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  • This is such a bad written show and acting is ... you have to see it to believe it. Swamp thing who had high ratings and was a hit everywhere is canceled . 'No wonder marvel is higher than DC
  • The writing is hurting my ears. It's nothing but bubble propaganda. I tried as a franchise fan, but, once again, they ruined it
  • I first watched the first 3 episodes, found it so bad it wasnt even funny. Then i saw it was getting a second season, so i assumed it had to have gotten really good later on and i just missed out on some great buildup. And i watched the entire first season.

    It - Got - Worse.
  • I really want to like it but i can't. i really tried but there is no point. Nothing is good in it, almost nothing and I'm really easy to impressed. Awful .
  • merem18 October 2019
    This is horrible. This is really poor. It is unbelievable that they made this garbage
  • adacoban14 May 2020
    They should cancel the show. The animated Harley Quinn series is way better than this bullsh-
  • This is a joke of a show. Themes over story. Nonsense. Very poor messages to young viewers. May it burn in peace, goodness knows why it's been commissioned for another series, politics is the main suspect. Short and sweet. Good night.
  • esmad3-216-47522422 January 2020
    Batwoman is nothing short of an insane clown-show where nothing has to make sense whatsoever. It's an Ouroboros of virtue signalling where points are presented so ridiculously it ends up looking like parody. Do they secretly hate gay people? Who knows? Everything about this show is baffling. This "show" is a mistake on every level, without even a single redeeming quality. It's a massive disservice to DC, gay people, everyone in it, and humanity in general.
  • She is a biker lesbian with short hair, Ramones t-shirt and possible anger issues. Could they have put anymore stereotypes into one character? I felt like they drop you into the middle of a story. There is so much back story about her family, her ex-girlfriend, her personal life, Bruce Wayne/Batman and Gotham that isn't discussed. Not to mention that security guard seems to know a little too much.

    Bottom line the storyline felt rushed and the character seems to be a walking lesbian stereotype from the 80s. As a huge Batman fan I was excited to see this as a member of the LGBT community I'm concerned where it is going to head when it opens with a lesbian character defined by such close-minded stereotypes. Hopefully it joins us in the 21st century where a women knowing martial arts and ridding a motorcycle doesn't make her a lesbian.
  • If someone told me this was a comedy parody, I would definitely believe it. How in the world can people create this? And why are there people rating it with more than one than 3 stars, I mean...
  • I wanted to like this. I've seen all the DC shows in the last few years but this is one I can't continue even if I was paid too.

    3/10 is being VERY generous.

    The screenplay alone is TERRIBLE. Characters aren't relatable at all, not to mention the acting is very sub-par. Once you get deeper into the first ep things become so predictable.

    I'm all for inclusiveness but its 2019 and this show trys to go all out with straight, bi, lesbian relationships.. and somehow misses the mark on every level. Almost nobody seems to be pleased at all, which is very telling.

    Ruby can do her own stunts and get injured all she wants. The action doesn't make up for the rest unfortunately.

    Just watch it if you must but be prepared to want an hour of your life back!
  • Anyone with any sense of reason can't find a single thing in this show that is well done. Acting, dialog, script, action, you name it. All so so so bad.
  • This is some of the worst TV has to offer. pure trash.
  • LetsWatchThis25 December 2019
    This has to be the worst show in history. The cast is horrible,acting looks bad. Story is Garbage & most of the time the characters are just complaining.
  • Production, story, acting, action and overall point of the show. All of those things are awful or nonexistent. Save yourself and don't watch any of it. It will make your eyes bleed!
  • nonsense. Don't waste your time watching this garbage when you could be, oh I dunno, doing absolutely anything else.
  • This show was made by and for the progressive lunatic fringe and there's too few of them to pay for such shows. This is also proof that Hollywood is in a bubble outside reality and that is sad for the population at large. Hopefully the TV and Film industry will lose enough money to shake them out of it soon!
  • I used to really like The CW's DC Comics TV Universe, better known as the 'Arrowverse', as the first couple seasons of Arrow as well as the first(and most of) the second season of The Flash were fantastic; the first seasons of Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow being solid; and everything after in at either 'alright' to 'meh' to 'pretty poor'. The yearly crossover events are still kind of fun though...I'd be lying to say that I am not at all interested in what Crisis on Infinite Earths is going to present. However, the longer the keep growing it the less the creative higher ups appear to care about good storytelling and trying to work best with their restrictive budgets and instead focus on just pandering to certain political ideologies and try hard to be 'hip' and 'trendy'...What were once very solid superhero programming have become bland, flat, and generally uninteresting. I am of the opinion they should probably stop with this year's big crossover event and Arrow's finale but it looks like they want to milk the cow more...Sadly, Batwoman, the newest entry in the universe, does not reignite interest.

