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  • Worst movie i've ever seen. No sense and no storyline, poor acting and script. The director was crazy. How could someone like this movie i'm surprised! Please don't waste your time.
  • slapdog314 November 2018
    Who In There Right Mind...WHO??? I Mean People Really Got Paid To Act In This Senseless Waste Of Film And Time... Now Invoking One, Yeah!
  • This movie is bad and I'm guessing that the directors of this movie and the others was sooo lazy that they said hey lets make a anthology because all that this movie has to offer is other peoples shorts combined into one wheezy horror movie and this movie has nothing god's green earth to do with phantom but some of the shorts are pretty good and interesting
  • PLease, save your time. The most stupid movie eveer! Very dissapointed, this is the worst movie in the world😣
  • I saw the short horror film Scratch - which is included in this anthology and Scratch was awesome! A truly creepy, atmospheric slow-burn horror tale! Invoking 5 is worth the watch just to see this amazing short!
  • My favorite film in the anthology was Scratch. SERIOUSLY Beautiful and disturbing film. Well worth your time!
  • Check out this anthology even if it's for the film Scratch, alone ! Beautifully acted, crafted, and executed. It's a don't miss.