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  • adonaij-h17 February 2019
    This serie has a great concept, like black mirror with comedy and weirdness. I really enjoyed the weirdness and binge watched it. Give it a chance!
  • High quality writing and excellent production values help Weird City separate itself from a crowded field.

    No doubt this has been influenced by the somewhat repetitive Black Mirror, but its innate optimism and feel good vibe are an improvement on that show, which can be pretentiously handwringing at times.

    Great costumes, colour palettes, music and plenty of laughs. A triumphant debut.
  • Being a fan of Black Mirror made it a little bit difficult to watch a sort of Comedy version of it. Nice TV show in general; good acting with great concept and glamorous visuals. Would definitely be waiting for a second season๐Ÿ‘
  • This show feels like no one had their heart in it. Each episode hardly makes a point if it does at all and people are calling it a satire. The fact is that it is weird yet unremarkable. Neither the comedy nor the plot takes any risks at all and they seem to beat you in the face with the 'this is the society knob we turned up to 11!' to the point it is obnoxious at times and only adds to the shallow feel of the show.

    A lot of good names are attached to this, so I think this goes to show that recognizable actors can't make gold out of a lump of coal.

    I like to believe that Jordan Peele had nothing to do with this. Just watch some Key & Peele and you'll notice that someone on that show knew what makes something funny.

    It almost feels like a film class had a homework assignment to write scripts for the show and they picked their favorite 6.

    The production design was pretty good. The visuals were nice and the editing wasn't bad, although it didn't really add anything either.
  • liamdraper27 February 2019
    First 2 episodes were good then after that it just went to utter s**t like they give up
  • I just watched the first episode and was super surprised by what a high quality, quirky, sweet, original and fun episode it was. It really reminded me of Black Mirror. Great cast, script, plot, etc. Had no idea what to expect so was surprised and delighted by the premise. Laughed out loud and found myself feeling giddy by its freshness. Just what I needed.
  • Sometimes I feel they add Jordan Peele's name to something, just to bring the fans in. I refuse to believe that Jordan was completely involved in this, because its utter garbage. A wannabe anthology piece, that might as well be 90210 in the future, and you wouldn't know the difference. The episodes all start strong, and give you a good premise, but the last 10 minutes go completely off the rails. The writers just give up midway, and write themselves into the most cliched endings possible. Just because you add 'Black Mirror/Twilight Zone' based haunting themes to your end-credits, does not make your climax powerful. Even the cameos cant save this show from its overreaching desire, glaring plot holes and lazy writing. Don't bother.
  • This 'show' is just garbage. I watched all 6 episodes continuing to hope, fruitlessly, that it would get good at some point, but it just never does.

    I get what they're going for, as others have stated, a sort of Black Mirror anthology thing, but it's a fail.

    None of the characters (with the exception of the 2 women in the final episode-the tv show within a tv show) have any redeeming qualities, the stories are vapid and uninteresting (again with the exception being episode 6), and weird is nowhere near a strong enough word to describe this trash.

    Unless you REALLY have nothing better to do (like watch paint dry on the walls), I strongly recommend not wasting your time on this.

    Zero stars from me, even the few good actors couldn't save this mess
  • fitlifefam16 February 2019
    I have to piggy back off of loraine-24! I have to agree Weird City has satisfied my Black Mirror taste for well...WEIRD! And Outside of the box creativeness! Can't wait for the next episode!
  • Youtube's attempt to come up with the next Black Mirror starts promising with a sweet love story filled with great jokes, stunning visual, and clear chemistry between O'Brien and O'Neill, but goes to **** really quick after that.

    It's a disappointment how they ruined such a good idea. To see talents like Awkwafina, Michael Cera, Yvette Nicole Brown, Steve Young, and Hannah Simone do their best with these poorly written, unfunny scripts is just sad.

    S01E01: 8 stars - S01E02: 1 star - S01E03: 3 stars - S01E04: 4 stars - S01E05: 3 stars - S01E06: 5 stars
  • It is such a good watch! Or is it people dont really get the humour in this?
  • SammerAsker16 February 2019
    This is a Stupid show...nothing smart here. the fact that you can call a show comedy or satire doesn't mean it has to be devoid of all reason. whom ever wrote this nonsense had zero understanding of...well, everything. they don't understand technology or code or science, or sociology or human nature...absolutely nothing, so , it can be just stupid fun type of show... that it also is not, it makes no sense what so ever to the point that sometimes they actually seem to be encouraging things like bullying ans sexism. well, if you already have a YouTube premiere account, it costs you nothing (but time) to watch it, so be your own judge, if not the 1st 2 eps are free, so also you can watch it and see for opinion though, it's awful, i gave it 1 for not even trying.
  • Good show. Watch it if you like anthology shows,or movies. It's a satirical take on what the future could be like if we keep going in this direction.
  • No comparison to Black Mirror here. I love Black Mirror ...truly enjoy Black Mirror...and this in no way compares to Black Mirror! It wants to be like it...seems like many shows/movies are trying to capture that slightly futuristic twighlight zoney feel of BM but unfortunately, most that I've seen have missed the mark...and this show doesn't even come close. It's campy, poorly written, or maybe it's well written and poorly executed, I dunno. But its just plain bad. The stories at the end leave you feeling like you've truly wasted your time. You're supposed to be laughing but you'll find that you're not. No pay off at all for the 17 to 45 minutes you've invested in each story.

