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  • lor_3 August 2022
    Warning: Spoilers
    Buried in the Digital Playground catalogue is this decently made horror thriller, a tale of revenge that is quite lengthy (three hours).

    Four girls murder Veronica Stark (Aubrey Rose) to set the story in motion, angry at their classmate exposing their peccadillos, which include the movie's star blonde Bailey Brooke seducing Stark's father Marco Ducati. Although the cast's acting is fine for the genre, Ducati's monotone line readings are terrible, and he looks simply like an out-of-work body builder pressed into service as a porn stud.

    Many killings follow, and a bright spot is a lengthy lesbian scene including a bubble bath, featuring two of the girls: Carolina Sweets and Mila Marx. I appreciated a small NonSex role as Mila's mom played by statuesque Tegan James.

    Finale is an orgy in Hell that ties up story loose ends. Turns out the violent killer is dead Veronica, turning dominatrix in Hell to mete out well-deserved punishment to Bailey Brooke. A nice foursome features Bailey, Aubrey, Mariah and Johnny Castle. Previously we've seen Castle as the cop on the murder case involving Veronica's death who is f*cking his babysitter Gia Paige, and Mariah as a teen athlete humping her coach Brannon Rhodes in the locker room.