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  • I can't believe that I spent 108 minutes watching this movie.

    There just is no need for this movie to be as long as it is. The story progresses so slowly that I lost interest 20 minutes in, but stuck with it.

    The editing is awful - lingering far too long on takes where the character(s) just do nothing after their lines. Then there is the quality of the acting. It isn't too bad overall, but it seems the directing wasn't too great. There are quite a few shots that would have benefited from additional takes, if nothing else than to let the actors loosen up a bit.

    At the end of the day, this movie wasn't enjoyable at all, and the lack of skill/craft really shows through.
  • salviolog1 November 2020
    A story of a girl who had suffered severe eyesight damage with a completely unnecessary supernatural element in it. A young girl loses eyesight early on in life and she has to cope with this shattering event that changes her life... and oh, she can also talk to ghosts. Surprisingly, the real life portion of the movie is much more engaging than the ghost part. The movie also has a mystery element to it, but it is left with an unsatisfying resolve, under-explained and all around sloppily thrown together. The movie has some good acting and some good story elements to it, but it's stretched way too thinly.
  • This type of story (psychological/horror) is not my favorite but I thought the production values were promising and the movie was satisfying as to the suspense and the intertwined stories of the main characters life and tragedies. I think a different and more believable story in the hands of this production team and director could be a first rate movie experience. I'll agree with others that the acting was better on the actress' side than on the actor' side, except the doctor was good and the bad guy. I am looking forward to the next project from this director Nuon. I admire anyone who can put together a movie. Stories are key
  • This film had a lot of heart. The story itself was quite intriguing, not simply another repeat. While there were parts that scared you, it wasn't cheap scares. Besides getting your heart going at times, there was also a lot of time invested in character development. I enjoyed growing with the characters and seeing how they developed. I also enjoyed looking at the conecpt of souls and how the departed might interact with the living. All in all really enjoyed this film and highly recommend.
  • Couldn't follow along much with the plot. I also hated the CGI for the "spooky" people. Especially that last part of the movie. Like, okay what the heck. It was long and tedious, slow and agonizing to sit through.

    Not really recommended. Unless you just want to snort and giggle at the faults this movie is cluttered with.
  • Lame. Could have really done some scary scenes and plot, but fell way short. We couldn't even make it more than halfway through the movie with their overly cheery empathetic silver-lining cloud life theory.
  • klouv03511 November 2020
    Quick review: movie has great plot and main characters acting is decent but it was very apparent that all the male actors in this were actually acting and not life like. Poor performances from the males but other than that it was decent. Could have been better but for a horror movie it was good.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As a child, Lilly (Valerie Jane Parker ) becomes blind in a car accident which kills her mother, shortly after her father has passed. Raised by her aunt she becomes quite independent and hears voices of dead people, especially children. She doesn't realize she is talking to dead people as the voices are real to her. Madison is the main little girl who she converses with. The film opens with a teaser of Lilly tied down to a table in a dire situation.

    The production is told with a vast number of flashbacks as I soon discovered there was only one blind person named Lilly and not two or three. The film is a horror genre, but refrains from the horror we usually see in a film. Has non-denominational religious overtones of souls and reincarnation. Pretty good for a low budget Indie. No weird hollow sound, no confusing camera angles.

    Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity.
  • I loved this movie! I began the film expecting another standard horror story. However, not only was the plot both thrilling and thought-provoking, but it was also full of wholesome messages about family and friendship with some humorous moments as well. My only critique was the length of the film; certain scenes could have been cut, particularly from the flash-back scenes. Overall, I thought this was a well-rounded movie and would recommend it to others.
  • After watching this movie called, "Voices" I must say that it was totally something I was not expecting to watch. Me as a filmmaker I have to say that I am totally impressed with the overall story of this film. My initial thoughts right after seeing this film was WOW what a great story and really well told. Now, I have to say that there where some actors and actresses that to me personally should have had way more screen time. Not to give any spoilers away about this film, but the kid Madison to me was the real star of the whole movie. Not to mention the aunt as well, was just phenomenal in her acting. The doctor played by Tracy Adkins was just pure movie magic as well. I do not want to give away any spoilers because I feel like that would cheat anyone who would want to watch this great film. Let me just say that if you bring a date, your spouse, or even just a friend to watch this then you will not be disappointed at all. I really think this is a type of movie that will not keep you totally intrigued about what new twists are coming around the corner. But the story itself just keeps you wanting to see more and more of this movie. I loved it and I would recommend to anyone if you get the chance don't miss out on this film. If you watched voices then let your voice be heard, and tell everyone to watch this film. Because this is going to be something that you have not seen before on this earth.
  • cdhuynh8 November 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    I enjoyed the movie, just the right about amount of creepy that it gave me goosebumps. I jumped at one of the scenes I wasn't expecting. It's like the ghost stories you hear growing up put on film. The demonic being at the end of movie could've been scarier. I felt the human ghosts were definitely creepier.
  • I was surprised of the depth of this movie, it has a lot more dimension than your standard thriller. The plot seemed fresh because it had something to say with twists and development along the way. Which was refreshing after seeing so many movies with standard feeling plots. This movie makes you think and engage because there is more going on, and that makes the crazy moments have way more impact.
  • Voices is a decent enough movie with good production value, creepy soundtrack and calm cinematography. The story isn't novel but works with the tempo of the film. The movies spends a lot of time on characterization especially that of the main character Lillian, we see her grow from a kid to a teenager to an adult. We see her struggle as she tries to fit it the society. We see her make friends and acquaintances and overall how she came to be the present day Lillian. Every stage is pretty fun to watch but they slow down the pace a lot, they spend way too much time on it, that they forget the bad guys and explain the supernatural elements of the movie like why do the spirits wants to be her "baby" why must it be her? 'cause she's blind? If so, are there not other blind women? Why the "voice" choose her? what's so special about her? Why not other women? And how does Diana knows, all of a sudden, about the supernatural things and that it's connected to Lillian? The third act, is a let down and felt rushed, the bad guys are laughable and somewhat cartoonish. The resolution of the conflict is too simple considering that much build up. The acting is decent; Tracy Adkins is pretty good in lead role, the supporting casts ranges from decent to good to atrocious.

