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  • This is a low budget film but I don't give extra or less marks based on this I try and judge every film within the same criteria.

    The premise is fairly simple revolving around a mega pharma corp, a woman with a conscience who needs to be silenced and 2 unlikely heroes.

    Overall the premise is fine, nothing new and pretty generic for this type of thriller. I guess the selling point is the 2 unlikely heroes of a homeless guy and a prostitute.

    Cool concept, sure, convoluted, absolutely.

    It does however in a strange way pass if you don't think about it too much.

    The photography is decent enough and captures that sterile corporate sci fi setting switching to more real gritty texture " On the streets ".

    This is where it gets jarring and falls down, the acting is all over the place. Some of the wooden acting passes as it suits the environment i.e wooden scientist.

    If this followed through consistently it would have worked, however the performances cross from wooden acting to over acting to strange character acting which is often at the wrong times, this becomes jarring and uncomfortable to watch.

    I know its low budget but this is where some can make it work and others try to achieve too much under the limitations.

    There is also a plethora of different characters that are pointless and unnecessary, This takes away the focus from the " better characters ".

    There is a few times when it feels like it's coming together but then, bosh it Jarrs you out of it all.

    So we end up with a pretty generic plot with a slight hero twist with average to god awful acting, Good cinematography on the whole but with Jarring and convoluted moments.

    You can't make a low budget blockbuster all the bells and whistles type film without it looking weak.

    Ive seen many brilliant Indy low budget films and the brilliance tends to be in the simplicity of which this is the antithesis to that concept

    4/10 I'd pass unless you want to check out a low budget film because its a low budget film.
  • hkhodair14 September 2019
    Weak dialogue, weak filming, cast isn't good, low budget film
  • I will watch almost anything to the end to get it a chance to get better. This doesn't. Awful film.
  • blakkjak-5125414 September 2019
    Notice for every bad review it's a generic bot 10/10? These ratings are so misleading.
  • This is simply terrible. 5 minutes of viewing will tell you that. I'm 45 minutes in and its a miracle I've lasted this long. The script is terrible, the acting is shocking, the plot although a great subject matter has been poorly executed.
  • Not sure how this got ratings of 6.5. Pace goes on and off like some shot are by one director and some by other . And lot of logical errors too. We got lot of similar movies , good ones. This one is not good.
  • Really enjoyed this film last night with my partner. It's really exciting to see a universe of characters who are all interacting in this fictional world surrounding a mysterious DNA discovery.

    The cinematography adds an element of suspense to it and the action as it plays out. I recommend this sci-fi indie.
  • A story that uses real research and greed on humanity.

    We see that this new breakthrough can benefit and also be abused if certain type or types of groups get more involved mostly if they have the right amount of coin.

    This direction focuses on how far can a person go to achieve near immortality even if others are against it's principal.

    This story adds a sense of clairity to it's characters such as the lead male role played by Damien Chinappi a former military soldier that became homeless and cease to see any reason to live, he is forced into a situation that he doesn't know what will come to when his friend the leader of the research clinic gets kidnapped.

