigued on our state of politics and checking out on Trump already.... we're in deep trouble!
  • goldenorange24 September 2018
    Everyone should go see this! Very honest piece of what is happening right now and inspiring to take action.
  • duderino5725 September 2018
    I've never posted a review before. I saw this film a couple hours ago. It's a typical Moore effort, minus the humor. He really blows up the BS in our modern society. His "feel good" bits trying to give us hope for a better future fall short. Pretty bleak. If you're looking for a rallying cry to action, it's not here. It's almost a eulogy for what might have been.
  • Last week, I saw an interview on CNN with Michael Moore and a few people from Flint. I remember hearing tidbits here and there about the water crisis a few years ago, so I was shocked at what I heard watching that interview. As a result, decided to see the movie this weekend with my dad and husband.

    First let me say, we are not cry-at-the-drop-of-a-hat kinda people. Sure, super soppy sad movies will get me occasionally, but this.. THIS was different.

    Each of us were most impacted by different parts, but we were all blown away.

    I don't care what your politics are, go see this movie. Some things aren't about left vs right. They are about right vs VERY VERY WRONG. You will not be disappointed.
  • Great movie. At some points I was shocked. He does a great job of explaining properly things you may have heard on the news but didn't fully understand/know all the details of.
  • People rating this as a 1/10 have not seen the film. He slanders the DNC as well as the republicans. GO TO THIS FILM. watch it. you dont need an open mind to see the facts, best documentary I have seen in awhile.
  • avdors124 September 2018
    This is a great movie. At a time when there is obvious disillusionment about the state of, not just the United States and all of its historical dysfunction, but humanity in general. Obviously, for some, it's easier to simply dismiss any critique of Trump as 'conspiracy' and criticize Moore for carrying political luggage, but, ignorance and insecurity aside, every subject, every interview, every observation, every human interaction in this movie was as real as they come. It's not like people are play acting. Moore has a beautiful style that connects with the rational, sensing, feeling, thinking individual who, despite attempts to alienate from, connect to other individuals on this planet who truly understand that value of life, and the worth of people. Bravo Michael for another masterpiece!!
  • I have had mixed feelings and haven't liked some of Michael Moore's past work, but I believe that his assessment of things in 2016 and in regard to the Flint water crisis have been spot on. Even those that haven't usually liked Moore's past content will appreciate this documentary. He does a great job covering a lot of the failings within the Democratic party and underlying causes for a lack of turnout and overall loss in 2016. Its devastating to see how the Michigan Flint water crisis (caused by emergency Management under the orders of gov. Rick Snyder) takes center stage. The coverage of the response by the parkland students and their current effort to register young voters was inspiring. Moore also applauds the work of Michigan's all female slate for November!

    Let's make this blue wave happen and fight like the survival of our democracy depends on it, since it absolutely does!

    * A minor side note, the documentary is very emotionally intense and graphic in content. Reliving the feelings of 2016 was not easy and has only made me more motivated to continue to work hard to make sure Dems win in November!

    ( I worked for Bernie then Hillary in Michigan and have been a proud young Michigan Democrat since! )
  • I get it, Michael Moore is a controversial figure. I've never quite understood the criticism. Yes he occassionally uses histrionics and gimmicky stunts to make a point. His films are not dense or purely factual documentaries, and therefore are wildly entertaining. He is great at hooking an audience and i think that makes his points land better but that's a debate for another day.

    I had my first baby in April and in that context Farenheit 11/9 had my jaw on the floor and brought me to tears a few times. As someone else said there wasn't much new but when you relive it all you wonder if we've become the frog in the boiling water in this country. I'm scared for my daughter's future. This film was intense and is supposed to make you feel outrage, anger, sadness, and almost but not quite hopeless.

    Michael Moore has been dismissed by "elites" for a long time but he's been right too many times. No one is happy about that. He used his familiar tactics in this film even more heavy-handedly because he truly believes the time to be outraged but go about your life anyway is over. He makes a pretty compelling argument that he's right to sound the alarm. I've come to appreciate Michael Moore and loved this movie.
  • apeman4522 September 2018
    It's interesting that the reviews are either all 10's for people that saw the movie or all ones for people that didn't. Obviously it wasn't made for Trump supporters. It is based on factual information that they can't relate to. Real people talking about real issues and many of them not white I guess is too much to handle for some. It's depressing information about what is going on in our country and makes you want to get off your duff so that we can change the direction we are headed. It's delivered in the usual Michael Moore style but the topic hits so close to home it can be a little unsettling. Go see it.
  • alexandere-2609829 September 2018
    People underating this movie did not see it! I walked out with tears rolling down my eyes after the movie finished! Not sure why people are calling it 9/11 it's actually 11/9 the day we get to vote? Not gonna spoil it must watch worth the $16 bucks.
  • Watch this documentary with an open mind. Both parties are to blame for the current state that the USA is in (as of 2018). It details the laws of Clinton, Bush, Obama, and The Trump, and how everything cultivated to what is happening now in 2018. This documentary really shows you that not all is lost and there is some hope, but at the same time maybe all is lost and the end is near!

