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  • Inexplicably preserved on DVD by Metro, this antiquated bondage video features the great team of Summer Cummings and Skye Blue, doing their sub & dom routine, and then reversing roles a bit. Summer role-plays as Skye's puppy dog and the show is worth watching only for this skit.

    The second segment of the brief (52-minute) program features a young RayVeness, identifiable by her voice and visage, as a dominatrix billed as "Rebel Dean". She abuses a couple of actress/models, but the entire show is strictly softcore, with only mild fondling and no penetration. Title refers to the main content consisting of spanking, flogging and even a brief bit of bastinado on Summer's tootsies.

    At one point a girl is reading a copy of Playboy Magazine that has a cover hawking one of its many "Girls of the SEC" pictorial, which collectors might use to carbon-date the video's shooting time frame.