    I will start off with the good(which is very few); both Dougray Scott and Rachel Skarsten are great as Kate Kane's father Jacob and Alice. The color grading is effective and definitely gives the series its own identity(accompanied with a tighter, more cinematic aspect ratio and use of wide angle lenses). The music is fine too, though fairly generic. That's pretty much it though. Now the bad:

    1. The character of Kate Kane is written as very cold and uninteresting and Ruby Rose plays her as such on screen. She was fine in Elseworlds, but it seems that that presentation was the beginning and the end of her personality, or lack thereof as a character. Rose also struggles a lot trying to fake an American accent, and sounds pretty much the same in tone no matter what is needed for a scene.

    2. The action is fairly poor. I understand this is TV and you only have a short period to choreograph and record on camera but come on anything here can be easily done by the average person with much less of the budget. Nothing is uniquely staged or reveals anything about the characters and how they handle such dramatic situations.

    3. The flashbacks. My goodness whoever made the decision to edited it that way should probably be let go from their job, you can barely make out what is going on because of how jittery and overblown the image quality is. It adds nothing to the story and is just an annoyance.

    4. Politics over story. Okay we get it she's a tough female who is highly skilled and her romantic interests are for those of her own gender, that's all great but when you keep hammering that in every couple of minutes it just gets tiresome and shows that the producers probably do not understand the character of Kate Kane beyond a surface level description. Batwoman is a very complex character with a rich history, but this does not appear to be made by actual fans but those who would rather like to use them to pander to a few people on Twitter.

    5. Disrespecting one hero to make the heroine better. It seems that the producers of this show really want to make it seem like Batman isn't such a good hero to begin with and want to make Batwoman out to be the real hero Gotham always needed, this totally disrespects the source material and Bruce and Kate's relationship.

    Unless the rest of the season is a major improvement I see this as being another nail in the coffin of the once fine Arrowverse, and it might also bring the hammer along with it too.
  • The "hero" with whom the viewer is supposed to identify is a short-haired, angry and overbearing biker lesbian. In short, the writers wrote her to be the most unlikable stereotype one could think of. Unlike other reviewers, I didn't find Ruby Rose's acting engaging at all: She even tops the emptiness of the script with her monotone, wooden acting. And the corny lines the writers gave her didn't help, either: The one you saw in the trailer isn't even the worst.

    To compensate for her one-dimensional, unrelatable personality, most other characters, particularly the male ones, are written to act either incompetently, or helplessly, or both. And the relationship between Kate and Sophie Moore, played by by Megan Tandy, comes across as forced as well as cringeworthy. And why did they feel the need to force Rachel Maddow into the story?

    The only light in this show is cast by actress Rachel Skarsten as Alice, who plays Alice rather engagingly.
  • A very bad start...Poor story telling and just a bad pilot...At no point did I get into the character, and why should I care about her ex, she dumped BW twice .very Hard..But BW will fight for her WHY...And how easy was it to get access to all of Bruce W life ...Just walk in and its all hers the cave and all..We saw 1 training moment and a discharged military carrier , but she is a badass fighter that knows all of Batman moves and gadgets like a pro Btw Batwan is bad so far
  • blightvr7 October 2019
    This show is a joke and should be cancelled first of all the plot is not good and In the comic books cat woman was not gay and it seems like they are trying to do anything to get fans on their side in this new politically correct world we live in but that does not mean you can change whatever you like go back to the original comics and stories
  • I don't know why would someone make this. Got the vibe from the trailer that this would be worse than my imagination.
  • The big reveal would have been better a few episodes in and less telegraphed. Its like they are afraid the viewers won't get it if they're subtle.

    How is the dialog so bad? Has no one in the script room listened to real people talk? And the plot! less said the better. I did like that they made the step-sister surprisingly non-useless. However one minute Luke doesn't know who she is the next he knows her life story?

    I actually like the actor, but give her better lines.

    Bad starts are nothing new. 'Agents of Shield' didn't have a decent episode until the second half of the first season and most Star Trek series took a while to find their feet. Can this recover? Not looking good.
  • Simply put, this is not a very good show. It's a Batman show without Batman. Which is ok, but every show we are reminded that Batman is not there and that Kate Kane is not him.

    Brightest point of the show is Alice. I love this take on her character. Rachel Skarsten is a good actress who gives this character a lot of depth. She also stared in Bird of Prey years back if anyone remembers that one (stream it on CW-Seed). Birds of Prey was better than this show, and it's almost 20 years old.

    Dougray Scott is a great actor and is the only other a bright point, but it written very poorly.

    Darkest point of the show is everything else.

    I don't see it sticking around unless major improvements are made.
  • I am confused, I was having high hopes but all I get is utter confusion, the fighting is the worst, I'm tired, I don't know what I'm watching, this is what CW does to super hero series, they should just stick to drama pls.
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