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  • A rather tiresome "Milking Table" compilation from Barrett Blade and his employer Bree Mills: same old Oiler tropes, gaudy body-stockings and too-eager to please masseuses.

    The problem with workaholic pornographer Blade is that he doesn't seem to understand why an erotic scene might work - he just keeps repeating the same commercial formulae over and over again. The Oiler genre is built around a slow tease, with the measured build-up of erotic tension as the masseuse lays hands on her client eventually giving release in the form of a Happy Ending.

    Intead of this time-honored formula, Blade rushes to judgment. Each girl collects the standard $200 fee for a sexual rubdown, but after a couple of minutes or so of actual massaging she embarks on a hand-job and blow-job automatically, no reasonable amount of "wait for it!" tension generated.

    Blade and his cameraman (and frequent acting talent) Eric Masterson shoot the finale under the table "milking" of the cock with boring, identical camera set-ups scene after scene. The only real variation here is the identity of the girls, with Brooke Wylde easily earning breast in show honors, while cute Selma Sins creates a welcome diversion by peskily sneaking under the table while Bianca Breeze massages Clover's back, in order to blow his massive dick, out of sight and out of mind.

    Blade himself shows up briefly in an uncredited cameo at the beginning of Carmen Callaway's vignette, adding absolutely nothing to the show.