    The visuals are amazing's shot beautifully w vividly colorful, slightly futuristic backdrops and outfits. It's also chuck full of celebs you'll recognize, but they dont help the show like they in theory should. The only moment of full on laughter and irony involves Steven Yuen in a particular scene involving his final moments with a cantaloupe. Other than that and maybe 1 or 2 other moments, I was disappointed and bummed about that.
  • The basic idea of Weird City - an anthology series taking place in a city divided between the haves and have nots - seems promising. But the first episode, involving a guy who goes to a dating agency that promises to find your perfect match, seemed about 20 minutes too long even though the whole series is a half hour. It would have been better had they intertwined a couple of stories, or wrote one that had more meat on it.

    The series seems very well meant, dealing with themes of love and freedom and government overreach and the right to choose your own sexuality. It's just that it's not an especially interesting idea, it's not done particularly well, and after ten minutes it feels like its spinning its wheels.

    I'm not sure why Jordan Peele is doing this, since my understanding is he's doing a reboot of Twilight Zone and why would you do two such similar series simultaneously? Also don't understand how the very talented Peele could do something so mediocre. Very puzzling.

    Not going to watch another episode.
  • rsvp32116 February 2019
    I thought this was a documentary about *today's* California millennials! lol

    All six episodes less than thirty minutes each - thankfully. With better writers, this premise could have been a good one.
  • veinctor20 February 2019
    Yeah, weird show with weird humor. Not for everyone.

    Its futuristic theme is lighter and funnier than the darker anthology series Black Mirror. Seemingly Weird City is supposed to a more consistent world than Black Mirror as well.

    You dont know what to expect from each episode. It's a crazy show. It is disturbing in a colorful sci-fi way. No gore, just... weird situations and almost cartoon-like exaggerated characters. I guess it's supposed to be a dark kind of comedy that makes you feel awkward.
  • Unsubtle, poorly written and not the best acting.

    Give it a miss, just another show jumping on the Black Mirror bandwagon.
  • About the show. Acting: 3/10. Script: -2/10; Missing rating flag for LGBT propaganda? Yes, it is missing. PG at least.

    And what to write to avoid being stoned by a gay lobby - nothing. It is normal to be attacked today when saying that sexual deviation isn't a normal thing. Deviation = abnormal.

    So, if you are hetero, this is not a show for you. If you have a good taste for shows and movies, this is not a show for you, too.

    And regarding rating flag - I would honestly like to see those for all shows and movies. Or a director's cut, if possible. Hetero safe? Yes, it sounds right to me.
  • slavec-6662420 February 2019
    It's like the black mirror, but funny and interesting
  • If you're expecting a gritty dark-future show in the realm of black mirror you'll probably be disappointed, but that's not to say this show doesn't have its own charm! The stories remind me of the campier Twilight Zone episodes or something along the lines of Futurama in an anthology space. It's fun, satirical, black humour thats well produced and has some good performances, though the set design and world is the real star; definitely worth the watch if you're okay with fun sci-fi.
  • After reading reviews here and watching the first episode, I am 100% certain that the low ratings are from people who don't get the joke which is crazy because the joke is not subtle. I don't want to say these people are dumb, but seriously, the joke is very very obvious. It's satire in the style of modern anthology series such as Black Mirror. It's not trying to BE Black Mirror. Complaining about this show not being Black Mirror is like complaining that The Office isn't like going to work at your job. Just dumb.
  • I could not even get passed the first five minutes before turning it off. New, millennial garbage. How are these terrible writers getting shows and movies? Do not waste your time.
  • Episodes 1, 5 and 6 are probably the best ones. Fun, interesting plot and some weirdness. Episode 2 is just Michael Cera acting like a weirdo, nothing new there. Episode 3 felt shoe-horned and uninspired. Like hearing someone make the ''people take pictures of their food'' joke, HILARIOUS AND ORIGINAL *Sarcasm* Episode 4 was nice but cringy, the house's voice actor could've been better.
  • While watching this you have to be aware that thus show does not take itself too seriously. not as seriously as black mirror at least. i love the twists and i enjoy the scifii concepts. i really laik this. u just have to buckle uo and get ready for a weird ride for this one =))
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