    Fair acting in a low key fasion plays well. As the viewer ventures in this story it should be noted that it's not always about compromise, ransom or to achieve glory, it's giving incentive of what can and could be.
  • This is a great action thriller, with wonderful performances by Mel Novak, Vida Ghaffari, Yan Birch and Richard Tyson!
  • I admit the quality of the movie is not good. It's almost the same quality of a student made film. But what the hell, I guess I still kinda enjoyed the story.
  • kribba-9043721 September 2019
    Its a rather boring movie without any special effects,no use of music to try to spice it up,its slow and rather uninspiring acting,it looked actually very amaterish and simple,from the script to the acting. Waste of time and energy to watch this.
  • Right from the get go the acting is bad. The evil board director has terrible lines and no delivery. The music is like elevator music on tranquilizers. They try to sync the music with the action and it becomes distracting overkill. For example, the "good girls" doing something for the suicidal dude. The music was so bad I thought it was a commercial. Oh and the bad girl keeps showing up with a coffee for him for saving her life? The plot is so thin you can see the B movie VPL. Speaking of the suicidal dude, who is he? A hero, a main character? He keeps showing up being the lovable loser who secretly does good, but his character is like a wet brown paper bag on the sidewalk. How this is a 7.2 rating is beyond me. I stopped watching at 20 minutes. I am starting to question the integrity of IMBD
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Bridget Pellegrini (Erika Hoveland) is the CEO of a bio-engineering firm that performs head transplants. This isn't the type of head transplants they are contemplating in China, but a memory transfer into a brain dead person. She is against a merger that will allow this technology as a toy for the evil rich whom all want immortality. Oliver (Richard Tyson) is for the technology merger and has Bridget kidnapped.

    In a subplot, Corey (Damien Chinappi) is a suicidal army vet who is suddenly cured and sees cleary after he saves a hooker from getting roughed up. We discover he is about half a miracle short of eligibility for sainthood. He is being helped by Bridegt's daughter (Angelina Danielle Cama) Upon discovering her mother is kidnapped, she turns to a homeless vet who hangs out with a hooker for help.

    The acting was not good. Perhaps because the dialogue was so bad. It was supposed to be some sort of ethical/moral film. We even see a group of homeless people hold hands and give thanks for their roach coach food. We never know or really see the science fiction aspect. The crime/action as well as the drama was a joke. Characters were less developed than fans of the film seem to believe.

    Guide" F-word. No sex or nudity.
  • I should have made this review one star. It is BAD. So bad it is goo... nope, it is terrible in every way. The music is even incongruous with the scenes. It literally hurt me to watch this.
  • "Eternal Code" is a 2019 science-fiction thriller with a high-profile cast including Richard Tyson, Scout Taylor-Compton and Mel Novak. The film revolves around two companies that are working together to create a technology that will allow a person to transfer their mind into someone else. But the deal goes sour and the rival company attempts to get rid of the woman, Bridget Pellegrini (played very well by Erika Hoveland) who stopped the deal from going through. She is kidnapped and taken away and it basically becomes a mission by a homeless vet named Corey (Damien Chinappi), and Bridget's daughter Miranda (Angelina Danielle Cama) to rescue her before the technology is put into effect.

    What impressed me most with this film is the very high production value that it boasts. With independent films, you never quite know what you're getting into, and right away it's evident that a great deal of care and attention went into the production. The cinematography is beautiful, with smooth tracking shots being employed and an overall dynamic look throughout the entire film. In terms of the cast, the heavy-hitters were mentioned at the beginning of this review... Tyson, Taylor-Compton and Novak, and as always, they turn in stellar performances. You can never go wrong with Tyson as the villain! He just rocks in these types of roles. The rest of the cast all do exceptional jobs as well, with Damien Chinappi being the most impressive to me. He brought a great attitude and aura to his character, and you really find yourself invested in him throughout the movie. Other noteworthy performers include Cama, Kaiti Wallen and filmmaker Harley Wallen himself.

