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  • VZMALOO21 August 2019
    Wow, I've never seen a movie like this before. It's so interesting and different. It's starts off pretty simple and unassuming but the tension builds and builds. The lead actor is great, he kept me guessing what his intentions were until the very end when everything is revealed. I can't wait for the sequel.
  • I am a huge fan of found footage horror movies. As such I have seen most from the greats to the ones that are hard to even watch they are so bad. This was a surprise!!! I thoroughly enjoyed Murder Box and thought Gerald Gerald Geraldson is one of the best new characters in the genre. Creepy. Has great potential to be extended into sequels. Great twist at the end. Overall a great FF movie and I can be picky. Definitely recommend. Cant wait for whats next.
  • This micro budget film delivers an experience unlike any other found footage film you've seen! It's not overly gory or scary but it makes up for that in being interesting and funny. If you like your horror along the lines of Joker you'll love this little flick!
  • The story line, camera angles, dialogue and twists makes this film worthwhile to watch - I went into this with an open mind and I was impressed. The acting is pretty good as well.

    The standout for me was the character of Sam Geraldson / Gerald Gerald Geraldson - what a intriguing individual. I look forward to seeing more of him.

    This film has elements of dark comedy, horror and drama and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you haven't already, I recommend you checking this out!
  • Gerald Varga took elements from the horror, comedy, and found footage genres to create a world where Gerald Gerald Geraldson could exist and then turned it 180 degrees. Only someone who had devoted a huge amount of time to the character could have pulled it off. Strong acting, particularly by Varga, good writing, and clean direction made this a very enjoyable film.

    The film stands-up to repeated viewings, and you find little things that actually improve the film. Exceptional.
  • I have been a long time fan of Gerald Gerald Geraldson's stand-up Comedy!! When I heard he was bringing the character into a movie - I was pretty stoked! Even if you have not heard of GGG; this is a cool delve into the Psyche of what could be the best character comedian That has ever graced the comedy stage.. rumour has it that he has now retired the character.. which is a real shame 😞BUT.. one can still get their GGG fix with Murder Box!! Murder Box is a found footage movie unlike most I have seen. The footage is from many different sources (security cameras, home videos, police surveillance, etc) and it doesn't seem to try too hard to give reason for the 'found' video footage like a lot in this genre do. The characters are interesting and the acting is better than a lot of indies I have watched. Gerald Gerald Geraldson is a natural as a villain and the movie manages to mix together not only horror and comedy, but drama as well. Again - I wish that I could see the character onstage again.. but if that's not possible - this is an entertaining alternative!
  • I give 9 star rating because I love independent films such as Murder Box with killer(no pun intended) acting and put together in a way that is not by the book. I have followed some of Gerald Gerald Geraldson's comedy for a while and always imagined him to make a movie out of the character. That being said I think Gerald Varga is a brilliant actor on his own and should consider making a movie being him as himself. I want to see a part two or another Murder Box. I watched this with a girlfriend and we were laughing the whole time and kept referencing it for weeks after... Recommend . . a must watch for all horror/comedy fans!
  • "Murder Box" more than comes through, breathing much-needed new life into the found footage genre and delivering some knockout twists along the way! Gerald Varga wears many hats in this, his first feature film, but he wears them wisely, never once conveying a hint of dilettantism to the viewer. The film gets some noticeable assists from a very versatile cast, but it is largely Varga himself, by way of his strangely charismatic antihero, who carries the day here. Mark my words: this is a talent to watch!
  • I wasn't expecting much but the poster has been nagging away at me for some time. This is actually a good movie. Not really following the structure of your typical film.. it really is more of a character study or portrait of a madman. I thought it was fascinating to watch.
  • I was super excited to watch this based on some reviews. I don't think I liked one thing about this movie. I actually forgot I saw it a couple weeks ago. It just came up on something and that reminded me I need to inform people to not waste time watching this terrible movie. Story was lame, actors fundamentally unlikable. I love found footage movies and I am easy to entertain. This one is poo.