    Great documentary, funny at times, will make you angry at other times. I still think Bowling for Columbine is more interesting and 9/11 is more in depth, but this documentary is good, maybe not Oscar good, but definitely Golden Globes good.

    The only way to save USA from the mess it is in, is to stop blaming your problems on somebody else and blame it on yourself. You can't find a job because coal is dying, well go learn some new skills and stop blaming Obama or Trump. That is the ultimate message. You are angry because illegals are taking your janitor bathroom cleaning jobs, go watch this movie. You are angry because you feel like you deserve something from the government? Go watch this movie. You are angry because you are not rich? Go watch this movie. You are angry because you only focus on crimes committed by people of color? Go watch this movie! You are angry because you are tired of your people getting shot by the police, but at the same time you embrace a criminal lifestyle, go watch this movie. This movie is for all; liberals, conservatives, Christians, Satanist, Atheists, and people who just don't give a damn (like me).

    I know what you are thinking; "The country is messed up because of liberals," or "The country is messed up because of conservatives." That is the problem with yall, always blaming the problem on someone else. Yall need to watch this and do what Kuato said in "Total Recall," that is "Open you mind. Open your mind. Open your mind Quaid. Free Mars."

    Also go into this movie with this second quote in mind, it is from the movie "Predator" that goes something like, "So you cooked up a story and dropped us in a meat grinder." Seriously people, that is politics in one sentence. Go watch this movie, come out with fresh eyes and see America as it truly is, a country divided because people want to put the blame on someone else instead of themselves.

    Don't be racist, but don't be stupid too. That is another message here. Sure it is good to give a guy maybe $5.00 to buy food, but don't take him in and let him sleep in your house for a night (I'll do the same thing too, I ain't looking to get shot or robbed. If I see a group of foos in hoodies walking around with they hands in they pockets, I am getting out of there as fast as I can. They might just be out for a nice friendly walk, but with the way they dressing, I rather be prejudice and alive than not-prejudice and dead!).

    Finally this movie leaves us with a question to think about. That question is; when are we, the American people living in the greatest (but not safest) country in the world, ever going to put the blame on ourselves?

    It is a short movie so you just go in and out quickly. A MUST WATCH!! 10/10
  • If one thought that the 2000 presidential election, which somehow "anointed" George W. Bush to the presidency over Al Gore (via a Supreme Court decision in the Florida vote count), was a travesty, then the 2016 election, which gave the carnival barker racist real estate mogul Donald Trump the presidency over Hillary Clinton by winning the popular vote in four key swing states and capturing those states' Electoral College votes may have been the death knell for democracy in America. And nobody seemed more adept at connecting the dots of the rise of the autocratic Trump than political filmmaker and renegade Michael Moore. After all, it is Moore who, since 1989, has cut a strip or two off of corporate America through films like ROGER & ME, BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE, SICKO, and CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY. He of course also famously cut Bush II a new one in his infamous 2004 smash hit documentary FAHRENHEIT 9/11. But now, in 2018, he has clearly outdone himself with that film's companion piece, FAHRENHEIT 11/9.

    Referring to the date of November 9, 2016, when the Associated Press (probably much to their surprise) declared Trump the winner of the election, at 2:29 AM, FAHRENHEIT 11/9 carefully, and with a fair amount of righteous rage, dissects the ways in which the misogyny, bigotry, and racism that are Donald Trump not only became normalized by the press and the GOP, but by the Democratic Party being very complacent and so self-assured about Clinton's chances against Trump, and the fact that as many as one hundred million people failed to show up at the polls on November 8th, 2016 to stop Trump permanently. Moore is unsparing in his parsing out the blame all over the political spectrum, including the "establishment" Democrats, including even President Obama, who, however unwittingly, permitted the rise of Trump. Moore also focuses, as he has done before, on his hometown of Flint, Michigan, which since 2014 has been beset by a water crisis in which thousands of its residents have been poisoned by lead contamination in their water supply, and how the corporate malfeasance of Michigan's GOP governor Rick Snyder not only led to that, but even the deaths of some of those residents through them contracting Legionnaire's Disease.