    I look forward to seeing more productions from this company and from writer/director/producer Harley Wallen and associate producer Joe Williamson.
  • gvwln24 December 2019
    For an obviously low budget movie I found this to be quite enjoyable to watch and I really don't understand all the low ratings here. It's as if some kind of smear campaign has been mounted against this movie. On the other side we see some 10/10 ratings on here that are a bit optimistic, maybe trying to compensate for the absurd low ratings. IMHO the acting is pretty decent, all the lead actors perform well and manage to convey their personalities with enough depth to be convincing. Some of the support cast could have done better as there was some under- or overacting from time to time which sometimes broke the spell of the movie. The camera work doesn't leave much to be desired, considering this is a low budget movie, but could have had a better angle in certain scenes. The only thing that really has some holes is the script but nothing major that takes any credibility away from the story overall (other than it being a sci-fi action flic). With a nice twist at the end. So, a reasonably original story with a good overall performance. Decent enough acting and well enough edited to keep you engaged for the duration. Not at the level of a Hollywood blockbuster but good enough to be considered a low budget Indy cracker and something I'd recommend watching, it's a good waste of time.
  • It's not a new idea but it a fresh plot and a really good story told very well! It's definitely a solid movie and keeps your attention. It says action but I'd say primarily genre is thriller and then action/drama/Sci-fi.
  • Script,director,photography and acting is awful. I don't know why I've watched this for 58 minutes.
  • Terrible acting , terrible dialogue, terrible everything geeeeez !!!!
  • Harley Wallen has been exporting titles at a frenetic pace, several projects a year. Using time as he does is tantamount to spreading peanut butter on hot toast. It could make a mess of things. But he lucks out with Eternal Code and the formula may be his turning point. Having boosted his skills as writer/director/actor through no- and low-budget yet promising quickies, Wallen should be ready to tackle a biggie. From a cadre of locally-based actors who are growing better with him, to strong and stronger names from Hollywood, Wallen has stone-stepped to where his competitors, or fellow filmmakers, stand in awe, seeking their own secrets to success. It is evident that Eternal Code is not in the same league as million dollar movies, but that's OK. What falls short does not detract from the drama, tempo, cinematics, or any other element of a thriller/crime story. With strong hints of sci-fi and futurism, Eternal Code keeps viewers riveted and surprised by sudden twists and character introductions. If it lacks, it's probably in the character development. With so many it's hard to relate to any one, and the person you choose to favor may not be the protagonist. Cast members from his previous films are present but their old characters are not. Thankfully, they've adapted well to their new personalities and each one performs well. The movie jumps from a limited theater engagement to widely available VOD and DVD. As word spreads, that will help Wallen leap-frog even further Who knows how far. That will be his challenge. Can't wait.
  • I can tell whom ever these guys are have some jealous haters or something because I watched this and afterwards I read the critic reviews and the regular reviews.. Ok, is it John Wick? No! But the story has a moral message and the acting is really good! I actually went and watched "Betrayed" by the same director and it was awesome and I'm about to watch "Moving Parts" next... I think I've found a new filmmaker to watch!
  • verrmichaelw3430 October 2019
    Great story and story telling! Really enjoyed this one it feels like a bigger movie than I guess it is?! Impressive acting and the characters are great, feels like an ensemble type of cast although I don't know the actors. Also not simpleton plot, so put your phone away or it'll be a difficult watch. Give it a go, it's a good one!
  • The movie had a pretty good story line but without good actors it has no legs to stand on. I understand it had a low budget but again, the acting was almost painful to watch at times.
  • First off before I wrote this I read the reviews before me and I'm a day and age of cyber bullying and indecency I see we have a few people who lack any sense of decency as class!

    Ok so about the movie!! I like the build up and how we get to know the characters (there are a lot of them) and that's something that requires your attention. Also the plot that I expected to be more sci-fi is more crime and suspense but it totally works.

    Action was on point, acting was very good especially for an independently budget movie. What I probably liked the most was how unpredictable it was! A lot of films are so predictable these days it was refreshing!

    If I was to say something feel could have been done better I'd say a few less characters would have made it a little easier.

    But yeah I dig it and think you probably will too!
  • The movie's story line was quite catchy. That is why I started watching this. But the execution was too poor and acting was not a bit praiseworthy. It's not about the budget! I saw a lot of low budget movies those became masterpiece for it's making, camera work and obviously direction. For example, all time hit '12 Angry Men' is a movie where in a single room the whole movie was captured. Definitely a low budget movie, but in appeal it crossed the borders of decades. Not by any means this movie 'Eternal Code' can get 3.0+ rating. I gave 3.0 just because of its story only. Nothing else.
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