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  • Good old fashioned cops and robbers movie,solid acting and great shootouts.Wish there was more of this type of movie!
  • timucin_savas21 November 2019
    The film was a pleasant surprise. Nothing new here but the camera work and action scenes were marvelous. Although the plot is not original the story was fine with good editing. Interesting take on "Manhattan island", however the script could have been better and acting was average at times. Nice Friday night flick!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Many may have come just to see Chadwick Boseman and they shouldn't be disappointed. But there are other good things about this movie. It has one hell of a tight script. Throughout the 100 minutes runtime, there is not a single wasted, idle shot (no pun intended). There is also a good supporting cast, which I'll come to later.

    The movie is almost real-time, starting from a midnight robbery gone wrong, resulting in the killing of eight offices of the NYPD. Manhattan is sealed off (hence "21 bridges" plus all other access routes) and the NYPD is given just a few hours to dawn to apprehend the perpetrators, before the FBI takes it off their hands. Running almost like real-time, the movie immediately kicks into high gear.

    Paring up on this mission-almost-impossible are detective Andre Davis (Chadwick Boseman), "the guy who kills cop-killers" and narcotics officer Frankie Burns (Sienna Miller), tough as a bone, with a will of her own (thanks, W.S. Gilbert, of "Gilbert and Sullivan"). This co-lead billing notwithstanding, his is clearly a lead role and hers a strong support. Police Captain McKenna (J.K. Simmons), shaken by the loss of eight of his family-like officers, hints to Davis to live up to his reputation and take no prisoners. Despite such reputation, however, Davis has never shot a criminal without just cause. Burns, impeccably professional, has a little daughter waiting for her at home, under the care of a babysitter. The two criminals who blundered into this unexpected disaster are Ray (Taylor Kitsch) and Michael (Stephan James), both war veterans. Ray is the typical villain while Michael, although loyal to him, has more sense and compassion.

    I am not going into the detail plot which, needless to say, has twists and turns. With good character development (albeit within the real time of a few hours), running parallel are a police procedural and a crime story from the POV of the criminals. Excellent script, direction and acting together make sure that your attention is focused during the entire duration of the movie.

    Boseman is pitch perfect, indisputably demonstrating that he has a lot to offer beyond Black Panther. Miller, unlike the glamour support in "Stardust" (2007), is all character-acting here. Kitsch, in his first (I think) crack at a key villain role, delivers. Matching him scene for scene, and then more, is James. Ever reliable, Simmons handles his not-so-simple role effortlessly.

    This is an exceptionally good crime and action drama.
  • I thought it was pretty thrilling and suspenseful police drama, that went fast enough not to bore me. I found the production to be pretty big with the whole thing about the movie being produced by the same guys who made Avengers: End game and it has a decent set of actors in it, but you're not going to get any substance from it. No depth just action. It has a message but the message does not out weight the dramatic action sequences. The Russo brothers could have done so much more with what they were given but they didn't. And is that what Chadwick Boseman really sounds like? I herd him mimic so many famous black people that I had no idea what he actually sounds like. Anyway. It's a good popcorn eating action movie. It's not met to win awards just make you satisfied when spending the two hours to see it.
  • This is the type of film I've seen a hundred times or more on DVD, Netflix etc, but for some reason never think of going to see at the cinema. Our multiplex is getting renovated so they're a few screens down and when we got down there it was the only thing about to start in the next half hour. It's not going to win awards but it will entertain you.. it's not really going to keep you guessing but you will want to see how it pans out. It's not going to stay in my memory but it does make me want to see more of this type at the cinema rather than at home. Good, honest film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This Chadwick Bose man film is gripping thriller and there is no time you will feel bored watching it. The treatment to such a simple script which falls short due to its predictability is overcome by stinctilating cinematography, memorable well written characters and a believable premise set in Manhattan New York. The Climax tells a bigger picture of the cops world giving us a glimpse of the system as a whole with Stephan James and Chadwick Boseman leaving an impact with their honest performances. Give it a Watch for sure.
  • Aside from being very predictable, Chadwick Boseman was "too much" in his character and very melodramatic, as was the score during highlighted scenes. Otherwise, the directing was on point, the casting great, and the run-time and pacing perfect. I enjoyed it more than I thought. 7/10 from me
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When two cop killers are on the loose with 50 kilograms of uncut cocaine, detective Andre Harris (Chadwick Boseman) makes the bold move of cutting off their exit from Manhattan by blocking its 21 bridges--hence the title. I doubt a detective would have that much authority but nevermind that.

