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  • Comedy, adventure, short & sweet Renaissance-era-meets-modern-times show has something for everyone in the family. Excellent acting, characters, & writing - I only wish it was an hour long instead of half an hour, and only 3 episodes in I can hardly wait for the next episode every week! Marvel superheroes, step aside - Dwight is the best hero to date with the most innovative & unusual solutions to save the damsel in distress. Must-watch.
  • This is another good clean show I can watch with the whole family. Thank you BYUtv. This show makes me laugh out loud. I wish the production quality was better, but we are talking about a college TV channel after all.
  • shubhhrathod21 March 2019
    I have watched the first episode but although I can tell it is very good and comedy. Go and watch it.
  • Ok, this is not Lord of the Rings. This is a show that I feel ok with letting my tween daughter watch. Not surprisingly, she enjoyed it. Even the fluff reality shows are a bit heavy nowadays, so it was nice to watch a show not trying to take itself too seriously. Could the production improve? Sure. Will we watch again? Sure.
  • If you are looking for some nice, clean comedy, this is the show. Even though it doesn't have the greatest props, it still really cool to watch. The characters are interesting, and there's clear development. I honestly am not sure why I keep watching it, but alas. If you get passed the first two episodes, it gets a bit better. At times you may cringe a little, but it's worth it.
  • At first glance you may think it a bit trite and conjured. Keep watching. The story comes together and the funny moments are worth the wait. I feel relaxed and mood uplifted after watching. Just sit back and enjoy! Thank you BYUtv. We need this.
  • hatchkia20 May 2019
    I love this show so much! It makes me laugh and my whole family loves it! From ages 7, 13, 15, 19, 21, 38 and 42! It is hilarious and will keep you captivated!
  • So, is this show worth watching? Eh, not really. There is not really anything compelling me to watch the second episode. Film: Generally we'll done. There are enough awkward cuts that just make it amateur. Acting: The voices "accents" are very distracting from the story. Fight scenes need to be better, and less practiced looking. Props & Stage: The fake parts of certain sets and props are apparent, and distract from the story.

    Ultimately I keep getting pulled out of the story because of so many obvious and fake things, which makes it hard to want to watch more.

    Saw first episode on BYUtv, which is a go to channel for amateur work anyway.