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  • I really don't know how anyone can keep up the act when someone had their pants down yelling "usa!!! 'merica" while coming towards you butt first. This is absolute genius! I was laughing so hard my stomach hurts lol.
  • What he has done in two episodes is more than John Oliver may have done in his first two seasons- and John was a game changer. Cohen's ability to expose the most tone-deaf aspects of people is pitch-perfect. Careers- political careers in particular- will change from this... they already have.
  • To truly enjoy you have to appreciate what he is doing, and that this is mostly unscripted and he is ridiculing so much of society. Cohens ability to get people to believe him is fantastic. Whil many of us may have ideas for pranks most of us would be unable to stay in character and think on our feet without laughing as people seriously believe what is being said. There was moments with each "victim" where I thought they might lose it and I was impressed by many at their courtesy despite what Cohen was saying - for that reason I wonder what was said either when the cameras stopped, or even after he left. The extremes of society, left and right, are often so worthy of ridicule - and I am sure we will see many of them not get it, or get offended by it. Lets hope some people might even learn from this. Brilliant. Off to rewatch the original Ali G
  • james-5744520 February 2020
    Just brilliant as usual. I found this by accident, had no idea it existed. The number of different characters means that it does not have the same identifier as Borat or Ali G but a masterpiece all the same. I cried laughing at times.
  • Some of the most subversive and enlightening television I've ever seen. he highlights the rampant stupidity at all levels of society. how did these people ever agree to appear on television?
  • I couldn't stop laughing while watching the first two episodes. Going to watch more now. Genius stuff.
  • I just watched the first episode of this show and it had me laughing out loud. If politics drives your life, you might want to pass. If you are normal and like to laugh at people getting fooled, must watch!
  • jericw1617 July 2018
    Only one episode so far, but from start to finish, it was a blast! My favourite character would have to be Erran (which is like Borat but is an anti terror expert so ya, lmao). Watch it , you won't be disappointed. Unless you're someone like the people in here giving it 1 star, then too bad for you, and I hope you can heal from the brainwashing.
  • Wow... This show is absolutely off the chain - and disturbingly eye-opening! Sasha Baron Cohen disguises himself into five (5) ideologically different personas to essentially perform an experiment on what is claimed as "American Patriotism"! Sure, sounds overly derivative, but his take is hilariously intriguing! #DoEnjoy
  • FeastMode18 August 2019
    Season 1: 9/10 sacha baron cohen is a genius. this show is hilarious and also a slap in the face. first time i enjoy a social commentary aspect of a show or movie (1 viewing)
  • xaranaxious24 December 2019
    A true professional Sacha is he can be anyone with a straight face so long that he captures the true essence of whomever he is interviewing. He has loaded questions galore and it takes it comedically over the top. He makes light of peoples absurd beliefs. them. He sells himself well. I want more!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I always liked S.B. Cohen. I am convinced that this is his best work ever. I can't believe that this is announced as not scriptet. People seem to lose every kind of doubt when a camera is officially rolling. I'm sure the hardest part has been the preparations to appear as a "serious" tv-team. If you convince someone to be "on his side" he seems to do everything you demand from him. Cohen really makes it happen that die hard conservatives attack him with their naked butt shouting "USA. You will become gay! Drop your weapon!" Hillarious!
  • Cohen leaves no prisoners in his comedy/satire. Whether it's the execrable wingnuts who will stop at nothing to further their murderous ideology or gullible lefties/artsies/farties, who will run with any "progressive" fad to confirm their creds in front of a camera and to themselves, so many Americans have abandoned any pretense of decency, rationality, and common sense. If and when our country becomes what Donald Trump and trumpists want it to be, this series will be an excellent document of why this will have happened.
  • ericgehler15 July 2018
    I've always been a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen's body of work, but this is beyond brilliant
  • Really entertaining show with a lot of comedy in it but also with a dark underline. It shows how uninformed some people are and he really exposed people for what they are sometimes.

    The only side note I want to make is that it was 90% conservatives and rednecks that were involved in the scenes. However, to show how divided the country is you also need to involve and expose the radical left as well.

    All in all, another master piece by Sacha Baron Cohen. He's unique and his comedy is pure gold.
  • tobywalker0324 September 2019
    This series has lots, AND LOTS of bits that will have you laughing out loud to the point you're waking up your kids down the hall.

    However, my one critique is that he seems to overly target American right as way of inflating tempers and outrageous behaviors of unknowing participants. I have no issue in making fun of myself at times, so it was all in good fun for me... But I have a strong feeling this particular show wouldn't sit well with many right-leaning viewers.
  • jdv30516 July 2018
    Game changer. Not more to say. We Americans need to watch this show.
  • Sacha Baron Cohen gets both sides of our country to say ridiculous things. I never thought he would be able to go unrecognizable again. Kudos to his makeup department! Love this show, looking forward to more! Hilarious and relevant.
  • venuslocal-2763323 July 2018
    It seems that every few years we're treated to a cheeky and outrageous, but hilarious, cinematic masterpiece by Sacha Baron Cohen.

    This time around it's in the form of Who Is America.

    Cohen has no doubt spent considerable time perfecting his characters. Cohen's ability to think on hiis feet AS and IN character is superb - much like Robin Williams was able to do (RIP).

    Who Is America gets a thumbs up from me.
  • This mockumentary series is very informative if you're not a US citizen. At first you won't believe what you're witnessing, idk how he pulls this off. Who Is America? will ruin all talk/news satire programmes for you.
  • jtkirk16115 July 2018
    Way funnier than it has any right to be. This guy is a genius.
  • This show proves sacha baron cohen can play any character and hes so good at it, he actually has many of the people fooled and believing him. Brilliant unique tv show.
  • First episode was so funny but much more upsetting. What's great is that seems to be the objective of the show, and it absolutely should be.
  • robhingston13 March 2019
    You would think Sasha Baron Coen would've lost his touch after all these years, quite the contrary.. One word Genius, I only have one complaint why isn't their a Second series, cry cry ... without a doubt this is Sasha Baron Coen's best work to date... I can Watch these episodes again and again and again and never get bored, I can't say that for much else.
  • RussHog27 August 2018
    Very glad to see Sasha Baron Coen back. Some of these skits are extremely funny. The one where the PC guy quotes Will Smith to a famous rap artist as a way to be culturally sensitive is so funny. Also the one where the silly head talks to Sherif Joe Arpaio - WTF? I miss the classic characters but this was a special show.
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