    From that point on it's a race to catch these killers before 5 a.m., the time in which Manhattan will be opened back up. What Det. Harris also found out is that he was racing against more than just the clock, he was racing against others who wanted the cop killers dead to cover up a bigger crime.

    The movie stays fast paced for the most part. Little time is spent on exposition, back stories, or side stories. The bulk of the movie occurs within a single night so there's no time to slow things down to delve into anyone's personal life. It is a crime drama with some mystery involved.

    It was an entertaining movie, something cool to catch at a matinee while everyone else was crowding in to watch Frozen 2.
  • kkrealm30 August 2020
    Watched this movie today, the very next day of Chadwick's passing. This is a very good movie. I highly recommend you watch it if you like thriller and action.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Crime action thriller.

    Starts with our hero as a child at his father's funeral and some character building backstory, then flashes forwards to our hero who is now a detective with a reputation for killing cop killers, though he doesn't shoot without just cause. The action centres on a night time drugs robbery gone wrong, where 7 cops gets killed. The rest is the pursuit of the criminals.

    The decision is made to shut down all 21 city bridges around Manhattan so the killers can't escape, but there's a twist, it appears that the entire police department, except our hero are corrupt, unfortunately the conspiracy is far too predictable.
  • Even though I saw them two days apart, "Black and Blue" could be called the younger brother of "21 Bridges" - two police thrillers set in an urban environment dealing with corrupt cops who get taken down by both violence from an angel black cop along with info on an external drive. A lot more money was spent on "21 Bridges", though, and it shows. Unfortunately, like "Black and Blue", it has its flaws; still, it made for an enjoyable, adrenaline-filled evening for a popcorn rush.
  • masonsaul22 November 2019
    21 Bridges is a great crime thriller that's tense and thrilling and also manages to (surprisingly) explore some morally grey aspects, despite it's generic plot. Chadwick Boseman gives a great lead performance. Taylor Kitsch and Stephan James are also great and Sienna Miller and J. K. Simmons are both really good. Brian Kirk's direction is excellent, keeping the film constantly moving and mobile, resulting in a great pace. The shootouts are well filmed and thrilling. The music by Henry Jackman and Alex Belcher is fantastic.
  • I sometimes see people rate a movie highly and complain about the other low scores people have given it. Irks me particularly if the movie/series was actually poor. This film is not that!

    A well directed, well acted cop thriller with enough twists to keep you interested throughout the movie.

    Gritty, but also nuanced on who you end up rooting for in the movie. I genuinely can't understand the low ratings for this.
  • First off, you will be in for a crushing disappointment if you are expecting an exploratory look into the 21 bridges round Manhattan.

    In fact, Not a a single bridge was harmed in the making of this film.

    This is a derivative story done many many times before. There is nothing new here.

    The only reason you would give this film a look in because of the cast (really good level of acting is involved here). Quite impressed with how many good actors they managed to get in this.

    H. brothers produce some proper rubbish films (Mile 22, happy time murders etc) and that sort of nonsense rears it's head here at points. Realism takes a back seat in parts of this film.

    21 bridges blocked, a race against the end neither matter. It does not matter that there is no way out or if time is of the essence. It's all a bit perfunctory.

    Nevertheless, like films like the The Negotiator or 18 Blocks, it's one of those films where you don't mind switching off your brain.

    It's no French connection or Serpico.

    Overall, in time, history will completely forget this effort.

    Just a footnote in the list of "people are after you" films.

    It's a Sunday morning, sofa breakfast type of film.
  • Ok, so the sub-plot and underlying corruption is NOT original, the integrity of the 3 main actors lends it to a murky, atmospheric cop ride not seen for some time.

    The two shooters, Kitsch and James, and the detective, Boseman, make this for riveting and oft times suspense-ful drama

    Glad to see a gritty cop flick again
  • derrickdamewood25 November 2019
    Yeah there are some overly dramatic spots but they didn't skimp on the action. Simple plot, simple use of detective stuff, and some good bad guys. Not bad if you've already seen Joker, Knives out, Doctor Sleep, etc.