    Overall, Voices does a good job in terms of character development and has a good production value but the plot stagnates a lot.
  • This movie is engaging and keeps me entertained WHICH IS A LOT TO ASK FOR IN A MODERN HORROR MOVIE. quality is great and the acting is forgivable. Occasional inconstancy can only be noticed to people looking for them. Some scenes shouldn't be there as much as it feels some were cut inappropriately.
  • extrumlovers3 November 2020
    The story compels a rather interesting and ominous feel that gives a fully fleshed out perspective of life after death (a battle for what future you have or for others). I found the acting to show more of a serious portrayal and tense performance, but overall a significant representation to the steadily built up plot. The conflict within the emotions of the protagonist showed here throughout the movie, especially throughout each scene came together really well to signify the message of the movie. 10/10 because it's a conducive theme to the times we live in and highly appreciated with the dark twists and turns in a reality that channels into a supernatural but yet figurative direction.
  • This was my favorite movie I've seen this year. The concept is so clever. This isn't just a superficial horror story trying to scare you, there's a lot of depth and opportunities for introspection in your own life. It makes you wonder, where does the soul come from? I love stories that dive into life after death, and this one went deep. I greatly appreciate seeing the history of a person and what made them who they are. This movie takes us through Lilly's life adapting to being blind and experiencing tragedy, loss, horror. It shows us how one seemingly small moment can change the entire trajectory of your life. There are some very unexpected aspects to this story that ties everything together. I don't want to spoil anything. Cheers to so many strong and resilient female characters. Excited to tell people about this movie :)
  • tp-692245 November 2020
    I liked this movie. It made me feel engaged! I wanted to know what would happen next. Not bad at all. I enjoyed it. The quality was really good. I don't enjoy scary movies, personally, but I enjoyed the quality of the cinematography.
  • This movie was a fresh take on the ghost-story genre, including aspects of reincarnation and Eastern philosophy. The protagonist is blind but can hear ghosts, which sets up for some intense/scary scenes. Special effects were quite good, and the acting was believable. Would recommend!
  • I personally enjoyed the film. I enjoyed getting to know the character and follow her up through her rough life see how she adapts to her disability and traumatic experiences. The psychological take on the horror was great and a nice change to the genre. Some of the character acting did fall a little flat, especially with the male characters but all in all it was a great movie. I'd watch it again and recommend it to anyone looking to get deep into a characters development. The plot was well thought out and the execution was great. While the movie was a little slow, I feel if it would have been more "into the action", so to speak, it would have left the audience with confusion and thus not a great experience. Great job!
  • Voices is a thriller in the vein of The Sixth Sense, about a blind woman struggling with the supernatural. Its made with a care and attention to detail that most low budget horror films lack. You can tell that a lot of love went into the production. Also, for a movie of this scale their is a large amount of technical gusto on display. One underwater sequence in particular is stunning. Looking forward to seeing more from this team.
  • Nathaniel (Sith) Noun did a AWESOME, Job directingand making this film!!! He is very creative, and the special effects were AMAZING!! Great movie!!!
  • How do you make out which voices are real human and which are from a different dimension. This movies takes you on that journey as if you were Lilly, living life in darkness and only trusting the voices that you hear. It's a film that follows its characters through and through and unraveling the different layers of murder mysteries of disappearance in the little quiet town. I would recommend watching this on your Covid quarantine, lights turn off and snuggle in your comfy sofa with friends and families. Much more than a cheap horror thrill, it gets deeper to the core and its message. Enjoy Voices as I have on my quarantine period.
  • Voices was hands down the movie that 2020 needed! The little twists and turns and moments of eerie progression, kept me on my toes. The whole build up in the story line kept me guessing what was coming next! The director did a fantastic job with the progression of Lily's life from child to adulthood. The flashbacks made the story line easy to follow and comprehend. This movie has some strong break through women actors like I haven't seen in a thriller/horror before! I can feel the time and love put into the film and I can't say enough great things about it! Director made one for the books!
  • kiingbiizz9 November 2020
    Just finished it! Great movie & concept. Visual effects looked amazing, I thought it was Dope! 🔥Great job! You guys really worked hard on this project and it shows, Loved the ending! Phenomenal work! Nuon Films never fail to impress! Great work!
  • johnpanops17 November 2020
    This film actually reminds me why I watch indie films. Director Nathaniel Nuon did a great job here. Yes, the film is meticulously crafted. But also notable is that the film gives the audience time to get to know the characters and experience who they are. The result is a story surprisingly intimate and complex for a horror/thriller. Valerie Parker's performance as the always lovable blind therapist is remarkable.

    One sub-theme of the film is disability and society's response to the disabled and vulnerable. The courage to face disability is likened to the courage to face the supernatural. Stigmatization and difference is a tension just below the surface, always at risk of intruding..

    The haunting ending suggests that there will be more to come. Voices II?
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