    But amidst all the horrors that Trump has unleashed on America since his coming down the escalator of his Trump Tower to announce his candidacy, almost as a publicity stunt to one-up NBC for paying Gwen Stefani of "The Voice" more than he got for "hosting" "The Apprentice", Moore also shows us the many ways that resistance movements have popped up against his presidency, and in what would seem to be the most unlikely places, including mass teachers' strikes in "red" states like West Virginia and Arizona, and, most prominently, the anti-NRA protests of the students at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, who saw seventeen of their fellow students and teachers cut down in an all-too-common mass shooting on February 14, 2018. To take things a step further, Moore also focuses on young, progressive-leaning candidates of the Bernie Sanders variety trying to take the Democratic Party back from corporate so-called "centrists", including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who won the seat for her congressional district in the Bronx during the summer of 2018.

    A lot of his rage, however, as well as that of a lot of Americans, is channeled in FAHRENHEIT 11/9 via Trump himself, who, even with his mango-haired buffoonery, shows himself to be an absolute master manipulator of what seems to pass for The Truth in this second decade of the 21st century. The parallels between Trump's toxic rise in our time and that of Adolf Hitler in 1930s Germany are shown by Moore through old German newsreel and film footage, and they are eerily, tragically, and depressingly prescient. Trump, like Hitler before him, makes his followers believe everything bad about the world and makes them dismiss negative stories about him as "Fake News", proceeding to unleash their xenophobia, racism, and sexism on those they don't agree with. In the end, after the films' running time of 128 minutes has elapsed, one comes out feeling like they have been run over by a steamroller, even more so than in FAHRENHEIT 9/11.

    But Moore, a traditionally non-partisan (though liberal-leaning) populist, in the end says that we as Americans do not have to take the toxic garbage that Trump and his minions spew out. He urges us to get up off of our couches and get active, not just voting but (like Ocasio-Cortez) running for office to change a broken political system that allowed Trump to take charge in the first place. That is an extremely positive thing to take away from the psychological horror and rage that is FAHRENHEIT 11/9.
  • bobzmcishl21 September 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Moore does his usual bang up job of giving us the visual horror of an early morning that no one except Moore thought could happen. Almost two years later we are still reliving this post 11/9, with material Moore could not even fit in the movie. Clinton, Obama, and the entire Democratic party are not treated kindly, but the worst is not even Trump, but Rick Snyder, the governor of Michigan, who managed to poison an entire town and get away with it. Democracy is hanging by a thread and if we are looking for the Constitution to save us, ask the Germans who were around in 1932 if their Constitution saved them. There is hope however from a new wave of grass roots liberal candidates who are running for office, and Moore does a good job of capturing their intensity, charisma, and intellect. He captures in sweeping panoramas, the huge rallies and marches by teachers, women, and young adults, who really do want a better America, not just a warmed over nostalgia trip to a white only America of the 1950's. Moore leaves us with a powerful message from young America tha real change may be coming this November. Moore is trying to tell the 100 million American's who didn't vote in the last election to get out and vote.
  • Just staggering out of a prescreen of Michael Moore's movie. I live in San Francisco and I'm headed for the bridge😩😩 The audience couldn't even walk after it was over. I feel like I have PTSD from it. Very powerful, informative and depressing. I guess the good news it does make you mad as hell and you realize you have no choice but to take action
  • More striking to me than the the film itself is its incredibly bi-modal retribution reveiwer scores, ALMOST ALL.NEARLY 1 or 2 OR 10 or 9. This not only strikingly illustrates the ideological/political character of user responses, but the limitations of mean scores as statistical summaries of viewer favor or disfavor. In this case no use, except as a benchmark for the polarized responses.

    As for the film itself, think 11/9 is probably the best film of one of our most skilled cinemantic essayist. It's free of Moore's occasional gaffes (e.g. the cruel interrogation of Charlton Heston in Moore's critique of US gun use, the 9/11 shot of joyous Iraqies in Baghdad cafes just prior to Bush-II's military intervention into Iraq). It's polemical but conscientious, if not unselective, in its use of facts. It's a powerful piece of rhetoric, like say the Gettysburg Address or Reagan's "tear down that wall" speech.
  • Michael Moore's latest documentary film feature isn't just about Donal Trump's rise to the presidency to the shock of millions. Michael Moore predicted it in July 2016 but nobody took him seriously especially the Clinton campaign. This film also looks at the Flint Water Crisis with more depth. Flint, Michigan is famous for the wrong reasons like the abandoned buildings and poverty. Flint is also Moore's hometown. The film also talked about Parkland shooting with the survivors who became activists against gun violence. This film needs to be seen.
  • ebeth-6369515 September 2018
    Michael Moore's is a documentary hero to me. I love all his movies, and this one is no exception. Had me glued to the screen from start to finish!
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