    Due to the success of "black panther/get on up" you'll expect Chadwick Boseman to just start yelling something epic in the middle of it haha
  • I just got out of 21 Bridges

    It's predictable (The twists are obvious) the dialogue is also routine and predictable (my son was saying some of the lines before the actors) but overall, I enjoyed it. A decent enough way to pass 90 minutes

    Chadwick Bosnan is an effective leader and JK Simmons offers solid support but the always awesome Kieth David was under used and whilst the rest of the cast (Sienna Miller, Taylor Kitch) is all fine, it Stephen James was the stand out for me, I actually wanted him to get away at times.

    There were only 19 other people in my screening
  • maher-fouad9129 August 2020
    Can't believe he past away yesterday 😔.. A very talented actor
  • jandreharp23 November 2019
    The people who didn't like this movie obviously watched a different movie than I did. Me and wife watched it last night and even she liked it (and she normally doesn't like these types of movies.) I thought the writing was great, the directing was great and the cast led by Chadwick was absolutely top notch. If you like a good cop chasing the bad guys kind of movie, then this is your movie!

    Go watch it and enjoy!
  • Even if you don't like police films (my case), this movie is a sure bet. It has excellent actors, a good plot and it was well shot. The best police movie in years. Give it a try!
  • muamba_eats_toast24 November 2019
    Just enough twists and unpredictability to make this better than most cop thrillers. Whilst some of it is pretty simple the lead performance is great and it's pacing is pretty much perfect. Much better than average if unfortunately not spectacular.
  • lucluc-630036 September 2020
    Several other movies have portrayed the same subject, but more objectively and simpler ("The Corruptor" and "Training Day").
  • "We got twenty-one bridges in and out of Manhattan. Shut them down. Three rivers. Close them. Four tunnels. Block them. Stop every train and loop the subways. Then, we flood the island with blue."

    Well, that's the gist of this movie! Could have been ho-hum, but Chadwick Boseman makes it much better than that! He really was one heck of an actor! And he make his character, Andre Davis, really smoke on the screen! I'd have loved to see a sequel with this character. And, of course, any more that Mr. Boseman would have done. So sad that we lost such a fine, fine actor...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There's a cop in NY who we are shown very early on is a through-and-through proper cop; yes he has killed in the line of duty but they were all good kills and no issues. Unrelated to this, a drug robbery goes very badly when a load of police turn up, and the thieves have to shoot their way out. Our good cop turns up to take action, supported by some bosses who are played by some instantly recognisable actors, and he is assigned a partner who again is played by the level of actress that is unlikely to be attracted to just a 'female sidekick' character. From the start it seemed pretty clear that this will be about one good cop taking on dirty cops and that at least some of the well-known actors will suddenly turn out to be baddies - I flagged this comment a spoiler because of that sentence, but it seemed obvious from about 10 minutes in, and indeed that is how it played out.

    The film opens with an overly heavy setup of the character as a child, then we have an overly deliberate establishment of the character as a cop. From here we move to our robbery gone wrong. This section produces some decent scenes that have pace, actors from The Deuce, and plenty of functional style, and then this section ends in a way that absolutely concludes any lingering doubt anyone had about the assumptions we all made 10 minutes into the film. From this it pretty much jumps to the showdown with the entire corrupt system, which is then brought out with a tidy and well-acted shootout in someone's suburban home. In terms of the plot, it is entirely functional at best. When not as its best it feels lazy in the way it clearly understands the components of its genre but yet doesn't make the effort to do anything to make them slot together effectively - and I don't mean "do anything well or unique", I mean 'anything' because the final act in particular just feels dropped in out of nowhere.

    It is a shame because there is a lot of talent involved here, and the production values are high, but really it consistently does the basics in the fundamentals. The narrative elements are signposted at least an hour ahead of arrival in many cases, and the lack of tension means that the majority of the fast-moving action sequences don't grip as they should. Everyone around the production and in front of camera do their best, but the film ultimately disappoints due to it never getting away just how little effort has gone into the plot and writing.
  • MAYESY-4428 June 2020
    Really good action movie with a really good cast. I thought the story was really good and the action on it was some of the best I've seen in a film recently. The only minor downside was the unnecessary background music that didn't fit with the film and was a bit annoying in parts.
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